Department of Biology

Department of Biology


  • 1890 (circa) Zoology curriculum established

    Courses with content in zoology first offered

  • 1890 Microbiology curriculum established

    Microbiology courses become a part of the curricula in the Zoology and Botany departments.


  • 1901 Biological Division created

    The Biological Division is created, with coursework devoted entirely to plant pathology.

  • 1902 First female faculty member

    Adeline Stevens, the wife of Frank Lincoln Stevens, becomes the first female faculty member, as an instructor in biology during the 1902-1903 academic year.


  • 1912 Department of Zoology and Entomology established


  • 1930 Genetics curriculum established

    Genetics curriculum taught as a component of coursework in Agronomy, Zoology, and Plant Pathology departments.

  • 1933 First female M.S. recipient in Biology

    Maud K. Schaub becomes the first woman to earn an M.S. degree in Biology.


  • 1950 Division of Biological Sciences established

    The Division of Biological Sciences is established; the Department of Zoology and Entomology is placed within.

  • 1950 Department of Zoology, Department of Entomology

    Department of Entomology and Zoology separated into two programs; Department of Zoology, Department of Entomology created

  • 1952 Department of Zoology moves

    The Department of Zoology moves to Gardner Hall.

  • DefaultGardner Hall, aerial view
  • 1957 Undergraduate degree in Zoology first offered


  • 1978 Department of Zoology History

    Reinard Harkema wrote A Concise History of the Department of Zoology, North Carolina State University at Raleigh (1887-1977). A print edition exists in the library.


  • 2008 Department of Biology

    The Department of Zoology is renamed the Department of Biology.