Latinx Community

Latinx Community


1892 First international student enrolls

Cuban Jose Fabio Santo Trigo becomes the first international student to enroll at A&M College.


11/1/1943 La Casa Latino Americana Club Forms

La Casa Latino Americana was formed by student Leonardo Valderrama of Peru and Dr. Sanford Winston of NC State's Sociology Department. The club aimed to "form friendly relations among the Americas", and was open to any interested Raleigh residents.

Technician, Vol. 24 No. 20, March 3, 1944Technician, Vol. 24 No. 20, March 3, 1944


1951 Eduardo Catalano Joined Faculty

Eduardo Catalano (1917-2010) of Argentina came to NC State as the head of the Department of Architecture in the College of Design. On the faculty here until 1956, Catalano later taught at MIT, retiring in 1995, His design achievements included construction of his own house in Raleigh (named House of the Decade by "House and Home" magazine in 1955), the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, and the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. In 2007 NC State ... More

Eduardo F. Catalano portraitEduardo F. Catalano portrait


5/14/1961 Latin American Club Formed

The Latin American Club formed, and it held the Latin International Night during the fall semester for several years. It also hosted a "Carnavale Latino" celebration in the spring of 1965. In 1964-1965 it won the Erdahl-Cloyd Union Best Club Award.


03/29/1972 Alan Gonzalez, Head of the Department of Modern Languages

Dr. Gonzalez, who spoke seven languages, became head of the Department of Modern Languages. Originally from Spain, Gonzalez had previously been associate head of Hispanic languages and literature at the University of Pittsburgh.


Fall 1983 Low Latinx Enrollment

Enrollment was 22,632 total students that fall, but only 148 (0.7%) identified as Hispanic.

August 1987 First Latinx Faculty Member in Landscape Architecture

Fernando Magallanes becomes the first Latinx faculty member in Landscape Architecture

1989 Diversity Milestones

Enrollment of African American students passed 2000, Latinx students passed 200, and international students passed 1000.


1995 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

A chapter of this national organization was established at NC State.

4/22/1996 Article on the Latina Experience

Technician columnist Marcela Musgrove published a column describing her experience as a Latina at NC State University.

1997 Latinx Faculty at 1% of Total

The Higher Education Research Institute survey found that 1% of NCSU faculty identified as Latinx. The survey also asked faculty about their experiences of discrimination on campus. Recommendations drawn from the survey included more targeted faculty and student recruitment of underrepresented groups.


2002 Mi Familia

Mi Familia ("My Family") was formed to promote the Latinx community and to discuss important events and issues.

Technician, October 4, 2002Technician, October 4, 2002
11/5/2002 Andrea Hernandez First Latinx Leader of the Pack

Hernandez, a mathematics student from Colombia, was President and co-founder of Mi Familia, and she was also active with the University Scholars Program, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, and Golden Chain Honor Societies, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Chancellor's Liaison, and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. She graduated in 2005 Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Mathematics and Mathematics Education.

3/7/2003 450 Latinx Students

The Technician student newspaper reported 450 Hispanic students as part of an editorial about diversity on campus.

2003 Jose Picart Named Vice Provost for Diversity

Puerto Rico native Jose Picart was appointed vice provost for diversity and African-American affairs, as well as professor in Department of Counselor Education.

José Picart, Vice Provost for Diversity and African American Affairs, talking with other manJosé Picart, Vice Provost for Diversity and African American Affairs, talking with other man
2/9/2005 Somos Estrellas

Mi Familia and SHPE presented a Latin American cultural variety show called "Somos Estrellas" in Stewart Theatre.

Guitar duet on stage for "Somos... Estrellas" eventGuitar duet on stage for "Somos... Estrellas" event
2007 Juntos Program Established

North Carolina State University launched the Juntos Program in 2007, with a plan to provide high school Latinx students and their families with the knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure high school graduation and increase college access and attendance rates.

2009 Jose Picart, interim dean

Picart serves as interim dean until 2010.


Summer 2010 Saul Flores's "Walk of the Immigrants"

Student Saul Flores walked 5000 miles across ten countries from Ecuador to Charlotte, NC, to bring awareness of Latin American issues. During this trip, he took over 20,000 photographs, and sales of the images he donated for the rebuilding of a school in his mother’s hometown of of Atencingo, Mexico. The photographs were exhibited by the NCSU Libraries as the "Walk of the Immigrants." Flores graduated from NC State in 2012 with degrees in graphic design and business marketing.

2015 Enrollment of Latinx students at 1487

The 2015 NC State Hispanic/Latino Fact Sheet reported this figure, breaking it down to 1123 undergraduates and 364 graduate students.

2017-2018 Jackie Gonzalez (President), Mia Connell (Vice President)

Jackie Gonzalez was the first Latinx person to be voted Student Body President. She and Vice President Mia Connell formed the first woman-of-color team to be elected into the highest Student Government offices.

Jackie GonzalezJackie Gonzalez
2017 Mi Familia Scholarship

The Mi Familia Scholarship was created to help mitigate the cost of higher education for a Latinx higher school student.

8/2/2018 Sandra Cisneros Reading

Author and poet Sandra Cisneros gave a reading and talk at an event co-hosted by Multicultural Student Affairs, NCSU Libraries, and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee. Cisneros, a MacArthur Fellow and recipient of the National Medal of the Arts, read a variety of narratives in English and Spanish.