Graduate School

Graduate School
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1894 First Masters degree conferred

The first masters degree was conferred. Frank Theophilus Meacham was awarded a Master of Science in Chemistry.


1923 Graduate School established
1923 Carl C. Taylor became Dean

Taylor became the first dean of the Graduate School, serving until 1931.

1926 First PhD conferred

The first PhD was conferred to Jesse Mowry who received a degree in the rural sociology.


1931 Graduate education under the Consolidated University

The Graduate School at NC State was disbanded under the Consolidated University (a single administration overseeing NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Women's College in Greensboro). Graduate education at NC State was then considered a branch or division of the Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill. NC State had a local Committee on Graduate Instruction during this time.


1950 Donald B. Anderson oversaw graduate programs

Anderson oversaw graduate programs at NC State from 1950 to 1958. By the end of his tenure, his title had become dean.

Donald Benton Anderson portraitDonald Benton Anderson portrait
1952 Graduate Catalog

For the first time NC State began publishing a separate catalog for its graduate studies. The first graduate catalog covered the academic year 1953-1954.

1956 First woman received PhD

Patricia Ann Sarvella became the first woman to receive a PhD degree at State College (from the Department of Genetics).

1959 Walter John Peterson, Dean

Peterson became dean of the graduate program. He served until 1974.

Walter J. Peterson portraitWalter J. Peterson portrait


1972 Independent Graduate School

With the establishment of the UNC System this year, NC State again had an independent Graduate School.

1975 Vivian Thomas Stannett, Dean

Stannett became dean of the Graduate School, serving in the position until 1982.

Vivian T. Stannett portraitVivian T. Stannett portrait


1982 Jasper Memory, Dean

Memory became dean of the Graduate School, serving until 1985.

Jasper Memory portraitJasper Memory portrait
1986 First woman appointed Dean of the Graduate School

Debra W. Stewart was appointed interim dean of the Graduate School. She was the first woman to serve as dean of the Graduate School. Her appointment became permanent in 1988, and she served as dean until 2000.


2000 Robert S. Sowell, Dean

Sowell became dean of the Graduate School, serving until 2006.

2006 Terri Lomax, Dean

Lomax became dean of the Graduate School, serving in that position until 2008.

2008 Duane K. Larick, Dean

Larick first became interim dean of the Graduate School and then later the permanent dean.


2014 Maureen Grasso, Dean

Grasso became dean of the Graduate College.