Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences

Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences


  • 1918 Milk pasteurization begins

    The North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station begins pasteurizing milk at the creamery in Patterson Hall. This marks the first pasteurization of milk in North Carolina.

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  • 1940 Food Science curriculum established

    Work done in food science is scattered throughout several departments, namely Animal Industry, Horticulture, and Poultry Science.


  • 1961 Department of Food Science and Processing established

    Additional historical information exists on the department's website.

  • 1963 Eloise Cofer becomes the second female full professor

    Twenty-three years after Gertrude Cox's appointment, Eloise Cofer, Extension Professor of Food Science and Assistant Director of the Agricultural Extension Service becomes the second woman to be appointed as a full professor. In 1980, Cofer was named Home Economist of the Year by the N.C. Home Economics Association.

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  • 1965 T. Ming Chu graduates

    Chu later developed a prostate cancer detection test that saves countless lives.

  • 11/26/1968 Schaub Food Science Building dedicated

    The Schaub Food Science Building was named for Ira Obed Schaub, who served as Dean of the School of Agriculture, Director of the Agricultural Extension Service, and Director of the Experiment Station.

  • DefaultSchaub Food Science Building dedication ceremonies, North Carolina State University, November 26, 1968.