Poole College of Management

Poole College of Management
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1923 School of Science and Business established


1931 Consolidation Act

The Consolidation Act is passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, with the following provisions: 1. State College becomes one of three campuses of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. The other campuses are UNC-Chapel Hill and the Women's College in Greensboro (which later became UNC-Greensboro). 2. State College's name is changed to the North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering of the University of North Carolina 3. The ... More


1970 Emerson Fullwood graduated

Emerson Fullwood graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later became vice president of Xerox Corporation.

1970 James W. Owens awarded Ph.D.

James W. Owens was awarded a Ph.D. He later became chairman of Caterpillar Inc.

1976 MS in Management established


1980 Center for Economic and Business Studies established
1988 Christine Holmes graduates

Christine Holmes graduated. She later became a partner/principal with Ernst & Young.


1990 Visiting team

A team of visiting faculty and administrators reviews the need for NC State to establish a management college.

6 March 1992 College of Management established

The UNC Board of Governors authorizes the establishment of the College of Management at NC State. The college was formed out of what had previously been the Division of Economics and Business in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. During the college's first year, Robert L. Clark served as interim dean.

1993 Richard J. Lewis becomes dean

He serves in the position until Dec. 1998.

Fall 1993 Master of Accounting program established
1994 Jenkins Master of Accounting (MAC) Program established

NC State's Jenkins Master of Accounting (MAC) Program enrolled its first students in the fall semester of 1994.

1999 Jon W. Bartley becomes dean

He serves one year as interim dean before being selected to permanently fill the position, which he holds until 2004.


2000-2001 Nelson Hall renovation completed
March 2000 Poole College of Management received accreditation

AACSB International accredits the accounting and business management bachelors programs, the MS in management program, and the master of accounting program.

April 2002 MBA program

The MS in management becomes the master of business administration (MBA).

2004 Ira Weiss becomes dean

He serves in the position until 2016.

2007 Jenkins Graduate School of Management established

The Jenkins Graduate School of Management was established. It was named for Benjamin P. Jenkins III, vice chair and president of General Bank at Wachovia Corporation.


December 2010 Poole College of Management

The College of Management is renamed the Lonnie C. Poole Jr. College of Management. Lonnie C. Poole, Jr., is founder of Waste Industries USA, Inc.

Fall 2011 Online MBA

The online MBA program is established.

October 2014 Zelnick Dean's Chair established

This endowed chair in the College of Management is named after Stephen P. Zelnak, Jr., former chair and CEO of Martin Marietta Materials.

2016-2019 Annette L. Ranft served as dean of Poole College of Management
Poole College of Management celebrated 25th anniversary
1/11/2018 VF Corporation partnership announced

The university announced a partnership between the College of Textiles, the Poole College of Management, and the VF Corporation to support student development and advance apparel and textiles innovation.

2019 Frank Buckless named dean of Poole College of Management