Department of Animal Science

Department of Animal Science


  • 8/1919 Swine demonstration, Pullen Hall

    Swine Extension agents set up a demonstration in front of the old Pullen Hall during the FarmersÂ’ Convention, August 27-29, 1919.

  • DefaultSwine demonstration by Swine Extension office during Farmers' Convention meeting in Pullen Hall, 1919.


  • 1920 (circa) Department of Animal Industry established


  • 1952 Robert W. Scott graduates

    Scott later became the 67th Governor of North Carolina, 1969-1973.


  • 1962 Department of Animal Science

    The Department of Animal Industry is renamed the Department of Animal Science.

  • 1967 First African American PhD Recipient

    Stephen Benton Latimer receives a PhD in Animal Science, becoming the first African American to earn a doctoral degree from NC State.