College of Education

College of Education


  • 1927 School of Education established
  • 6/7/1927 First degrees conferred to women

    The first degrees are conferred to women at NC State. Recipients are Jane McKimmon, B.S. in business administration; Charlotte Nelson, B.S. in education; and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, M.S. in chemistry. Yarbrough was the first female graduate to have completed all coursework while at NC State, and she went on to become the first woman to earn a master's degree at NC State.

  • DefaultCharlotte Ruth Nelson portrait
  • 1928 First female masters degree recipients

    Lillian P. Wallace becomes the first woman to earn a masters degree in Education. She went on to publish several historical works on politics in Europe. Virginia F. Harris becomes the first woman to earn a masters degree in Rural Sociology.


  • 1931 Consolidation Act

    The Consolidation Act is passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, with the following provisions: 1. State College becomes one of three campuses of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. The other campuses are UNC-Chapel Hill and the Women's College in Greensboro (which later became UNC-Greensboro). 2. State College's name is changed to the North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering of the University of North Carolina 3. The ... More


  • 1947 Department of Industrial and Rural Recreation established

    Department of Industrial and Rural Recreation established in the School of Education.

  • 1948 School of Education re-established
  • 1948 James Bryant Kirkland becomes dean

    Kirkland is the first dean of the reconstituted School of Education. He serves in the position until 1969

  • DefaultJ. Bryant Kirkland at desk


  • 1959 Jim Hunt graduates

    Hunt later earned an MS in 1962. He became the 69th and 71st Governor of North Carolina (1977–1985, and 1993–2001), making him the state's longest service chief executive.


  • 1960 Wendell H. Murphy

    Murphy graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Education. He later served in the North Carolina House of Representatives and the NC Senate. He was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine by the NC governor. In 1999 he received the Watauga Medal, NC State University's highest honor. He was a Wolfpack Club member for more than 50 years, and he served as president of its board of directors. The Murphy Football Center is named for him, and he made significant ... More

  • 10/17/1962 First analog computer installed

    The School of Engineering installs the first half of an analog computer system on campus - a PACE computer, manufactured by Electronics Associates.

  • DefaultJames Wallace and Dr. John Cell with Donner Analog Computer
  • 1964 Curriculum Materials Center

    Inez Ray began the Curriculum Materials Center, later renamed the Learning Resources Library and then the College of Education Media Center.

  • 1966 Center for Occupational Education established

    The Center for Occupational Education is established, becoming one of just two such centers nationwide.

  • 1966 Third female full professor

    Doris King becomes the third woman to serve as a full professor, teaching courses in history and education.

  • 1967 Department of Recreation and Park Administration relocated

    The Department of Recreation and Park Administration is transferred from the School of Education to the School of Forest Resources

  • 1969 Carl John Dolce becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1988.

  • DefaultDean Carl J. Dolce portrait


  • 1987 Schools become Colleges

    Eight of the university's academic schools are redesignated as colleges.

  • 1987 College of Education and Psychology

    The School of Education becomes the College of Education and Psychology

  • 1988 Paul W. Thayer, interim dean

    Thayer served as interim dean until 1989

  • 1989 Joan J. Michael becomes dean

    She serves in the position until 2000.

  • DefaultDean Joan J. Michael


  • 1994 First female to receive Holladay Medal

    Barbara Parramore became the first female faculty member to receive the Holladay Medal for Excellence.

  • 1996 June St. Clair Atkinson awarded doctorate

    June Atkinson was awarded an Doctor of Education degree. She later became the first woman to serve as North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction.

  • 1998 Carl Harris awarded doctorate

    Carl Harris was awarded a Doctor of Education degree. He later became the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of education for policy and strategic initiatives.


  • 2000 Kathryn M. Moore becomes dean

    She serves in the position until 2009.

  • 2001 Department of Psychology transferred

    The Department of Psychology is transferred from the College of Education (formerly, the College of Education and Psychology) to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. More historical information can be found on the departmental website.

  • 11/2005 William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

    After being established in 2003, the Friday Institute moved into its new facility in Nov. 2005

  • DefaultFriday Institute
  • 2006 Katie Gimbar graduates

    Katie Gimbar graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education degree. She later implemented a program that replaces classroom lectures with more interactive activities that she developed at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

  • 2009 Jose Picart, interim dean

    Picart serves as interim dean until 2010.


  • 2010 Jayne Fleener becomes dean

    She serves in the position until 2015.

  • 2015 Mary Ann Danowitz, interim dean

    Danowitz serves as interim dean for approximately eight months.

  • 2016 Mary Ann Danowitz named dean

    Danowitz is named to the position on April 1.