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1975 Women's softball became varsity sport


1976 Softball team won state title
1976 NC State won softball title

The softball team won the state title at the conclusion of their first season. During this time, games were played at Pullen Park in a clearing known as Red Diamond.

N. C. State Women's Softball player Connie LangleyN. C. State Women's Softball player Connie Langley


2004-2007 Softball home games played off-campus

Prior to the opening of its own on-campus stadium, the Wolfpack played its home games at the Walnut Creek Softball Complex.

Agromeck 2005, Volume 103, North Carolina State UniversityAgromeck 2005, Volume 103, North Carolina State University
2004 Softball team first competed in NCAA Division I college softball
2004-2012 Lisa Navas, softball team head coach
2006 Softball team won ACC Championship

The softball team named regular season champions and ACC Tournament Champions.

2008 Curtis & Jacqueline Dail Softball Stadium opened

The softball season opened for the first time at the newly constructed Curtis & Jacqueline Dail Softball Stadium.

Construction of new Softball complexConstruction of new Softball complex


Softball team named ACC Champions

The softball team was named ACC Champions and made an NCAA tournament appearance in the Regional Finals.

2013-2018 Shawn Rychcik, softball team head coach
2014 Softball team advanced to NCAA Regional Finals
2015 Softball team advanced to NCAA Super Regional
2019 Jennifer Patrick-Swift, softball team head coach