Department of History

Department of History


  • 10/1889 First History courses

    Courses in history offered when the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts opens


  • 1923 Department of Rural Sociology and History established
  • 1925 Department of History and Sociology, Department of Rural Sociology

    Department of History and Sociology formed when rural sociology curriculum was separated from the program. A separate Department of Rural Sociology was also created.


  • 1933 New Library Leadership

    Hugh T. Lefler, head of the History Department and chair of the Library Committee, became acting director of the library until the following year.

  • 1937 History and Sociology curricula separated

    Department of History and Sociology divided into two departments: Department of History and Department of Sociology.


  • 1943 Department of History and Political Science established


  • 1965 Department of History, Department of Politics

    The Department of History and Political Science is divided into two departments - the Department of History and Department of Politics.

  • 1966 Third female full professor

    Doris King becomes the third woman to serve as a full professor, teaching courses in history and education.

  • 1966 First African American Woman Undergraduate Degree Recipient

    Norma Wright Garcia becomes the first African American woman to receive an undergraduate degree, earning a BA in history.


  • 1977 Third female department head

    Mary E. (Betty) Wheeler becomes head of the Department of History, and only the third female to hold a position of department head at NC State.


  • 1985 Terry Gannon graduates

    Terry Gannon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He had been a member of the "Cardiac Pack" men's basketball team that won the 1983 NCAA championship. He later became a sportscaster for ESPN/ABC and other media outlets.