Department of Nuclear Engineering

Department of Nuclear Engineering


  • 1944 Diesel Building built

    During World War II, State College formed a partnership with the U.S. Navy to train naval officers in diesel engineering. The Diesel Building was constructed to house this project. It was designed by Ross Edward Shumaker and became part of Broughton Hall in 1951.

  • DefaultDiesel School, North Carolina State College, May 18, 1944.


  • 1950 Nuclear engineering program approved

    Harold Lampe, Dean of the School of Engineering, approves the building of a nuclear reactor on campus and the establishment of a collegiate nuclear engineering program, both firsts in the nation.

  • DefaultDean J. Harold Lampe at desk
  • 9/5/1953 Nuclear reactor goes into operation

    The R-1 reactor was the first non-government-run nuclear reactor in the world and the first designed, built, and operated by an academic institution. Design and construction had begun in 1950. It was the first of four reactors operated at NC State. More information on the nuclear reactor program can be found on the departmental website.

  • DefaultBurlington reactor, 1950s
  • 1954 First Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering conferred

    Hervasio Carvalho of Brazil, a graduate student in the School of Engineering at NC State, becomes the first person in the world to complete a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering.

  • 5/23/1955 Burlington Nuclear Laboratories dedicated

    The Burlington Nuclear Laboratories building is dedicated; located within the building is the first non-government-run nuclear reactor.

  • DefaultBurlington Nuclear Laboratories, the focus of nuclear activities on the North Carolina State College campus
  • 7/1956 Atoms for Peace Program

    Dr. William Barclay instructs a class as part of the Atoms for Peace Program.

  • DefaultNuclear Technology short course Atoms for Peace Program, Dr. William Barclay instructing class, 1956 July.


  • 1961 Department of Nuclear Engineering established

    More information on the history of the nuclear engineering program can be found on the departmental website.

  • 11/6/1963 Burlington Labs maintenance

    Sixty gallons of anti-freeze are put in the cooling tower for the reactor in Burlington Laboratory, added to keep the 250 gallons of water in the tower from freezing during the winter.

  • DefaultBurlington Engineering Labs interior view


  • 1970 First female Ph.D. recipient in Nuclear Engineering

    Samiha Mourad becomes the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering.