Department of Soil Science

Department of Soil Science


  • 10/1889 First Agronomy courses

    Courses in agronomy offered when the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts opens


  • 5/20/1927 Agronomy lab work

    Students in the Agronomy 135 course (Farm Terracing) spend the day outside doing lab work, including surveying the land in preparation for planning tile drains.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State College agricultural students locating terrace on campus, Raleigh, May 20, 1927


  • 1956 Department of Field Crops, Department of Soils

    The Department of Agronomy is divided into the Department of Field Crops and the Department of Soils.


  • 1962 Department of Soil Science

    The Department of Soils is renamed the Department of Soil Science.


  • 1989 Soil Science History Published

    Ralph J. McCracken published his book The History of Soil Science at North Carolina State University. An updated version of it exists on the department's website.