College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


  • 3/2/1887 Funding for Agricultural Experiment Station

    Under the Hatch Act, the federal government provided $15,000 to each state for agricultural experiment stations.

  • 12/9/1889 Agricultural Experiment Station transferred

    The Agricultural Experiment Station is transferred from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to the North Carolina College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts.


  • 1897 North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station moves to the A&M campus


  • 1900 (circa) Division of Agronomy created
  • 1901 Second female student

    Eula Louisa Dixon takes a course in dairying, becoming the second female student at A&M.

  • 10/1901 The Biological Club

    With the beginning of a fall term, a small number of students became interested in Biology, and desiring to further promote their interests developed the Biological Club.

  • 2/14/1902 Valentine Party, 1902

    Prof. and Mrs. Massey gave a Valentines Party to the agricultural students.


  • 1917 Dean of Agriculture position created

    The Dean of Agriculture position is created and first held by Charles B. Williams, though the School of Agriculture would not be established until 1923. This is the first position of Dean at NC State. Williams serves as Dean until 1923.

  • 8/1919 Swine demonstration, Pullen Hall

    Swine Extension agents set up a demonstration in front of the old Pullen Hall during the Farmers’ Convention, August 27-29, 1919.

  • DefaultSwine demonstration by Swine Extension office during Farmers' Convention meeting in Pullen Hall, 1919.


  • 1923 School of Agriculture established
  • 11/13/1924 Apple Judging Team

    The State College Apple Judging Team wins third place at the Intercollegiate Apple Judging Contest in Atlantic City, NJ.

  • 1925 Benjamin Wesley Kilgore becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1925.

  • DefaultBenjamin W. Kilgore painted portrait
  • 11/21/1925 Agriculture Club social event

    The Agriculture Club of State College hosts a "Barn-warming" for visiting farmers at Thompson Gym.

  • DefaultAgricultural club's Barn Warming
  • 1926 Ira Obed Schaub becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1945 while he is simultaneously director of Agricultural Extension.

  • DefaultI. O. Schaub portrait, signed "Sincerely I. O. Schaub"
  • 4/14/1927 B.W. Wells lecture

    Dr. B.W. Wells gives a lecture on plant evolution as part of the Phi Kappa Phi lecture series.

  • 2/16/1929 Cows cause damage to campus

    Four prize cows step on an electrical wire, costing State College over $3,500 in damages.


  • 4/6/1933 Dairy barn fire

    Fire destroys one of State College's dairy barns, with damages estimated at $4,000.

  • 1937 Department of Chemistry assignment

    The Department of Chemistry is placed under the administration of the School of Agriculture.


  • 1940 First female M.S. recipients in Agricultural Chemistry

    Margaret Kramer and Martha S. Richmond become the first women to receive M.S. degrees in agricultural chemistry.

  • 5/18/1940 First annual Livestock Day

    State College's new dairy barns are dedicated as part of the college's first annual Livestock Day.

  • DefaultNC State Dairy barns, when dedicated
  • 7/1940 Kings and Queens of Health

    District kings and queens of health at the 4-H Short Course. NC State has traditionally hosted youth groups on campus during the summers. The North Carolina 4-H Short Courses, State Club Weeks, and State Congresses have been held at NC State since the 1920s.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State 4-H Club district kings and queens of health at North Carolina State 4-H Short Course
  • 7/10/1944 U.S.S. Tyrrell Launched

    State 4-H Club Leader L. R. Harrill and others watch as the U.S.S. Tyrrell is launched from Wilmington. North Carolina 4-H helped fund and name two warships during World War II.

  • DefaultL. R. Harrill and others watching the U.S.S. Tyrrell after it has been launched on July 10th, 1944 from Wilmington, North Carolina
  • 1945 Leonard David Baver becomes Dean

    He serves in the position until 1948.

  • DefaultLeonard D. Baver at desk
  • 1948 James Harold Hilton, Dean

    He serves in the position until 1952.

  • DefaultDean James H. Hilton portrait


  • 1950 School of Agriculture reorganization

    The School of Agriculture was reorganized, bringing three fields of work - teaching, research, and extension - into the direct orbit of the School.

  • 8/1950 Farm and Home Week

    Governor W. Kerr Scott and others receiving guests at the governor’s mansion during North Carolina Cooperative Extension’s Farm and Home Week.

  • DefaultReceiving Line at Governor's Mansion for Farm and Home Week
  • 1952 Robert W. Scott graduates

    Scott later became the 67th Governor of North Carolina, 1969-1973.

  • 1953 Dean Wallace Colvard becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1960.

  • DefaultDean W. Colvard portrait
  • 1954 Peru Project established

    The Peru Project is established, a cooperative effort between NC State, the Foreign Operations Administration (U.S. Agency for International Development), and the government of Peru to develop programs in agricultural and textile research, extension, and education.

  • 6/1956 Demonstration of a fistulated cow

    Farmers watched a demonstration of North Carolina State College’s fistulated cow during Farm and Home Week in June 1956. NC Cooperative Extension Service demonstrations like this helped to share knowledge gained at NC State with farmers throughout North Carolina.

  • DefaultMen watching a demonstration of North Carolina State College's fistulated cow, Farm and Home Week, June 1956.
  • 8/1957 "'Baccy Time in the South"

    Mrs. H. H. Weathers, a member of the Wake County Home Demonstration Club, performed in "“’Baccy Time in the South"” as a part of the Farm and Home Week talent night.

  • DefaultWake County Home Demonstration Club member Mrs. H. H. Weathers during Farm and Home Week talent night
  • 6/1958 Dairy Month

    To promote June as “National Dairy Month,” the 1958 Dairy Princess posed with a carton of ice cream in the dairy factory.

  • DefaultThe Dairy Princess for 1958 posing with carton of ice cream in dairy factory for "June is Dairy Month" campaign.
  • 1959 Jim Hunt graduates

    Hunt later earned an MS in 1962. He became the 69th and 71st Governor of North Carolina (1977–1985, and 1993–2001), making him the state's longest service chief executive.


  • 1960 Agricultural Policy Institute established

    The Agricultural Policy Institute is established, and is one of only two such organizations in the United States.

  • 1960 Department of Chemistry relocated

    The Department of Chemistry is transferred from the School of Agriculture to the School of Physical Science and Applied Mathematics.

  • 1960 Herman Brooks James becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1970.

  • DefaultDean H. Brooks James portrait
  • 11/4/1961 Harrelson Hall opens

    Named for former chancellor John William Harrelson, Harrelson Hall opened to the public for the first time as part of the School of Agriculture's Open House. At the time the building seated 3,429 people.

  • DefaultHarrelson Hall
  • 3/30/1963 Lady Bird Johnson visits

    Lady Bird Johnson, wife of Vice President Lyndon Johnson, visits the School of Agriculture.

  • DefaultMrs. Lady Bird Johnson visiting campus
  • 4/17/1963 Escaped pig captured

    A pig which escaped from the Animal Disease Lab is captured in the ladies' restroom in Winston Hall.

  • 1965 T. Ming Chu graduates

    Chu later developed a prostate cancer detection test that saves countless lives.

  • 1966 National Science Foundation grant

    NC State received its first NSF grant to create a science development plan in order to strengthen faculties in the biosciences; support materials, mechanics and electrotechnics in engineering; and support the social sciences.

  • 8/1967 New tobacco harvesting equipment

    William E. Splinter, on the faculty of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, with tobacco harvesting equipment that he helped develop. Throughout the history of North Carolina State University, research and development conducted by its faculty and students have assisted North Carolina farmers.

  • DefaultDr. William E. Splinter in field with tobacco harvester
  • 2/1969 First Woman to Edit Agri-Life

    Sarah Sheffield became the first woman to edit Agri-Life, the student publication of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Sheffield majored in wildlife biology and received a BS in 1970 and an MS in 1977.


  • 1971 Institute of Biological Sciences dissolved
  • 1971 International Potato Center established

    The International Potato Center is established in Peru by NC State and the Peruvian government, in an effort to increase the world's supply of white potatoes.

  • 1971 James Edward Legates becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1986.

  • DefaultDean James E. Legates on telephone


  • 1984 Clover All Over Published

    James Clark wrote Clover All Over: North Carolina 4-H in Action. A version of this history of the 4-H program in North Carolina exists on the Internet Archive. An updated print edition was published in 2011, and it is available in the library.

  • 1986 Durward Franklin Bateman becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1997.

  • DefaultDean Durward Bateman
  • 1987 Schools become Colleges

    Eight of the university's academic schools are redesignated as colleges.

  • 1987 Knowledge Is Power Published


  • 1997 James L. Oblinger becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 2003, when he becomes provost.

  • DefaultDean James L. Oblinger at desk


  • 2003 Johnny C. Wynne becomes dean

    He serves in the position until retiring in 2012.


  • 2011 4-H Historical Exhibit

    To commemorate more than 100 years of 4-H in North Carolina, an exhibit on the history of the organization was displayed in the D.H. Hill Jr. Library.

  • 2011 Family and Consumer Science History

    Wilma Hammett, Jan Christensen, Joan Gosper Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service: To Family, Community, and North Carolina, a history of the family and consumer science program in North Carolina. A print edition exists in the library.

  • 2012 Poultry Science department renamed

    The department becomes the Prestage Department of Poultry Science after receiving a $10 million gift to honor Bill and Marsha Prestage, owners of the Prestage Farms poultry and pork production company.

  • 9/15/2012 Richard H. Linton becomes dean
  • July 1, 2016 Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences

    The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education merged with the Department of Youth, Family and Community Sciences to become the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences