College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine


  • 1978 School of Veterinary Medicine established
  • February 1979 Terrence A. Curtin named dean

    Curtin becomes the first dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine (later College). He served in the position until 1992.

  • DefaultTerrence M. Curtin at his retirement


  • 8/27/1981 First Veterinary Medicine classes

    NC State's new School of Veterinary Medicine holds classes for the first time; initial enrollment is 40 students, selected from 126 applicants.

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  • 1986 First Ph.D. degrees awarded by the School of Veterinary Medicine

    The degrees are earned by Melinda Hollingshead in August and Cathy Carlson in December.

  • 1987 Schools become Colleges

    Eight of the university's academic schools are redesignated as colleges.

  • 1989 Meg Sutherland-Smith awarded DVM

    Meg Sutherland-Smith awarded doctorate from College of Veterinary Medicine. She had previously earned a Master of Science. She later became senior veterinarian at the San Diego Zoo and a pioneer in neonatal care of giant pandas.


  • 1990 David E. Anderson awarded DVM

    David E. Anderson awarded a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He had previously received a Bachelor of Science degree. He later became a professor at Kansas State University and a specialist in veterinary care of alpacas and llamas.

  • 1992 Oscar J. Fletcher becomes dean

    Fletcher serves in the position until 2004

  • 1996 Krista La Perle awarded DVM

    Krista La Perle was awarded a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. She had previously received a Bachelor of Science degree. She later became director of Ohio State University's Comparative Pathology and Mouse Phenotyping Shared Resource, a center that supports pathology investigators utilizing animal models to study human diseases.


  • 2004 Warwick A. Arden named dean

    Arden serves in this position until 2010, when he becomes provost.

  • DefaultProvost Warwick Arden at Obama speech
  • 2005 College of Veterinary Medicine Research Building opens