College of Natural Resources

College of Natural Resources


  • 1918 Farm forestry extension program established
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  • 1925 First extension forester

    Robert Walter Graeber was hired as the extension forester. He served in this position until 1949.

  • DefaultR. W. Graeber
  • 1929 Department of Forestry established
  • 1929 Julius V. Hofmann

    Hofmann came to NC State as the head of the Department of Forestry, having previously been assistant director of the forestry school at Mount Alto, Pennsylvania. In 1931he became director of the NC State's Division of Forestry, a title he held until 1948.

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  • 1948 Richard J. Preston becomes director

    Preston's was first titled director of the Division of Forestry. The position was elevated to dean in 1950, and he served until 1971.

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  • 1950 School of Forestry established

    The Division of Forestry became the School of Forestry during this year.

  • 12/18/1953 Kilgore Hall dedication

    The new building housing the School of Forestry and the Department of Horticulture was formally dedicated as Kilgore Hall, named in honor of the late Dr. Benjamin Wesley Kilgore, former Dean of Agriculture, Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, and the first head of North Carolina's Agricultural Extension Service.

  • DefaultEntrance to Department of Forestry, Kilgore Hall, North Carolina State College
  • 1958 Forestry extension split

    The forestry extension program was split into Extension Forest Management and Extension Wood Products.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State College Extension forestry specialist at a forestry field demonstration coaches a forest owner in the use of a tree scale stick to determine tree volumen and value, 195-.


  • 1962 Forestry Extension moved to School of Forestry

    Forestry extension specialists were transferred from the School of Agriculture to the School of Forestry.

  • 1967 Thomas Wells graduates

    Thomas R. Wells graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He later became superintendent of the state park system in North Carolina.

  • 1968 School of Forest Resources

    The School of Forestry is renamed the School of Forest Resources.


  • 1970 School of Forest Resources Library

    The School of Forest Resources Library opened in Biltmore Hall. It later became the Natural Resources Library.

  • DefaultPulp and paper students in Natural Resources Library
  • 1970 School of Forest Resources moves

    The School of Forest Resources moves from Kilgore Hall to Biltmore Hall.

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  • 1970 Eric L. Ellwood becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 1989.

  • DefaultEric Ellwood with student
  • 1972 J. Charles Lee awarded Ph.D.

    J. Charles Lee was awarded a Ph.D. He had previously earned a Bachelors of Science degree (1964). He later became president of Mississippi State University.

  • 4/15/1972 Forestry Team championship

    The NC State Forestry Team take home the championship at the annual Conclave, an event based around forestry skills such as logging, timer estimation, sawing, log rolling, etc.

  • 1973 Extension Forest Resources

    Extension Forest Management changed to Extension Forest Resources, but the name changed again at a later date to Extension Forestry.

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  • 1987 Schools become Colleges

    Eight of the university's academic schools are redesignated as colleges.

  • 1989 Larry Tombaugh becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 2001.


  • 1998 Chavonda Jacobs-Young awarded a Ph.D.

    Chavonda Jacobs-Young was awarded a Ph.D. She had previously earned a Bachelors of Science degree (1989) and Masters of Science degree (1992). She was the first African American woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in paper science. She later became associate administrator for national programs for the USDA's Agricultural Research Service.


  • 2000 College of Natural Resources

    The School of Forest Resources was renamed the College of Natural Resources.

  • 2001 Larry A. Nielsen becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 2004, when he becomes provost.

  • 2006 Bob Brown becomes dean

    He serves in the position until 2012.

  • 2007 Jordan Hall addition

    The addition significantly increased the amount of office and classroom space for the College of Natural Resources.

  • DefaultJordan Hall
  • 2008 Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences moves

    The Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, along with the College of Natural Resources, moves into a new wing of Jordan Hall. The new wing is comprised of 10,000 square feet of high-tech classrooms and teaching laboratories and quiet and comfortable offices and meeting spaces.


  • 3/2010 Department of Forest Biomaterials

    The Department of Wood and Paper Science was renamed the Department of Forest Biomaterials. More historical information exists on the departmental website.

  • 15 October 2012 Mary Watzin becomes dean