Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
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circa 1920 First geology courses offered
5/8/1926 Economic geology class took field trip

A professor and six students from the economic geology class took a field trip to Carolina Coal Mine and became trapped in the mine for four hours.

1927 Department of Geology established

Following the dissolution of the Department of Mining Engineering, a separate Department of Geology was established. Jasper L. Stuckey was head of the department.

Jasper L. Stuckey, Professor of Geology.Jasper L. Stuckey, Professor of Geology.
1927 Department of Mining Engineering dissolved

Department of Mining Engineering was dissolved and courses were distributed between ceramic engineering and geology departments.


1935 Department of Geology renamed

The Department of Geology is renamed the Department of Geological Engineering.


1946 Friends of the Library

L. C. and M. M. Glenn donate $6,000 to State College for the library's purchase of geological publications, many rare and unique. In acquiring the L. C. Glenn Geological Collection, the Friends of the Library organization is formed.


1954 Department of Mineral Industries established

Dean of Engineering Harold Lampe merges the departments of Ceramic Engineering, Geological Engineering and the metallurgy program in Mechanical Engineering, to become the new Department of Mineral Industries. William W. Austin is head of department. Separate degree programs were retained in ceramics (Worth Kriegel), geology (J. M. Parker III) and metallurgy (W.W. Austin). A departmental memo from 1954 states, "the merger has been made because it is felt that ... More

William W. Austin, Jr.William W. Austin, Jr.


1967 Department of Geosciences established

The Geological Engineering program separates from the Department of Mineral Industries and the College of Engineering. It is renamed the Department of Geosciences in the newly-formed School of Physical Science and Applied Mathematics, and later becomes part of the Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences in 1980.


1978 Department of Marine Science and Engineering established
1979 History of Geology Program

John M. Parker wrote Geology at North Carolina State: A History. A print edition exists in the library.


1981 Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Geosciences merges with the Department of Marine Science and Engineering to form the Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.

1981 Garrett Briggs becomes PAMS Dean

Geology professor Garrett Briggs is named the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences' second dean. Briggs served until 1988, leaving NC State to serve as president of Peace College until his retirement from academics in 1998.


2001 Paul Roelle awarded Ph.D.

Paul Roelle was awarded a Ph.D. He had previously earned a Master of Science degree (1996). He later became a colonel in the U.S. Air Force and one of the top weather forecasters of that military branch.

2008 Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences moves

The Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, along with the College of Natural Resources, moves into a new wing of Jordan Hall. The new wing is comprised of 10,000 square feet of high-tech classrooms and teaching laboratories and quiet and comfortable offices and meeting spaces.