Men's Tennis

Men's Tennis
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1922 Tennis organized as a varsity sport
Tennis Club group portrait, 1920sTennis Club group portrait, 1920s


1956-1966 Jack Kenfield, men's tennis head coach
Agromeck 1964Agromeck 1964
1957 Men's tennis was first integrated athletic team

African American student Irwin Holmes joins the tennis team making it the first integrated athletic team at State College.

Irwin Holmes on tennis courtIrwin Holmes on tennis court


1960 First African American athletics team captain

Irwin Holmes became co-captain of the tennis team and first African American athletics team captain at NC State.

1967 Norm Chambers, men's tennis head coach
1968-1981 J. W. Isenhour, men's tennis head coach

J. W. Isenhour coached the men's tennis team to two ACC Championships and guided seven doubles teams and nine singles players to ACC titles.

John H. Isenhour portraitJohn H. Isenhour portrait


1977-1978 John Sadri won ACC championships

John Sadri was the ACC Champion in singles men's tennis in 1977 and 1978 as well as in doubles in 1976 and 1978. He was the 1978 NCAA Championship runner-up, losing to Stanford Freshman John McEnroe. He was inducted into the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame in 2001.

John Sadri after a tennis matchJohn Sadri after a tennis match
1977-1980 Matt McDonald won ACC titles

During his time at NC State, Matt McDonald won two ACC team championships, three double ACC titles, and two ACC individual titles.

1978-1981 Andy Andrews won ACC individual titles

Andy Andrews earned five ACC individual titles over the course of his career at NC State. He took the No. 5 singles conference championship and the No. 2 singles ACC title. He also won back-to-back ACC doubles titles, winning with Matt McDonald in 1980 and Mark Dillon in 1981.

Agromeck 1981Agromeck 1981
1978-1979 Men's tennis won ACC team championship


1982 Danny More, men's tennis head coach
1983 Henry Brandon, men's tennis head coach
1984-1995 Crawford Henry, men's tennis head coach
Tennis team group photo, 1988Tennis team group photo, 1988


1996-2002 Eric Hayes, men's tennis head coach
1997-1998 Roberto Bracone won ACC individual championship

Roberto Bracone won back-to-back ACC individual titles in men's tennis. Bracone was named the ACC Player of the Year in 1998 and was the only player in program history to win the award.

Agromeck 1999Agromeck 1999


2003-2017 Jon Choboy, men's tennis head coach
2004 J.W. Isenhour tennis facility completed

The J.W. Isenhour Tennis Center was completed in 2004 in honor of previous men's and women's tennis head coach J.W. Isenhour, who coached from 1968-1981.

Tennis coach John W. IsenhourTennis coach John W. Isenhour
2007 Men's tennis advanced to Elite Eight

NC State advanced the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament, a first for Wolfpack men's tennis.


2018- Kyle Spencer, men's tennis head coach