Department of Crop Science

Department of Crop Science


  • 1900 (circa) Division of Agronomy created


  • 1924 Department of Agronomy established

    The Division of Agronomy becomes the Department of Agronomy.

  • 5/20/1927 Agronomy lab work

    Students in the Agronomy 135 course (Farm Terracing) spend the day outside doing lab work, including surveying the land in preparation for planning tile drains.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State College agricultural students locating terrace on campus, Raleigh, May 20, 1927


  • 1930 Genetics curriculum established

    Genetics curriculum taught as a component of coursework in Agronomy, Zoology, and Plant Pathology departments.


  • 1952 Department of Agronomy moves

    The Department of Agronomy moves to Williams Hall.

  • DefaultWilliams Hall
  • 1956 Department of Field Crops, Department of Soils

    The Department of Agronomy is divided into the Department of Field Crops and the Department of Soils.


  • 1962 Department of Crop Science

    The Department of Field Crops is renamed the Department of Crop Science.


  • 1990 Crop Science Institutional History

    P. H. Harvey wrote Crop Science: A Harvest of 100 Years, an institutional history of the department. A print edition exists in the library.