Enrollment and Tuition

Enrollment and Tuition


  • 1889 72 students enrolled for first year of classes

    Of the 72 that enrolled, 19 graduated in 1893. Tuition was $20 a year and free to those living within Wake County.

  • DefaultFirst freshman class at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, 1889


  • 1891 Enrollment surpasses 100

    110 students enrolled for the 1891 school year.

  • 1893 First graduate students

    Six "post graduate" students enroll


  • 1900 Enrollment reaches 300

    Tuition remains $20 but in-county students no longer receive free tuition.

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  • 1901 First female student

    Margaret Burke becomes the first female student to take a course at A&M (she enrolled in a physics course).

  • 1909 Enrollment over 500

    Tuition rises to $45.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts freshman class posing with agricultural machinery, 1909


  • 1917 Enrollment drops due to World War I

    Enrollment drops by about 200 students due to enlistment in World War I.

  • DefaultNC State ROTC military unit
  • 1918 Enrollment spikes to over 1000 after World War I

    Nearly 600 of those came to NC State through the Student Army Training Corps (SATC) program.

  • DefaultSecond Battalion of North Carolina State College ROTC bayonet drill at Riddick Stadium.


  • 1921 First full-time female student

    Lucille Thomson of Wilmington becomes the first woman to enroll as a full-time student, majoring in electrical engineering.

  • DefaultLucille Thomson
  • 6/7/1927 First degrees conferred to women

    The first degrees are conferred to women at NC State. Recipients are Jane McKimmon, B.S. in business administration; Charlotte Nelson, B.S. in education; and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, M.S. in chemistry. Yarbrough was the first female graduate to have completed all coursework while at NC State, and she went on to become the first woman to earn a master's degree at NC State.

  • DefaultCharlotte Ruth Nelson portrait
  • 9/29/1928 Increased female enrollment

    Twenty-one female students enroll at State College for the 1928-29 academic year, twice as many as the previous year.


  • 1931 Enrollment begins a three year decline

    Enrollment drops due to the onset of the Great Depression. Tuition climbs to $80 for in-state residents and $100 for out of state students.

  • 1935 Women's enrollment drops

    Women were prohibited from entering freshmen and sophomore classes to boost enrollment at the Women's College in Greensboro. The restriction lasted until 1940.


  • 4/24/1942 Higher women enrollment sought

    Increased enrollment by women needed in engineering courses; urgent appeals are made as the male students leave to fight in the war.

  • DefaultWomen in defense training studying engineering drawing
  • 1944 Enrollment drops as a result of World War II

    Enrollment nears 800 after peaking at around 2500 in 1940. Much of campus became committed to training war personnel.

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  • 1945 Women's enrollment increases

    Fifty-eight women are enrolled at NC State, many taking advantage of special scholarships to provide engineering training to women so they can work in industry during World War II.

  • 1946 Enrollment jumps to almost 5,000 after World War II

    Veterans on the G.I. Bill caused a spike in enrollment. New facilities were much-needed to accommodate the influx of students. Tuition is $90 for in-state residents and $288 for out of state.

  • DefaultStudent registration
  • 1948 Tuition rises to $150

    Tuition rises to $150 for in-state residents and $360 for out of state students. Enrollment passes 5,000.

  • DefaultWinter view of quonset huts used for temporary classrooms after World War II


  • 1953 First African American Graduate Students Admitted

    State College admits two African American graduate students into the School of Engineering: Robert Clemons and Hardy Liston. Clemons became the college's first black graduate; Liston later withdrew and didn't complete his degree.

  • 1955 Tuition rises to $283

    Tuition rises to $633 for out of state students.

  • DefaultUniversity Enrollment Figures
  • September 1956 First African American Undergraduates

    The first four African American undergraduates enrolled at North Carolina State College: Ed Carson, Manuel Crockett, Irwin Holmes, and Walter Holmes.

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  • 1957 First African American Graduate

    Robert Clemons received a professional degree in Electrical Engineering (PREE), becoming the first African American to graduate from NC State.


  • 1962 Women's enrollment passes 200

    Over 7000 total students enrolled, an increase of about 20 percent.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 47 No. 49 [Vol. 43 No. 48], February 20, 1963
  • 1966 Enrollment passes 10,000

    10,203 students entered NC State in the fall of 1966. Tuition was $357 for in-state and $782 for out of state students. There were over 1,000 women enrolled.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 71 No. 3 [Vol. 47 No. 2], September 16, 1966
  • 1968 Women's enrollment almost 1700

    Women's enrollment continues to grow.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 46 No. 51 [Vol. 48 No. 55], March 17, 1968
  • 1969 Enrollment of African American Students Reaches 200
  • DefaultNC State University, Electrical Engineering , general


  • 1971 Enrollment of African American students drops below 200

    The drop spurs the university to increase recruitment efforts.

  • DefaultTed Bush, Karen Wilkerson, Cynthia Hinnaut, Mike Hunter
  • 1974 Enrollment passes 15,000
  • DefaultStudent registration at Reynolds Coliseum
  • 1975 Tuition drops to $330

    Tuition drops from $357 to $330 for in-state students but jumps to $1,876 for out of state students.

  • DefaultMetcalf Hall residents study in their room
  • 1978 Enrollment of African American students passes 1000

    Women's enrollment passes 6,000 and 84 Latinx students enroll.

  • DefaultStudents studying together


  • 1980 Enrollment passes 20,000

    Despite new caps to stay within budget, enrollment continued to climb steadily.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 61 No. 14, September 24, 1980
  • 1987 Tuition increases to $852 for in-state students

    After rising to $480 in 1983, tuition leaps to $852. UNC System President C.D. Spangler supports students protesting the increase.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 68 No. 41 [45], January 12, 1987
  • 1989 Enrollment of women passes 10,000

    Tuition for in-state students jumps again, to $922

  • DefaultStudents in Alexander hall
  • 1989 Diversity Milestones

    Enrollment of African American students passed 2000, Latinx students passed 200, and international students passed 1000.


  • 1990-1999 Enrollment remains steady through the 1990s

    Total enrollment stays in the 27,000 range throughout the 1990s

  • DefaultCommencement, 1996
  • 1991 Tuition jumps

    Tuition rises from $922 to $1044 for the start of the 1991 academic year.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 72 No. 108, June 12, 1991
  • 1996 Tuition drops after a series of hikes

    Tuition drops from $1584 to $1386 after increasing throughout the early 1990s.

  • DefaultNubian Message, August 29, 1996
  • 1998 October Enrollment of African Americans Slows

    A survey done by the Southern Education Foundation finds that percentage enrollment of African Americans has remained the same for the past 20 years.

  • DefaultNubian Message, October 1, 1998
  • 1999 Tuition breaks $1500 for in-state students

    Tuition continues to rise over the next 5 years.

  • DefaultTechnician, November 1, 1999
  • October 28, 1999 NC State students support UNC students facing a tuition hike

    Student Body President Raj Mirchandani urges State students to join in solidarity with UNC, fearing NC State will be next.

  • DefaultTechnician, October 27, 1999


  • 2000 Enrollment of women breaks 12,000
  • DefaultHanding out pink gear for the Hoops for Hope game
  • March 6, 2002 Students protest as tuition continues to rise

    In March of 2002, the Board of Governors passed an 8% raise in tuition. The tuition in fall of 2002 was $2,814, compared with $2,328 the previous year. Students protested the March 6th Board of Governors meeting.

  • DefaultTechnician, March 7, 2002
  • 2003 Enrollment of African American students peaks at 2900

    While overall enrollment continues to grow, the number of non-white students enrolling begins to decrease throughout the 2000s.

  • DefaultTechnician, Freshman Orientation, July 2, 2003
  • 2005 Enrollment passes 30,000
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  • 2011 Tuition breaks $5,000 for in-state students

    Tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year was $5,153.

  • 2015 Enrollment of International students passes 4000
  • 2015 Enrollment of Latinx students at 1487

    The 2015 NC State Hispanic/Latino Fact Sheet reported this figure, breaking it down to 1123 undergraduates and 364 graduate students.

  • 2018 Asian Enrollment at NC State

    According to data from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, in 2018 NC State had a total of 2,282 enrolled students who were identified as Asian, out of a student body of 35,479. The data does not distinguish U.S. nationals or international students within the Asian enrollment data.