African Americans

Here's some description about African American History at NC State.

African Americans


1889 Formerly Enslaved Woman Began 50 Year Career at University

An early African American woman employee of the university was Ellen McGuire, who began working at NC State in 1889. McGuire worked at State for 50 years, retiring in 1939. According to a 1939 Technician article, McGuire was born into slavery on a North Carolina plantation. Although McGuire maintained many responsibilities during the time she was employed by the college, she spent her last 31 years working in the infirmary.

Technician, Vol. 20 No. 3 Section 6, September 29, 1939Technician, Vol. 20 No. 3 Section 6, September 29, 1939


1890 Second Morrill Act Becomes Law

The Second Morrill Act becomes law, requiring states to provide technical education for African Americans. No federal money would be disbursed to any college that made distinctions between students on the basis of race. States could comply, however, by providing separate colleges for blacks and whites.

1891 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College Established

In order to comply with the Second Morrill Act and yet prevent admission of African Americans to the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, the North Carolina state government creates the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro.


November 1, 1910 First African American Agricultural Extension Agent

The North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station (located at A&M College) hired Neil Alexander Bailey as its first African American agricultural extension agent.

1914 African American 4-H Clubs

The first club for African American youth was created in Sampson County under the leadership of G.W. Herring.

1915 African American 4-H leader

John Wray became the first statewide African American youth club agent.

Early 1918 African American Home Demonstration

The first Home Demonstration programs were organized for African American women.


1926 African American 4-H Short Course

The first State 4-H Short Course for African American youth was held at North Carolina A & T College in Greensboro.


1951 Graduate Admission for African Americans

The Consolidated University of North Carolina decides that African American students are eligible for admission into graduate programs.

1953 Dairy Farm Conference Segregated Dining

In 1953, NC State College hosted a dairy farm conference on campus. Chancellor Bostian declared that African American dairy farmers attending the conference could only eat in the west wing of the dining hall. Bostian's announcement was in keeping with the College's policy, which declared African Americans attending on campus meetings would have meals in the dining hall but only when a separate room was available. Leazar Hall served as the campus-dining hall until 1971.

1953 First African American Graduate Students Admitted

State College admits two African American graduate students into the School of Engineering: Robert Clemons and Hardy Liston. Clemons became the college's first black graduate; Liston later withdrew and didn't complete his degree.

1955 Frazier v. the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina

In Frazier v. the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina, the court determines that undergraduate colleges and universities should be open to African Americans.

1955 Camp Mitchell Opened

Camp J.W. Mitchell opened for African American 4-H youth at Hammock's Beach in Onslow County. Funding for the camp had been raised by the 4-H Club Foundation of North Carolina, founded in 1950.

September 1956 First African American Undergraduates

The first four African American undergraduates enrolled at North Carolina State College: Ed Carson, Manuel Crockett, Irwin Holmes, and Walter Holmes.

1956 First African American in Marching Band

Walter Holmes joined the marching band and the concert band during his first semester at State College in 1956. Holmes's presence in the band complicated segregation laws in stadiums and dining halls throughout the south. In 1957, Holmes dined with the band in the Clemson College dining hall. South Carolina residents circulated a petition asking Governor Timmerman "to see that such racial mixing doesn't occur again, especially when N.C. State visits ... More

1957 First African American Graduate

Robert Clemons received a professional degree in Electrical Engineering (PREE), becoming the first African American to graduate from NC State.

1957 First Integrated Athletic Team

African American student Irwin Holmes joins the tennis team, making it the first integrated athletic team at State College.

Irwin Holmes on tennis courtIrwin Holmes on tennis court
1958 First African American Academic Staff Member

The first African American woman academic staff member, Mrs. Justina Williams, is hired to work in the Department of Genetics' Drosophila research lab. Many African Americans had worked at State prior to Williams's appointment, however they primarily worked in custodial or food service positions.


1960 First African American Athletics Team Captain

Irwin Holmes became co-captain of the tennis team, making him the first African American athletics team captain at NC State.

4/1960 Students and Faculty Call for Raleigh Integration

Student Government passes a resolution calling for racial integration of public facilities in Raleigh. This is followed by a similar resolution from the Faculty Senate. Student Government forms the Human Relations Committee to write letters to area merchants.

5/1960 First African American Undergraduate Degree Conferred

Irwin Holmes earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, making him the first African American undergraduate to receive a degree at NC State. Further documentation of Irwin Holmes's life exists at DigitalNC.

5/1960 First African American Woman Masters' Degree Recipient

Hazel Virginia Clark receives a master's degree in Occupational Information and Guidance, becoming the first African American woman to receive a master's degree from NC State.

1962 First Full-time African American Library Staff Member

Edward Walker is hired as a mail clerk, becoming the first full-time African American staff member of the library.

1962 First African American Faculty Member

Vivian Henderson becomes the first African American faculty member, taking a position as a visiting professor in the Department of Economics. Henderson was a friend of Martin Luther King, Jr., and he later became president of the historically black Clark College in Atlanta.

1963 Integration on Hillsborough Street

Baxley's on Hillsborough Street becomes the first restaurant near NC State to serve African Americans.

4/30/1963 Protest Over Racial Segregation

A group of NC State students join with students from Shaw University to protest racial segregation policies in effect at the State Theater on Salisbury Street.

Technician, Vol. 47 No. 76 [Vol. 43 No. 76], May 1, 1963Technician, Vol. 47 No. 76 [Vol. 43 No. 76], May 1, 1963
1965 First African American Instructor with Faculty Ranking

Dorothy Williams becomes the first African American instructor with faculty ranking, teaching in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Dorothy S. Williams, NC State University FacultyDorothy S. Williams, NC State University Faculty
1965 Extension Programs Integrate

Extension programs, including 4-H and Home Economics, began to integrate.

Home economics extension workers, June 12, 1967Home economics extension workers, June 12, 1967
1966 University Pressures Local Landlords

In 1966, the University was pressuring area landlords to rent to African American students. In response, some landlords wrote angry letters to Chancellor Caldwell.

Nelson Hall, aerial viewNelson Hall, aerial view
1966 First African American Woman Undergraduate Degree Recipient

Norma Wright Garcia becomes the first African American woman to receive an undergraduate degree, earning a BA in history.

4/24/1967 William Cooper

Cooper became the first African American athlete at NC State to receive a grant-in-aid. He began playing on the freshman basketball team in the fall of 1967.

1967 First African American PhD Recipient

Stephen Benton Latimer receives a PhD in Animal Science, becoming the first African American to earn a doctoral degree from NC State.

1967 First African American Football Player

Marcus Martin becomes the first African American player to join the football team.

Marcus Martin, North Carolina State defensive back, 1967-1969Marcus Martin, North Carolina State defensive back, 1967-1969
1967-1968 First African American Freshman Basketball Players

Alfred "Al" Heartley and William Cooper became the first African American members of the freshman basketball team. Heartley later went on to play on the varsity team.

N.C. State freshmen basketball team, 1967N.C. State freshmen basketball team, 1967
1967 Al Heartley

Heartley was one of the first African Americans on the basketball team. In 1969 he became the first African American to be awarded a basketball scholarship at NC State. He later became the first African American captain of the team (1970-1971), and the first African American to win the Alumni Athletics trophy (1971).

Guard Al Heartley, N.C. State University basketballGuard Al Heartley, N.C. State University basketball
4/6/1968 Student Reaction to Martin Luther King, Jr. Assasination

On the weekend of King's death approximately 200 white students and faculty (from UNC and Duke as well as NC State) gathered in the Brickyard intending to march on the State Capitol Building in an attempt to speak with Governor Dan Moore. The ultimate goal of the march was to present a petition to the governor that showed (as stated in the Technician student newspaper) "the Negro community that concern exists among whites by presenting written grievances ... More

1968 Ed Leftwich

Leftwich was recruited to the basketball team. He was the first African American freshman to receive a basketball scholarship.

Ed Leftwich, N. C. StateEd Leftwich, N. C. State
1969 First Black Studies Classes Offered

In fall 1969, NC State began offering Black Studies courses; these courses included black American literature, the Afro American in America, black Americans in American politics, and black ideology. Previously, many students were going to Shaw University and St. Augustine's College to take these classes.

1969 First African American Student Senate President

Eric Moore became the first African American Student Senate President.

Chancellor John T. Caldwell posing with North Carolina State University student government officials, including Eric N. Moore, at Memorial Bell TowerChancellor John T. Caldwell posing with North Carolina State University student government officials, including Eric N. Moore, at Memorial Bell Tower
1969 First African American Football Scholarship Recipient

Clyde Chesney becomes the first African American to receive a football scholarship.

North Carolina State University defensive linemen Clyde Chesney (88) and George Smith (66)North Carolina State University defensive linemen Clyde Chesney (88) and George Smith (66)
1969 Enrollment of African American Students Reaches 200
NC State University, Electrical Engineering , generalNC State University, Electrical Engineering , general
2/28/1969 Student Rally

A group of students hold a rally to support better wages and working conditions for non-academic Physical Plant workers on campus. The protest is organized by the Society of Afro American Culture and an offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society calling themselves "The Group."

4/14/1969 African American Employees

Four African American women were fired from custodial positions in all male dormitories. Sixteen employees then held a sit-in at the Chancellor's office, protesting the action and asking for improvements in pay and working conditions. They were arrested for refusing to leave. That evening African American students and employees marched to the Chancellors Resident protesting these actions. The following day janitorial/housekeeping services in residence halls were canceled.


1970 First African American Miss NCSU

Mary Evelyn Porterfield elected first African American Miss NCSU. In an interview with the Technician following her selection as homecoming queen, Porterfield stated, "If I had been the first black homecoming queen ever at a university of this size, I think it would have weighed much more heavily on my emotions, but to me, by this time, it seems as ordinary as would have been any selection. I think State is three years behind in the trend . . . I realize that ... More

Homecoming Queen Mary Evelyn Porterfield with escort Michael Brown and Alumni Affairs director Bryce YountsHomecoming Queen Mary Evelyn Porterfield with escort Michael Brown and Alumni Affairs director Bryce Younts
1970 NC State Fails to Comply with Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Health, Education and Welfare Department (HEW) informed the University of North Carolina schools that its institutions, including NC State, failed to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

1970 First African American Recipients of Full Football Scholarships

Willie Burden and Charley Young become the first African Americans to receive football scholarships as incoming freshmen.

North Carolina State University fullback Stan Fritts, fullback Charley Young, running back Roland Hooks, and running back Willie BurdenNorth Carolina State University fullback Stan Fritts, fullback Charley Young, running back Roland Hooks, and running back Willie Burden
1970 First African American Cultural Center Formed

Students form NC State's first African American Cultural Center, which was given space in the YMCA building.

1970 First African American Librarian

William V. Frazier is hired as the first African American in a professional librarian position.

1971 Second African American Earns Ph.D.

Augustus M. Witherspoon becomes the second African American to earn a Ph.D. (in Botany) from NC State, and the first African American to receive a doctoral degree and go on to join the faculty.

Augustus WitherspoonAugustus Witherspoon
1971 First African American Fraternity

Seven students found a local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, making it NC State's first African American fraternity.

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity group portraitAlpha Phi Alpha fraternity group portrait
1971 Increased Resources

The Division of Student Affairs hires an African American counselor, makes financial aid available to African American students, and encourages African American cultural programs.

African American Students (1 of 6) :: PeopleAfrican American Students (1 of 6) :: People
3/22/1971 Pan Afrikan Festival

The first Pan Afrikan Festival began and continued until April 2 that year. The festival featured lectures by C. T. Vivian and other speakers, as well as musical performances. This has been an annual event since then.

Dancers at Pan-African festivalDancers at Pan-African festival
5/15/1971 Arthur J. Clement, First African American Graduate from the College of Design

Arthur Clement graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture.

1972 First African American Academic Administrator

William Maxwell becomes an assistant dean in the School of Education, making him NC State's first African American academic administrator.

1972 "In a Black Perspective" published

NC State publishes "In a Black Perspective." This pamphlet tallies the university's black community at nine professors and 222 students (out of a total 13,809), and lists courses focusing on black history and culture: two in Political Science and one on race relations in Sociology.

1973 First African American Woman Ph.D. Recipient

Nannette Smith Henderson becomes the first African American woman to be awarded a Ph.D. at NC State, with a degree in Plant Pathology.

1973 First African American All-American winner

David Thompson was named NC State's first African American All-American winner in basketball. In 2012 he was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

David ThompsonDavid Thompson
1974 NC State hires Dr. Lawrence M. Clark

NC State hired Dr. Lawrence M. Clark (1934-2012) as Associate Provost. Dr. Clark was the second African American to serve as a university administrator. In addition to serving as a professor of mathematics education, Dr. Clark coordinated all activities related to the university’s Affirmative Action Plan. Dr. Clark was instrumental in the founding of NC State’s African American Cultural Center, the Peer Mentor program, and the African American Symposium.

1974 Affirmative Action plan accepted

The university's affirmative action plan is informally accepted by HEW.

1974 New African American Cultural Center proposed

In 1974, African American students called for a new cultural center. Student Body President Terry Carroll presented a “four point” request to Chancellor Caldwell, which included a request for the first floor of the Print Shop to be turned over to the Society of Afro-American Culture for an African American Cultural Center. Banks C. Talley, dean of student affairs, complied with this request.

1974 First Women's Basketball team

A Women's Basketball team is established for the first time. The team included two African American women, Gwen Jenkins and Cynthia Steele.

1974-1975 N.C. State University women's basketball team1974-1975 N.C. State University women's basketball team
1975 First African American Sorority

A chapter of Delta Sigma Theta is established, becoming the first African American sorority chapter on campus.

Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta during a step showSisters of Delta Sigma Theta during a step show
1975 C. T. Vivian Race Awareness Seminar

Civil rights leader C. T. Vivian conducted a race awareness seminar on the NC State campus. For the next twenty years Vivian returned to NC State periodically to conduct his seminar.

1975 Philip Freelon graduates

Philip Freelon graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture degree. Signature buildings his firm has designed include the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture in Charlotte, the International Civil Rights Center & Museum in Greensboro, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture in Baltimore, and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National ... More

1975 African American Cultural Center moves

The AACC moves to the renovated Print Shop (later known as the West Dunn Building).

8/1975 First African American Ph.D. in the College of Engineering

Hubert Winston became the first African American to earn a Ph.D. from the College of Engineering. His field of study was chemical engineering.

Student Hubert Winston in the labStudent Hubert Winston in the lab
1975 First African American Faculty Member in the College of Engineering

Hubert Winston became the first African American faculty member in the College of Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering.

1976 National Society of Black Engineers chapter established

This organization's mission is "to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."

1976 New Horizons Choir

A group of students formed the New Horizons Choir to sing gospel music. Eleania B. Ward was the group's original director. For a number of years New Horizons sang services for the Black Student Fellowship.

Performance by NC State's New Horizons ChoirPerformance by NC State's New Horizons Choir
1976 Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority chapter established

This sorority is an international service organization established by African American college educated women.

1978 First African American Football All-American

Ted Brown becomes the first African American named an All-American in football. In 2012 he was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

N. C. State football player Ted Brown running with footballN. C. State football player Ted Brown running with football


1980 Omega Psi Phi fraternity chapter established

This organization in the local chapter of the first fraternal organization to be founded on the campus of a historically black college.

Omega Psi PhiOmega Psi Phi
1980 Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity chapter established

This fraternity's fundamental purpose is achievement.

1982 Peer Mentor Program

This program of pairing freshman with upper class mentors has aided the academic, emotional, and social adjustment of (originally) African American students and (later) all culturally diverse first year students. An earlier program (1980-1982) paired African American freshmen with faculty and staff members.

1982 Phi Beta Sigma fraternity chapter established

This fraternity was founded on the principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and service,

12/8/1982 First Annual Brotherhood Dinner

Chancellor Bruce Poulton instituted the annual Brotherhood Dinner to honor African Americans who have made important contributions to the nation and the world. The annual dinner continued for more than 25 years, and honorees included John Hope Franklin, Gwendolyn Brooks, C. T. Vivian, Julian Bond, and John Lewis. In 1978, there may have been an earlier brotherhood dinner honoring Samual Nesbritt.

Chancellor Joab ThomasChancellor Joab Thomas
March 1986 Minority Affairs Bill

Student Senate charged the Minority Affairs Committee to represent the concerns of African Americans, Native Americans, women, people with disabilities, and the gay and lesbian community on campus.

Technician, Vol. 67 No. 64, March 12, 1986Technician, Vol. 67 No. 64, March 12, 1986
1987 Anti-Apartheid March

Student Government organized a march to protest NC State’s financial involvement in South Africa. The “anti-apartheid march” began outside the African American Cultural Center (West Dunn) and ended at the Memorial Tower. Approximately 75 students participated in the march.

1987-1988 Kevin Howell

Howell was the first African American to serve as Student Body President. He was a political science major. After graduation, he eventually became the university's primary liaison with state and local governments. In 2016 he became the senior vice president for external affairs of the UNC System.

Kevin Howell, 1988Kevin Howell, 1988
1988 African American Studies Minor Introduced

In fall 1988, NC State implemented an African American Studies minor, the first of its kind at the university. The interdisciplinary minor required students to take courses in both history and English literature.

1988 African American Student Leaders Hold Meeting

Black student leaders gathered at the Student Center to discuss campus issues. The low graduation rate for black students, the lack of African American faculty members and athletic administrators, and the discriminatory discipline practices within the athletics department were problems cited by black leaders during this meeting.

1988 NC State First Recognized Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1988 marked the first year the University recognized Martin Luther King Day. University administrators initially announced the substitution of Easter Monday for MLK day, however students reacted negatively to this suggestion. Student Body president Kevin Howell introduced an open forum to hear student concerns about the spring calendar changes. Upon hearing support for both holidays, Howell pushed the administration to observe both Easter and MLK day. University ... More

3/17/1988 Students march against racism

Greeks United sponsored the March Against Racism-Challenging History (M.A.R.C.H.) to support change in the University's policies towards African American Students. During the protest, students marched to the Chancellor's office in Holladay Hall to present a petition that demanded immediate action. NC State's first African American student body president, Kevin Howell (1987-1988), participated in the M.A.R.C.H.

M.A.R.C.H. protest for African American equality, with Kevin Howell at the microphoneM.A.R.C.H. protest for African American equality, with Kevin Howell at the microphone
1989 Associate Provost position created

This position was also called Facilitator of African American Affairs. It was first held by Dr. Augustus Witherspoon.

1989 Harassment Policy Adopted

The Board of Trustees adopts a racial harassment policy.

1989 First College of Engineering African American woman faculty member

Christine Grant (Chemical Engineering) becomes the first African American woman faculty member appointed in the College of Engineering.

1989-1990 Brian Nixon

Nixon was the second African American to become student body president at NC State.

1989 Diversity Milestones

Enrollment of African American students passed 2000, Latinx students passed 200, and international students passed 1000.

1989 Dwuan June, Editor of Technician

June became the first African American to serve as editor of the student newspaper.


1990 Collection Management Department

The Collection Management Department is established, with Margaret Hunt as its first head. Hunt had been one of the first African American librarians hired during the 1970s.

2/1990 Brian Nixon attacked

Student Body President Brian Nixon was attacked near his dorm room in North Hall. Prior to this attack, public safety provided Nixon with security. Nixon received racial death threats and intimidating calls and letters throughout his presidency. As student body president, Nixon implemented programs that encouraged students to practice ethical behavior and allowed students to meet with campus leaders in informal settings. Nixon accomplished many successful programs ... More

1990 Zeta Phi Beta sorority chapter established

This sorority was founded on the precepts of scholarship, service, finer womanhood and sisterly love.

1991 African American Cultural Center opens

African American Cultural Center opened in the new Student Center Annex (later renamed Witherspoon Student Center). In 1992, following months of student and faculty protests, NCSU administrators granted the African American Cultural Center an operating budget.

Dr. Iyailu Moses and other  woman at the opening of the African American CenterDr. Iyailu Moses and other woman at the opening of the African American Center
1991 First African American Male Voted Leader of the Pack

Kedrick Lowery was elected Leader of the Pack (which had replaced the homecoming queen competition). Lowery was the first African American male to be honored with the title. Lowery was a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity.

1992 Sista 2 Sistuh Network established

The Sista 2 Sistuh Network is established to support African American women at NC State.

1992 First African American Dean

James Anderson becomes the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, making him the first African American dean.

11/30/1992 The Nubian Message began publication

The Nubian Message began publication in response to student protests alleging racial bias by the Technician. Tony Williamson served as the paper’s first editor-in-chief. The paper was first released in Talley Student Center. In the inaugural issue, Williamson stated his intention to "totally, truthfully, and faithfully cover every aspect of African American life at NCSU" and his hope that the Nubian Message would become "the media voice for African ... More

Nubian Message, November 30, 1992Nubian Message, November 30, 1992
1994-1995 Bobby Johnson, Jr.

Johnson was the third African American to become student body president at NC State.

Robert Johnson Jr.Robert Johnson Jr.
3/3/1994 Anti-Hate Rally

Several student groups organized an anti-hate rally in Harris Field in response to recent rapes on campus, sexual harassment in classrooms, racist remarks from professors, and anti-gay messages in the Free Expression Tunnel.

Students attending anti-hate rallyStudents attending anti-hate rally
4/12/1994 Unprecedented Number of African American Student Leaders

African American students were elected to six top leadership positions. They were Bobby Johnson, Student Body President; Tasha Youngblood, Student Body Treasurer; Kanton Reynolds, Student Body Chief Justice; Tracy Avery, Student Center/UAB President; Christine Verleger, Senior Class President; and Tiffany Price, Senior Class Vice-President;

Nubian Message, April 14, 1994Nubian Message, April 14, 1994
4/1/1995 Witherspoon Student Center dedicated

The building formerly known as the Student Center Annex was dedicated on this date to honor Dr. Augustus McIver Witherspoon. It thus became the first building on campus named after an African American. Dr. Witherspoon earned his Ph.D. in Botany from NCSU in 1971, making him the second African American student to receive a Ph.D. from NC State. He joined the faculty as Instructor of Botany and eventually held the following posts at NCSU: Full Professor, Assistant ... More

Witherspoon Student CenterWitherspoon Student Center

The CHASS Multi-Cultural Association for Students was established.

1998 Chavonda Jacobs-Young awarded a Ph.D.

Chavonda Jacobs-Young was awarded a Ph.D. She had previously earned a Bachelors of Science degree (1989) and Masters of Science degree (1992). She was the first African American woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in paper science. She later became associate administrator for national programs for the USDA's Agricultural Research Service.

1998 Students rally in support of Affirmative Action

A crowd of approximately 500 students and faculty members rallied in Witherspoon in support of affirmative action. Students opposed UNC system President Molly Broad’s proposal to eliminate race based programs within the UNC system.


2000 Vice Provost for Diversity and African American Affairs

University administration creates the position of Vice Provost for Diversity and African American Affairs (heading the Office of Diversity and African American Affairs). One stated goal of this position is to improve the experience of Black students and other minorities.

2000-2001 Harold Pettigrew

Student Body President

Harold Benjamin PettigrewHarold Benjamin Pettigrew
2001-2002 Darryl Willie

Student Body President

Darryl WillieDarryl Willie
2002 African American Student Advisory Council Report Cards

The African American Student Advisory Council begins issuing report cards grading the university on enrollment, retention, and graduation of African American students. The report card gave NCSU an F for recruiting black students.

2002-2003 Michael D. Anthony

Student Body President

Michael David AnthonyMichael David Anthony
2003 Yolanda King speaks on campus

Yolanda King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter, addressed students in Stewart Theatre as part of the NCSU MLK Commemoration. King urged a crowd of more than 500 to shake off apathy and tackle social problems such as poverty, hunger and intolerance.

2003-2004 Tony Caravano

Student Body President

Tony CaravanoTony Caravano
2004-2005 Tony Caravano

Student Body President

10/2004 Students Protest Appropriations for African American Clubs

African American students participated in a sit-in at a Student Senate meeting to express concern for the lack of funding for African American organizations. Out of $40,000 of appropriations, African American organizations received a mere $755. The Student Senate agreed to send the bill back to committee for re-evaluation.

8/25/2005 Student Chapter of NAACP re-forms

On August 25, 2005 NC States student chapter of the NAACP held its first meeting in four years. Gina Dean, the NAACP youth and college state director, provided students a brief overview of the NAACPs history. An NC State NAACP chapter initiated in 1991, however participation in the organization declined until the chapter became inactive. Michael Boykin (later named chapter president) and the Omega Psi Phi fraternity aided in the rechartering of the NC State NAACP ... More

2006-3/2011 First African American Head Basketball Coach

Sidney Lowe served as the first African American head coach of the NCSU mens basketball team. Lowe was the starting point guard for NC States 1983 basketball team, which won the national championship. From 1991 to 1993, Lowe served as an assistant coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Lowe later served as the head coach of the Timberwolves and the Memphis Grizzlies. In March 2011, Sidney Lowe resigned from his head coach position at NC State. In a statement to the ... More

2006 Office for Diversity and African American Affairs moves to Winslow Hall

The unit moved into Winslow Hall when the Alumni Association went to a new building on Centennial Campus.

Winslow HallWinslow Hall
10/18/2006 First Four Honored

The university celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first four African American undergraduate students who had enrolled at NC State. Three of the four were honored at an event in Stewart Theatre.

2007 Women Empowering Society Together established

This organization has promoted the success and awareness of African American women in the categories of education, mentoring and tutoring, socioeconomic development and health and wellness.

5/6/2008 Candidate Barack Obama visit

Presidential candidate Barack Obama appeared before a crowd at Reynolds Coliseum shortly after defeating rivals in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Barack Obama speaking at rally at Reynolds ColiseumBarack Obama speaking at rally at Reynolds Coliseum
8/29/2008 Office for Diversity and Inclusion

The Office for Diversity and African American Affairs changed its name to Office for Diversity and Inclusion in order meet the needs of students from a variety of backgrounds.

11/5/2008 Racist graffiti directed at Obama

Racist and threatening graffiti, directed at (then) President-elect Barack Obama, was found in the Free Expression Tunnel. Because of the threats, the Secret Service was among those called to investigate. The four students responsible were identified and admitted to the act. The students issued an anonymous public apology. In response to the incident, which received international media attention, Chancellor Oblinger established the Campus Culture Task Force ... More


11/2010 Racial epithets painted in Free Expression Tunnel

Racial epithets were painted in the tunnel. When these were discovered, students protested against the offensive images by blocking entrance to the tunnel. Chancellor Woodson released a statement which declared ". . . we must create an environment and an overall sense of global awareness on campus that encourages and embraces all forms of diversity."

2011 Diversity Education Week

First organized by students in spring 2011, this has become an annual event to promote awareness and understanding of diverse cultures and foster intercultural understanding.

4/14/2011 First Red, White & Black tour

This walking tour of the campus highlighted locations of significance in the lives and experiences of African American students and the larger community. These tours have been held every semester since then, and they are co-sponsored by the NCSU Libraries and the African American Cultural Center.

8/17/2011 First Respect the Pack event

Originally held at the Free Expression Tunnel, this has become an annual event to promote diversity and inclusion on campus.

9/14/2011 President Obama at rally

President Barack Obama spoke before an audience in Reynolds Coliseum. During the speech he promoted the American Jobs Act.

Obama speakingObama speaking
2013 Campus Curls and Kinks established

The mission of this organization is "to empower those who identify as a part of the natural hair community to be confident with their natural hair." An additional goal is to combat oppressive and stereotypical beliefs about natural hair.

2013 Black Business Student Association established

The purpose of BBSA is to serve and recruit minority students into NC State's Poole College of Management.

2013 Matthew Williams

Student Body President

Matthew WilliamsMatthew Williams
01/15/2014 President Barack Obama visits

President Obama announces the establishment of the Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute, based at NC State, with $140 million in federal funding including $70 million from the Department of Energy.

6/8/2014 Virtual MLK Project

NC State researchers led a reenactment of Dr. Martin Luther King's 1960 "Fill Up the Jails" speech at White Rock Baptist Church in Durham, NC. Further works results in the Virtual MLK Project to create an immersive experience placing audiences/visitors into a multimedia representation of the church and listening to the speech from various positions around the sanctuary.

11/25/2014 Blackout

Students protested the Mike Brown verdict (Ferguson, Mo.) at the Free Expression Tunnel, in conjunction with Blackout protests nationwide. On Dec. 1 students held a "Walkout" protest, marching from the Court of North Carolina to the Brickyard.

2015-2016 Khari Cyrus (President), Nate Bridgers (Vice President)
Khari CyrusKhari Cyrus
2016 AACC 25th Anniversary

The African American Cultural Center celebrated its 25th anniversary Witherspoon Student Center. The year-long celebration, centering on the theme of “Examining Wellness in African American Spaces: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," included the annual commemorations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the annual Harambee celebration, the Red, White and Black walking tour, exhibits, talks and presentations, and Wellness Walks and Talks. The Witherspoon-Clark ... More

9/23/2016 Charlotte and Tulsa Shootings

Three hundred students held a Blackout protesting African American lives lost in police shootings in Charlotte, NC, and Tulsa, OK. The protest began in Wolf Plaza and moved into Talley Student Center, where students performed a die-in. On Oct. 1, seventy students protested at Carter-Finley Stadium during a football game.

9/27/2016 Remarks on Chat

Racist remarks made by NC State students on the messaging app GroupMe became public. Chancellor Woodson issued a statement condemning the messages. On Sept. 29 Student Government hosted a Racial Climate Town Hall in Stewart Theatre.

12/16/2016 Toni Thorpe retirement

Thorpe retired after 25 years at NC State. Beginning in 2002 she was program coordinator for the African American Cultural Center (AACC). She played crucial roles in a number of events and activities as the Center: Harambee, Blacks in Wax Live Museum, Heritage Days, AYA Ambassadors, the Nubian Message, the Red, White and Black Walk, What’s on the Table discussions, and the Martin Luther King, Jr., Campus Commemoration.

Toni ThorpeToni Thorpe
10/10/2018 Kwanzaa Stamp Unveiled

The U.S. Postal Service dedicated the 2018 Kwanzaa stamp at NC State's African American Cultural Center (AACC). The Center was chosen to host this event because of its commitment to educating people about the histories, cultures and experiences of African American and Pan African people. The celebration included music, dancing and special guests.


March 2020 Myron Floyd becomes dean of the College of Natural Resources
2020-2021 Melanie Flowers (President), McKenzy Heavlin (Vice President)

Flowers became the first African American woman elected Student Body President at NC State. She was also elected Chair of the Council of Student Body Presidents for the University of North Carolina System.