Department of Biology

Department of Biology
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circa 1890 Zoology courses offered

Courses with content in zoology were first offered.

1890 Microbiology curriculum established

Microbiology courses became a part of the curricula in the zoology and botany departments.


1901 Biological Division created

The Biological Division was created with coursework devoted entirely to plant pathology.

1902 First woman hired as faculty member

Adeline Stevens, the wife of Frank Lincoln Stevens, became the first woman faculty member as an instructor in biology during the 1902-1903 academic year.


1912 Department of Zoology and Entomology established


1930 Genetics curriculum established

Genetics curriculum was taught as a component of coursework in the agronomy, zoology, and plant pathology departments.

1933 First woman graduated with MS in biology

Maud K. Schaub became the first woman to earn a MS in biology.


1950 Division of Biological Sciences established

The Division of Biological Sciences was established, and the Department of Zoology and Entomology were placed within the division.

1950 Department of Entomology and Zoology separated

The Department of Entomology and Zoology separated into two programs: the Department of Zoology and the Department of Entomology.

1952 Department of Zoology moves

The Department of Zoology moves to Gardner Hall.

Gardner Hall, aerial viewGardner Hall, aerial view
1957 Undergraduate degree in Zoology first offered


1978 Department of Zoology History

Reinard Harkema wrote A Concise History of the Department of Zoology, North Carolina State University at Raleigh (1887-1977). A print edition exists in the library.


2008 Department of Biology

The Department of Zoology is renamed the Department of Biology.