Chancellors and Presidents

Chancellors and Presidents


  • 8/30/1889 Alexander Holladay appointed President

    The Board of Trustees chose Alexander Q. Holladay as the first President of the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. The offer surprised Holladay, because he had applied to be only a professor of English, but he accepted the presidency position anyway. He served in the position until 1899. (Biography of Alexander Holladay)

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  • 1899 George Tayloe Winston became the college's second president

    Winston served in the position until retirement in 1908. (Biography of George Tayloe Winston)

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  • 1908 Daniel Harvey Hill, Jr., appointed President of A&M College

    Having already served as a professor of English and librarian at the college, Hill was chosen by the Board of Trustees to succeed President George Tayloe Winston. He served until retirement in 1916. (Biography of D. H. Hill, Jr.)

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  • 7/1916 Wallace Riddick became President

    Wallace Carl Riddick became college president, having previously served as vice president and professor of civil engineering. He was president until 1923, when he became engineering dean. (Biography of Wallace Carl Riddick)

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  • 6/25/1923 Eugene Brooks became President

    He led the college until he retired in 1934. (Biography of E. C. Brooks)

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  • 1931 Dean of Administration

    The title for the chief executive officer at NC State changed from "president" to "dean of administration." This occurred after NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Women's College (which later became UNC-Greensboro) combined to form the Consolidated University.

  • 1934 John William Harrelson headed college

    John William Harrelson, class of 1909, was was appointed head of the college. He led NC State until 1953. (Biography of John Harrelson)

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  • 1945 Chancellor title implemented

    The title of NC State's chief executive officer changed to "chancellor."


  • 9/1/1953 Carey Bostian became Chancellor

    Dr. Carey Hoyt Bostian became the seventh person to lead NC State. He had served on the NC State faculty since 1930. In 1959 he stepped down as chancellor to return to teaching. (Biography of Carey Bostian)

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  • 1959 John Tyler Caldwell became Chancellor

    John Tyler Caldwell was named Chancellor. He served until retiring in 1975. (Biography of John Caldwell)


  • 6/30/1975 Chancellor Caldwell retired

    Dr. John T. Caldwell retired after 15 years as NC State's chancellor. Caldwell oversaw a period of unprecedented growth for the university: of the nearly 47,000 degrees awarded in the first 85 years of the university, two-thirds were earned during Caldwell's tenure.

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  • 7/1975 Jackson Ashcroft Rigney became Interim Chancellor

    Rigney served as interim chancellor after Chancellor Caldwell retired and before Chancellor Thomas took the position. (Biography of Jackson Rigney)

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  • 1/1/1976 Joab Thomas became Chancellor

    Joab L. Thomas became the ninth chancellor of NC State. During his administration, enrollment at the university surpassed 20,000 students for the first time, and the College of Veterinary Medicine was established. He left NC State in 1981 to become president of the University of Alabama. (Biography of Joab Thomas)

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  • 1981 Nash Nicks Winstead named Interim Chancellor

    Winstead served as interim chancellor after Chancellor Thomas left the university and before Chancellor Poulton took the position. (Biography of Nash Winstead)

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  • 1982 Bruce Robert Poulton named Chancellor

    Poulton became the tenth Chancellor of NC State and the third scientist to lead the institution. Under his leadership the university acquired and began to develop Centennial Campus. Poulton served as chancellor until 1989, and he later became director of the university's Literacy Systems Center. (Biography of Bruce Poulton)

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  • 1989 Larry K. Monteith was named Interim Chancellor
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  • 1990 Monteith chosen as permanent Chancellor

    After serving as interim chancellor for several months, Larry K. Monteith was chosen by the UNC system Board of Governors to fill the position on a permanent basis. He served until retirement in 1998. (Biography of Larry Monteith)

  • 1998 Marye Anne Fox became the first female chancellor at NC State

    She served in the position until 2004, when she left to become chancellor of the University of California, San Diego. (Biography of Marye Anne Fox)

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  • 2004 Robert A. Barnhardt named Interim Chancellor

    Barnhardt served as interim chancellor after Chancellor Fox left the university and before Chancellor Oblinger took the position. (Biography of Bob Barnhardt)

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  • 2005 James L. Oblinger was named Chancellor

    He served in the position until 2009. (Biography of Jim Oblinger)

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  • 2009-2010 Jim Woodward named Interim Chancellor

    Woodward served as interim chancellor after Chancellor Oblinger stepped down and before Chancellor Woodson took the position. (Biography of Jim Woodward)

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  • 1/8/2010 Randy Woodson became chancellor

    Woodson had previously been executive vice president for academic affairs and provost at Purdue University. (Biography of Randy Woodson)

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