Centennial Campus

This timeline was originally created by Paige Meszaros in 2004 for the Centennial Campus 20th Anniversary. It has been subsequently updated by NCSU Libraries staff.

Centennial Campus


  • 1970s NCSU research centers

    NCSU developed research centers (precursors to Centennial Campus project) to encourage government and private funding for university.


  • 1984 Fall-Winter Governor James B. Hunt give series of speeches

    Governor James B. Hunt gives series of speeches about the importance of state funding for biotechnology, microelectronics, and a school of textiles for NCSU.

  • 12/19/1984 Centennial Campus established

    North Carolina Governor (and NC State alumnus) James B. Hunt, Jr., alloted the initial 355-acre parcel of land for the university's Centennial Campus. The land had previously been part of the Dorothea Dix hospital.

  • DefaultJack P. Jordan, Bruce Poulton, and James Hunt at land acquisition event
  • 2/1985 450 acres allocated

    An additional 450 acres was allocated from the State Farm Operations Commission by Governor Jim Martin's administration.

  • 7/1985 Request approved for Master Plan

    UNC Board of Governors approved the request of NCSU Board of Trustees for permission to hire a firm to develop a Master Plan for the new property.

  • DefaultDorthea Dix property
  • 9/1985 Carley Capital Group selected

    NCSU Board of Trustees selected Carley Capital Group as the Master Planner/Development Adviser to project.

  • 1986 AURRP charter

    NCSU helped charter the Association of University Related Research Parks (AURRP).

  • 12/1986 1.4 acre lot purchased

    A 1.4 acre lot (formerly site of H.B. Harris house) was purchased by NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees for Centennial Campus.

  • 1/1987 Research I Building

    After a site had been selected in Nov. 1986, ground-breaking began the following Jan.

  • 1/1987 Land Use Master Plan approved

    UNC Board of Governors approved Land Use Master Plan.

  • 1987 College of Textiles vote against move

    Faculty and administration of the College of Textiles voted unanimously against moving to Centennial Campus.

  • 4/1987 2.5 acres of land purchased

    The NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees purchased a 2.5 acre parcel of land from UNC-Greensboro.

  • 5/1987 118.9 acres reallocated

    Land totaling 118.9 acres was exchanged with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and reallocated by the Council of State.

  • 6/1987 Formal review of Master Plan

    The Governor and Council of State conducted a formal review of the Master Plan for the Centennial Campus. Both parties unanimously approved and adopted the plan.

  • 1988 Additional 75 acres purchased

    An additional 75 acres was purchased by the NCSU Endowment fund from the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh for $7.5 million (other small purchases and land trades eventually raise total to 1,000 acres).

  • 4/1988 First Permanent Centennial Campus building

    In Feb. staff first occupied the Precision Engineering Center in Research I, the first Centennial Campus building, In Apr. the building was dedicated.

  • 5/1988 College of Textiles construction began

    Ground was broken for the College of Textiles complex, an estimated $31 million.

  • DefaultCollege of Textiles construction on Centennial Campus
  • 6/1988 Engineering Graduate Research Center

    After a site had been selected in Apr., the design contract and document for the Center was then approved in June.

  • DefaultEngineering Graduate Research Center construction on Centennial Campus
  • 7/1988 Claude E. McKinney

    Claude E. McKinney left his post as Dean of the School of Design at NCSU and became the Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Development of Centennial Campus.

  • DefaultClaude McKinney portrait
  • 8-9/1988 Phase 1 Master Plan and Open Space Recreation Plan

    The Raleigh City Council and N.C. Council of State rezoned Centennial Campus as a “mixed-use thoroughfare district.”

  • 10/1988 75 acres purchased

    NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees purchased 75 acres of land from the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh.

  • 12/1988 2.1 acres purchased

    The NCSU Endowment Board of Trustees purchased 2.1 acres of land from Eastman Development.

  • 4/1989 Centennial Campus Management Team dissolved

    The Centennial Campus Management team was dissolved as the project grew.


  • 1990s Centennial began to market to incubator companies
  • 2/1990 Ground broken for Research Building II

    After a site had been selected in Nov. 1988, ground was broken for Research Building II in Feb. 1990.

  • DefaultResearch II Building construction on Centennial Campus
  • 3/1990 Centennial Parkway approved

    Centennial Parkway was approved by NCSU, NC Department of Agriculture, NC Department of Transportation, DCH, and NC Department of Human Resources.

  • 4/1990 Environmental Impact Assessment approved

    The Environmental Impact Assessment was approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

  • 5/1990 ABB letter of intent

    Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) Power Transmission Technology Institute submitted a letter of intent to NCSU.

  • 8/1990 Wolfline adjusted its routes to include Centennial Campus.
  • 12/1990 Construction on ABB building

    After a site had been chosen in June, construction on the ABB building began in Dec.

  • DefaultABB Building construction on Centennial Campus
  • 1991 Research I Building completed
  • DefaultResearch I Building on Centennial Campus
  • 1991 College of Textiles dedicated
  • DefaultCollege of Textiles
  • 4/1991 Forecast Office in Research Building III confirmed

    National Weather Service confirmed the lease contract with Centennial Campus for new Forecast Office in Research Building III.

  • 7/1991 ABB became first corporate tenant at Centennial Campus.
  • DefaultABB Building on Centennial Campus
  • 4/1992 Property annexed

    The city of Raleigh annexed part of the Centennial Campus property and the adjoining Trailwood Knoll neighborhood in order to comply with new zoning needs.

  • 6/1992 Dedication of ABB’s 70,000-sq. ft. Transmission Technology Institute.
  • DefaultDedication of ABB Building dedication on Centennial Campus
  • May 1, 1992 Alumni Centennial Gateway dedicated

    At the corner of Western Boulevard and Gorman Street, the Alumni Centennial Gateway is a steel wall 18 feet high and 128 feet long, marking the entrance to the western part of campus.

  • DefaultAlumni Centennial Gateway
  • 9/1992 New Master Plan

    Chancellor Larry Monteith ordered development of a new Master Plan in the face of slower than expected growth.

  • 11/1992 Site chosen for Centennial Campus electrical substation
  • 2/1993 Construction of Research Building III

    After the site had been chosen in Apr. 1992, construction on the building began in Feb. 1993.

  • DefaultResearch III Building construction on Centennial Campus
  • 11/1993 University bonds approved

    $310 million in university bonds were approved by North Carolina voters; $35 million earmarked for NCSU’s Engineering Graduate Research Center.

  • 12/1993 National Weather Service office established

    The National Weather Service established a Forecast Office in Research Building III and became the first government partner at Centennial Campus.

  • DefaultNOAA National Weather Service on Centennial Campus
  • 1994 Textile Protection and Comfort Center established

    The Textile Protection and Comfort Center, within the College of Textiles on Centennial Campus, provides a facility for testing the performance of various textile materials

  • 5/1994 Centennial Parkway included in Governor Hunt’s Transportation 2001 Plan
  • 8/1994 Construction of $35 million Engineering Graduate Research Center begins
  • DefaultEngineering Graduate Research Center construction on Centennial Campus
  • 9/1994 Dedication of Research Building III

    After staff had moved in during Jan., the building was dedicated in Sept.

  • DefaultResearch III Building on Centennial Campus
  • 10/1994 Centennial Campus 10-Year Celebration
  • DefaultJames Hunt speaking at Centennial Campus's ten year celebration
  • 6/1995 Research Building IV construction began
  • DefaultResearch IV Building construction on Centennial Campus
  • 1996 Constructed Facilities Laboratory building opens

    Department laboratory space expands to occupy part of the Constructed Facilities Laboratory on Centennial Campus. The laboratory became a hub of collaboration between the Civil Engineering department and private and government entities, to develop and evaluate the performance of new products and innovative structural systems. The facility included an environmental chamber used to test large-scale structural components subjected to severe environmental conditions, ... More

  • DefaultConstructed Facilities Lab on Centennial Campus
  • 8/10/1996 Staff move in to Research Building IV
  • DefaultCentennial Campus, Research Building IV
  • 11/1996 First departments from College of Engineering move to Centennial Campus
  • 1/1997 Partners Building 1

    After construction had begun in Aug. 1995, staff moved into the building in January 1997.

  • DefaultPartners I Building on Centennial Campus
  • 1/1997 Centennial Parkway opened

    The 1.9 miles Centennial Parkway access road opened at a cost of approximately $5 million.

  • 2/1997 Construction of Partners Building II begun
  • 1998 Engineering Graduate Research Center dedicated
  • DefaultEngineering Graduate Research Center on Centennial Campus
  • 1999 Partners Building II completed
  • DefaultPartners II Building on Centennial Campus
  • 1999 North Shore

    Development of the North Shore condomium community began.


  • Fall 2000 Centennial Magnet Middle School

    After construction had begun in 1997, the Centennial Magnet Middle School opened in Aug. 2000.

  • DefaultCentennial Campus Middle School
  • 2004 Partners Building III completed
  • 2004 Engineering Building I completed

    This building was funded through the Bonds for Education program.

  • 2004 20th Anniversary History

    A history of the first 20 years of Centennial Campus was commissioned by the Centennial Campus Partnership Office.

  • 2005 Monteith Engineering Research Center renamed

    The Engineering Graduate Research Center was renamed after Larry Monteith, chancellor of NC State from 1989 to 1998.

  • DefaultChancellor Larry K. Monteith
  • 2005 Engineering Building II completed

    This building was funded through the Bonds for Education program.

  • DefaultEngineering Building II, construction
  • 11/2005 William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

    After being established in 2003, the Friday Institute moved into its new facility in Nov. 2005

  • DefaultFriday Institute
  • 9/2006 Park Alumni Center

    The Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Center opened on the southern shore of Lake Raleigh

  • DefaultWolves at Park Alumni Center
  • 9/19/2007 BTEC established

    The Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) was established on Centennial Campus. The facility allows for simulation of biopharmaceutical products and packaging in a sterile environment.

  • 11/01/2007 Centennial Campus named top Research Science Park of the Year

    Centennial Campus was named top Research Science Park by the Association of University Research Science Parks (AURP)

  • 2009 Keystone Science Center built

    The Center, originally called the Centennial Science Center, houses the FREEDM Center, as well as office and lab space. It is on Centennial Campus.

  • 7/31/2009 Lonnie Poole Golf Course opened

    Poole was founder of Waste Industries USA, and he contributed $3 million to the project.

  • 10/23/2009 Hunt Library groundbreaking

    A groundbreaking ceremony initiated construction of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library.


  • 9/15/2010 Engineering Building III dedicated

    This building was built with 80 labs and 2 wind tunnels, and it had the first green roof on Centennial Campus.

  • 2011 The Point completed

    The new chancellor's residence replaced the one on Hillsborough Street, which then became the Gregg Museum.

  • 2011 Pentair became an industry partner
  • 04/2011 Innovation Cafe opens

    The Innovation Cafe provides Engineering and Textiles students with a new eating option.

  • DefaultInnovation Cafe on Centennial Campus
  • 2012 Eastman became an industry partner
  • 4/3/2013 James B. Hunt Jr. Library dedication

    The library was named in honor of former four-term N.C. Governor and NC State alumnus James B. Hunt Jr. Also housed in the building is the Institute for Emerging Issues.

  • DefaultPlaque at Hunt Library
  • 4/19/2013 Research Building I renamed Poulton Innovation Center

    Research Building I was renamed after Bruce Poulton, 10th chancellor of NC State (1982-1989). The university had acquired Centennial Campus during his term in office.

  • Default!!Duplicate!! Poulton, Bruce R. :: Administrators, Faculty, and Staff
  • 2013 LexisNexis

    LexisNexis moved its Business of Law Software Solutions Division to the former Red Hat building.

  • 8/19/2013 Wolf Ridge Apartments

    The six-building complex was built to accommodate approximately 1,200 graduate and upper-division students, and it was the first LEED-certified residence hall at the university.

  • 2013 AIA/ALA Library Building Award

    Immediately after dedication, the James B. Hunt Jr. Library won the American Institute of Architects and the American Library Association Building Award. It later garnered many additional prestigious awards and was featured in Architecture magazine. Time magazine called it the "library of the future."

  • 2014 Award Winning Hunt Library

    The Hunt Library won the ALA Library Interior Design Award and the AIA Education Facility Design Award.

  • DefaultJames B. Hunt Library rendering -- West Facade
  • 2014 The Greens apartment community opened
  • 2014 North Shore expansion

    New development began in the North Shore condominium community.

  • 10/11/2017 StateView Hotel opened

    The hotel opened with 90 king-sized rooms, 70 double-double rooms, 3 suites, a bar, a full-service restaurant, and eight meeting rooms.

  • 2018 Groundbroken on Engineering Building IV
  • 1/11/2018 VF Corporation partnership

    The university announced a partnership between the College of Textiles, the Poole College of Management, and the VF Corporation to support student development and advance apparel and textiles innovation.