Campus Visitors

Campus Visitors


5/26/1913 Franklin D. Roosevelt gives commencement address

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then assistant Secretary of the Navy, spoke at commencement exercises. He implored young men to "stay East" because the western expansion of the nation meant abandoned farms in the east.


5/17/1922 Evolution debate

Entomology professor Zeno P. Metcalf debates Bible Conference leader William B. Riley on the topic "Resolved: That Evolution is a Demonstrated Fact" in the old Pullen Hall.

11/21/1925 Agriculture Club social event

The Agriculture Club of State College hosts a "Barn-warming" for visiting farmers at Thompson Gym.

Agricultural club's Barn WarmingAgricultural club's Barn Warming


10/25/1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits

Presidential candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt makes a campaign stop in Raleigh; State College suspends classes for the day so that students may attend the speech, with the band performing at the event.

5/16/1938 Jimmy Dorsey visits

Jimmy Dorsey's orchestra performs at a dance sponsored by the Interfraternity Council.

11/11/1938 Chinese delegates visit

Chinese delegates address State College students and Raleigh citizens in an event sponsored by the YMCA and YWCA.

11/17/1939 First annual High School Day

The first annual High School Day brings approximately 6,000 seniors to visit NC State's campus; many stay to attend the State-Duquesne football game, as well.


4/24/1942 Famous hypnotist Dr. Polgar visits
8/1947 General Eisenhower visits during Home and Farm Week

In his remarks at the event Eisenhower celebrated North Carolina history and agriculture and suggested that the United States could be a global leader in the aftermath of World War II.

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Chancellor John William Harrelson at Farm and Home Week 1947Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Chancellor John William Harrelson at Farm and Home Week 1947
10/19/1948 President Truman visit

President Truman reviewed techniques of State College ROTC cadets during a parade. Crowds gathered on Hillsborough Street to see the president pass by.

Students wait for President Truman to pass on Hillsborough StreetStudents wait for President Truman to pass on Hillsborough Street
11/11/1949 Dedication of the Memorial Bell Tower

The Memorial Bell Tower is dedicated, with former Governor R. Gregg Cherry present at the ceremony.

Memorial Bell Tower at nightMemorial Bell Tower at night


10/10/1950 UNC System presidential inauguration

In a ceremony at NC State, Gordon Gray is inaugurated as the second president of the UNC System; the new president vows to not tolerate Communism among faculty members.

Gordon Gray portraitGordon Gray portrait
4/1/1953 World Series of Basketball

A game in the 4th annual World Series of Basketball, featuring the 1953 All-Americans versus the Harlem Globetrotters, is played in Reynolds Coliseum.

5/22/1953 Raleigh-Durham TV Fair

The first Raleigh-Durham TV Fair concludes at Reynolds Coliseum. Stars appearing at the fair included Homer and Jethro of the Breakfast Club and Mrs. Hank Williams.

2/13/1957 Louis Armstrong visits

Jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

3/4/1958 Ogden Nash visits

Ogden Nash lectures in the ballroom of the College Union Building as part of the Fine Arts Festival.


9/17/1960 John F. Kennedy visits

Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy appears in Reynolds Coliseum before a crowd estimated at 8,000 persons. Kennedy sharply criticizes Vice President Nixon in his dealings with Khrushchev.

Democratic Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy addressing an estimated crowd of 8,000 at Reynolds ColiseumDemocratic Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy addressing an estimated crowd of 8,000 at Reynolds Coliseum
10/21/1960 Kingston Trio performs

The Kingston Trio performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

10/26/1960 John Dos Passos visits

Novelist John Dos Passos, author of Manhattan Transfer and the U.S.A. trilogy, gives a lecture at the College Union.

11/16/1960 Lawrence Ferlinghetti visits

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a noted poet associated with the Beat Generation, gives a lecture at the College Union.

3/7/1962 Adlai Stevenson visits

Adlai Stevenson, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, delivers the first annual Harrelson Lecture at Reynolds Coliseum.

Adlai Stevenson at Reynolds Coliseum, Harrelson LectureAdlai Stevenson at Reynolds Coliseum, Harrelson Lecture
12/10/1962 Unpopularity of potential name change

Governor Sanford gets booed after an NC State-Wake Forest basketball game in Reynolds Coliseum by students protesting the possible name change of the University from North Carolina State College to the University of North Carolina at Raleigh.

North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford holding a jar on stage at Club Week held at North Carolina State CollegeNorth Carolina Governor Terry Sanford holding a jar on stage at Club Week held at North Carolina State College
3/30/1963 Lady Bird Johnson visits

Lady Bird Johnson, wife of Vice President Lyndon Johnson, visits the School of Agriculture.

Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson visiting campusMrs. Lady Bird Johnson visiting campus
6/25/1963 Speaker Ban Bill passes

The Speaker Ban Bill passes through the NC House, prohibiting anyone with "known Communist ties" from speaking on any state-supported campus, including NC State.

9/26/1963 National Association of State Departments meeting

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture hold a meeting at the Faculty Recreation Center. Members came from all over the U.S. and discussion ranged from hula girls to cheese.

10/10/1963 Stan Getz performs

Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

10/6/1964 President Lyndon Johnson campaign speech

President Lyndon Johnson made a campaign speech before an audience of 13,000 people in Reynolds Coliseum. The president warned that a victory for opponent Barry Goldwater would mean cuts in farm programs.

President Lyndon Johnson and Ladybird at Democratic campaign rally held in Reynolds Coliseum, October 6, 1964President Lyndon Johnson and Ladybird at Democratic campaign rally held in Reynolds Coliseum, October 6, 1964
10/6/1964 "Lady Bird Special" Whistle-stop Tour

President Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson are accompanied by UNC System President William Friday at a Democratic presidential campaign rally held in Reynolds Coliseum. More than 14,000 attend the rally, with hundreds more outside. The rally was part of Mrs. Johnson’s whistle-stop tour through the South on the "Lady Bird Special."

10/11/1964 London Symphony Performed

The London Symphony performed on campus as a part of the Friends of the College concert series. The orchestra received a standing ovation after their performance, playing music from Stravinsky, Vaughn, Mozart, and Brahms.

11/10/1965 Rolling Stones perform

The Rolling Stones perform at Reynolds Coliseum. The Stones are joined by Patti LaBelle for the show.

3/2/1966 Martin Niemoller visits

Martin Niemoller, a German Lutheran pastor who was imprisoned in a concentration camp for his anti-Nazi views, gives a speech at Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union. Niemoller is perhaps best knows as the author of the poem "First they came..."

4/1/1966 Bob Hope performs

Comedian Bob Hope performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

NC State Angel Flight members greeting Bob HopeNC State Angel Flight members greeting Bob Hope
11/15/1967 Brigade of Guards perform

Two units of Queen Elizabeth II's Brigade of Guards (the Band of the Welsh Guards and the pipes, drums, and dancers of the Scots Guards) join forces for a "pageant" of music, marching, and dancing at Reynolds Coliseum.

11/9/1968 Folksinger Bob Godfrey performs
11/7/1969 5th Dimension performance

The 5th Dimension perform at Reynolds Coliseum.


10/7/1971 Ralph Nader visits

Ralph Nader addressed over 800 people about the formation of a North Carolina Research Group (NC-PIRG) in the Union Ballroom.

3/24/1972 Vienna Symphony performance

The Vienna Symphony perform in Reynolds Coliseum.

8/30/1972 David Frye visits

Comedian David Frye puts on a show at the Student Center Theatre.

10/6/1972 Cleveland Orchestra performance

The Cleveland Orchestra opens up the Friends of the College program at the Reynolds Colliseum with a performance in front of 21,000 people.

10/20/1973 Lili Kraus performance

Hungarian pianist Lili Kraus performs on campus.

2/18/1974 Uri Geller visits

Famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller puts on a show at the Stewart Theatre, bending keys with his mind.

11/20/1974 George Faison Universal Dance Experience visits

Stewart Theatre hosts the George Faison Universal Dance Experience.

1/26/1977 Leonard Nimoy visits

Leonard Nimoy, famous for his role as Mr. Spock on the television show "Star Trek," speaks at Stewart Theatre.

1/30/1978 Mike Cross performs

Mike Cross performs to a sold-out crowd at the Stewart Theatre, and gives a 20 minute encore.


9/20/1980 Elton John performance

Singer Elton John performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

3/23/1981 Mel Blanc visits

Mel Blanc, legendary voice of cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig, gives a lecture at Stewart Theatre.

6/25/1985 Missed interview

Technician entertainment writer Lee Johnson is unable to interview rock band Hüsker Dü following their show at The Brewery because his tape recorder was damaged during the show.

9/5/1985 President Ronald Reagan visits

President Reagan promoted tax reform during a speech in Reynolds Coliseum. Afterwards the president met with students, and Student Body President Jay Everette gained notoriety when he asked reporters to respect the students' time with the president.

President Ronald Reagan posing with Mr. and Ms. Wuf, September 5, 1985President Ronald Reagan posing with Mr. and Ms. Wuf, September 5, 1985


2/2/1990 President George Bush visit

President Bush toured three physics labs that focused on semiconductor and microelectronics research and joined a roundtable discussion on international competitiveness in high-tech industries.

President George Bush with James Cook and Jan Schetzina in Schetzina's labPresident George Bush with James Cook and Jan Schetzina in Schetzina's lab
2/1991 President Jimmy Carter attends Emerging Issues Forum

Before a crowd of 1,300 people, the former president raised questions about the United States handling of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and he called for the U.S. and Soviet Union to organize an international peace conference to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

10/5/1992 President Bill Clinton visits

Presidential candidate Bill Clinton addressed 600 people in Stewart Theatre. He announced his support for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).


2003 Yolanda King speaks on campus

Yolanda King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter, addressed students in Stewart Theatre as part of the NCSU MLK Commemoration. King urged a crowd of more than 500 to shake off apathy and tackle social problems such as poverty, hunger and intolerance.

5/6/2008 Candidate Barack Obama visit

Presidential candidate Barack Obama appeared before a crowd at Reynolds Coliseum shortly after defeating rivals in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Barack Obama speaking at rally at Reynolds ColiseumBarack Obama speaking at rally at Reynolds Coliseum
1/26/2009 President Bill Clinton at Millennium Seminar Series

Former President Bill Clinton addressed 6,000 people, stating that the world would best find its way to peace and prosperity through “communitarianism.”


9/14/2011 President Obama at rally

President Barack Obama spoke before an audience in Reynolds Coliseum. During the speech he promoted the American Jobs Act.

Obama speakingObama speaking
01/15/2014 President Barack Obama visits

President Obama announces the establishment of the Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute, based at NC State, with $140 million in federal funding including $70 million from the Department of Energy.

7/1/2015 Rolling Stones return

The rock group performed at Carter-Finley Stadium, fifty years after they performed in Raleigh the first time.