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John William Harrelson headed college

John William Harrelson, class of 1909, was was appointed head of the college. He led NC State until 1953. (Biography of John Harrelson)


Track team championship

The track team win their first Southern Conference championship (and repeat the following year, in 1952). They would also go on to win titles in the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1953 and 1954.


Graduate Catalog

For the first time NC State began publishing a separate catalog for its graduate studies. The first graduate catalog covered the academic year 1953-1954.

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Joseph N. Sasser joins faculty

Dr. J.N. Sasser, a Plant Pathology Ph.D. graduate from NC State, joined the faculty in plant pathology in 1953 as a researcher in nematology. His research contributed to the reputation of the NC State Plant Pathology Department as an international center for graduate education and research in nematology.


Emily Catherine Brown Blount becomes first female student to receive a B.S. in Civil Engineering

Emily Catherine Brown Blount of Fayetteville, NC, became the first female student to receive a B.S. in civil engineering from NC State in 1953, and received a profession degree in civil engineering in 1954. Blount went on to become the first female licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina in 1960, and in 2007 she was inducted into the North Carolina Transportation Hall of Fame.


Uses of radiation in textile research

Interest in radiation applications began in September 1953, when NC State received a nuclear reactor. Henry Rutherford, head of the Textile Chemistry Department, recognized the value of the reactor as an energy source and led early research on how textile materials, polymers in particular, would behave when exposed to radiation.

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Dairy farm conference segregated dining

In 1953, NC State College hosted a dairy farm conference on campus. Chancellor Bostian declared that African American dairy farmers attending the conference could only eat in the west wing of the dining hall. Bostian’s announcement was in keeping with the College’s policy, which declared African Americans attending on campus meetings would have meals in the dining hall but only when a separate room was available. Leazar Hall served as the campus-dining hall until 1971.


Nematode Assay Service

C.J. Nusbaum's research in nematode-incited diseases of tobacco and other crops inspired the North Carolina State legislature to fund a special laboratory, greenhouse, and personnel for research, and creation of Nematode Assay Service by NC Dept. of Agriculture, 1953.


Semester system implemented

The Board of Trustees agrees to transition the academic calendar from a quarter system to a semester system, by a vote of 46-28. NC State will switch over in the fall semester of 1953.


World Series of Basketball

A game in the 4th annual World Series of Basketball, featuring the 1953 All-Americans versus the Harlem Globetrotters, is played in Reynolds Coliseum.


Civil Engineering Construction Option (CEC) degree program approved

Curriculum developed by Carroll Lamb Mann, Jr., who joined faculty in 1953.