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1920-1929 First Cheer Squad formed

In the 1920s, the first cheer squad formed for leading cheers at Riddick Field. Some of the early leaders of the squad included Red Clifford and Eddie Rufty from the 1925 class.

Agromeck 1925Agromeck 1925


1949 Pep Club formed

Head Cheerleader Scott Eubanks organized the Pep Club, a group designed to improve school spirit and increase participation at pep rallies and games.


1950-1959 Cheerleaders in wolf costume

During the 1950s, cheerleaders began to dress in a wolf costume at sports events, and members of the Red Coat Marching Band wore fiberglass wolf heads as some of the earliest known student mascots for NC State.

1955 Women positions added to cheerleading team

Head Cheerleader Billy Garrabrant announced that the cheerleading team will be co-ed by adding four women cheerleaders to the team roster.

North Carolina State College chearleaders, September 22, 1955North Carolina State College chearleaders, September 22, 1955


1960-1969 First mascot introduced

The first student mascot was introduced by the cheerleading squad in the early 1960s in a wolf costume.

1962 Junior varsity cheer organized

Junior Varsity cheerleaders were organized for the first time to cheer specifically at freshman games.

Agromeck 1963Agromeck 1963


1975 Woman wolf mascot introduced

After the introduction of women's athletics to NC State, costumes were created for a woman version of the wolf mascot.

09/05/1975 First student chosen for Miss Wolf mascot

Junior varsity cheerleader Elizabeth Jan Seymour was the first woman chosen for the mascot formerly known as Miss Wolf. During Seymour's first game as mascot, the cheerleaders debuted their hand gesture now known as “wolf hands.”

Mr. and Ms. Wuf carrying a banner against Clemson at N.C. State vs. Clemson University football gameMr. and Ms. Wuf carrying a banner against Clemson at N.C. State vs. Clemson University football game
1979 Cheerleader Wanda Billingslea Farrell voiced concerns

In the Technician, one of the first African American women cheerleaders, Wanda Billingslea Farrell, called out the selection process for cheerleader tryouts as racist and biased.

Cheerleaders in paradeCheerleaders in parade
1979-1988 Cathy Buckey, cheerleading head coach

Cathy Buckey was the cheerleading coach from 1979 to 1998. During her tenure, the NC State cheerleading team won their first three national championships in 1986, 1990, and 1991.

Cathy BuckeyCathy Buckey


2/28/1981 Wolf mascots get married

Mr. Wolf and Ms. Wolf were married in a mock wedding ceremony by the Wake Forest Demon Deacon mascot during halftime of a Men's Basketball game at Reynolds Coliseum. The two were joined in "canis matrimonium," and Chancellor Joab Thomas gave the bride away.

Wolf weddingWolf wedding
1982-1983 Mascots' names changed from "Wolf" to "Wuf"

The mascots’ names changed to “Wuf” when the male mascot, Scott Joseph, debuted a new body costume made by his mother. When she began sewing his name on the back of the jersey, she didn’t have enough room to spell “Wolf,” so she shortened it.

Mr. Wuf playing with mini fansMr. Wuf playing with mini fans
1986 Cheerleading program won NCA Collegiate Cheer Championship
Agromeck 1986Agromeck 1986


1990 Cheerleading program won NCA Collegiate Cheer Championship
1991 Cheerleading program won NCA Collegiate Cheer Championship
Agromeck 1991Agromeck 1991


2001 Cheerleading program won NCA Collegiate Cheer Championship
01/2002 All-girl cheerleading founded

All-Girl cheerleading at NC State was created in January 2002. The organization was founded for females on campus who enjoy competitive cheerleading.

All-Girl Cheerleading Club constitutionAll-Girl Cheerleading Club constitution
2002 Harold Trammel, head cheerleading coach

Harold Trammel, a 2000 graduate of NC State and cheerleader for five years, began position as head cheerleading coach.

2006-2007 Mr. and Ms. Wuf named "Top Mascot"

In 2006, Mr. Wuf was named the nation’s top mascot, and Ms. Wuf was named top mascot the following year.


2010 Tuffy became new live mascot

A Tamaskan dog named Tuffy became the new live mascot for football games. This breed of dog resembled the wolf-like Siberian husky.

01/2011 Mr. and Ms. Wuf renewed wedding vows at basketball game
Technician, February 09, 2012Technician, February 09, 2012
2016-2017 NC State Cheerleading won several gold medals at Cheerleading Worlds
2016 Cheerleading program won NCA Collegiate Cheer Championship
2018 Cheer team won NCA and NDA Championship

NC State won two national championships at the 2018 NCA and NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship. This marks the first time in program history NC State has captured multiple national championships in the same competition.

Technician, April, 16, 2018Technician, April, 16, 2018