Student Life

Student Life


  • 1889 Pullen Literary Society founded

    This student organization frequently engaged in formal debates with the Leazar Literary Society. It remained active until the early 1930s.

  • 11/2/1889 Leazar Literary Society founded

    This student organization frequently engaged in formal debates with the Pullen Literary Society. It remained active until the early 1930s.


  • 1892 First international student enrolls

    Cuban Jose Fabio Santo Trigo becomes the first international student to enroll at A&M College.

  • 6/20/1893 First commencement

    Nineteen students receive degrees during the first commencement ceremony held at A&M College.

  • DefaultPresident Alexander Q. Holladay and the first graduating class, 1893
  • 1894 Military Program

    Military science and tactics is first taught at NC State. Students (they are all male at this time) are designated cadets and required to attend drill.

  • 1895 Sigma Nu becomes first fraternity

    A chapter of Sigma Nu was created, making it the first fraternity established at NC State.

  • 11/1895 Red and white chosen

    A majority of students chose red and white as colors for the sports teams. The colors changed a couple different times during the early years of the college. The faculty agreed to the adoption of red and white and stated that they could not be changed again without a vote of two-thirds of the student body. The colors have remained the same ever since.

  • 1898 First Asian Graduate

    Teisaku Sugishita of Japan graduates with a degree in Civil Engineering, becoming the first Asian student to receive a degree from NC State. Sugishita enrolled in 1894.

  • DefaultCollege of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts Class of 1898


  • 9/18/1900 Thalerian German Club Dance

    The Thalerian German Club had its first dance in old Pullen Hall. Early student organizations such as this also provided social activities for early students.

  • 10/31/1900 Halloween Party

    The bachelor instructors of the college hosted a Halloween Party in the Pullen Hall auditorium.

  • 10/1901 The Biological Club

    With the beginning of a fall term, a small number of students became interested in Biology, and desiring to further promote their interests developed the Biological Club.

  • 1902 Easter Monday tradition

    The first Easter Monday baseball game was played, a tradition that would last until 1947. That first game was against Wake Forest.

  • 2/14/1902 Valentine Party, 1902

    Prof. and Mrs. Massey gave a Valentines Party to the agricultural students.

  • 1903 First Agromeck issued
  • 1/9/1903 St. Mary's College Fire

    The infirmary at St. Mary's College caught fire, and A & M students rushed over to help put it out.

  • 4/13/1903 Dramatic Club performance

    The A&M College Dramatic Club presents the play "She Stoops to Conquer."

  • DefaultCast of She Stoops to Conquer
  • 8/1903 Glee Club formed


  • 5/26/1913 Franklin D. Roosevelt gives commencement address

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then assistant Secretary of the Navy, spoke at commencement exercises. He implored young men to "stay East" because the western expansion of the nation meant abandoned farms in the east.

  • 1916 Debut of Freshman Caps

    Freshman are required to wear a red cap with a white "F" while on campus to distinguish their status as underclassmen.

  • 1918 New Monogram

    The monogram showing the letter "S" in block style with the letters "N" and "C" nestled within the spaces first appears in the Agromeck.

  • DefaultMonogram Club, 1933-1934
  • 1918 First All-American athlete

    Football player John Ripple becomes the first All-American athlete at State College.

  • DefaultN. C. State football player John Ripple [!!DUPLICATE!!]


  • 1/24/1920 Watauga Hall fire

    Fire destroys the third floor of Watauga Residence Hall

  • DefaultWatauga Hall, North Carolina State College
  • 2/1/1920 First Technician issue

    The first issue of the Technician, the student newspaper, is published

  • 3/1920 Technicians in the mail

    The Technician is mailed by the Registrar's office to 100 high schools across North Carolina to inform students about the activities at NC State

  • 5/14/1920 Athletic letter sweaters

    The Athletics Council makes a decision to award sweaters to athletes who receive monograms ("letters") for their athletic accomplishments; the first letter sweaters appear on campus shortly thereafter.

  • 1921 Enrollment reaches 1,000

    Enrollment at State College reaches 1,000 for an academic year for the first time.

  • 1921-1922 Averette Gaston Floyd

    First Student Body President

  • DefaultAverette Floyd, 1922
  • 10/15/1921 Student Government established
  • 11/10/1921 Memorial Bell Tower cornerstone laid

    The cornerstone is laid for the Memorial Bell Tower, a monument to honor State College alumni who had been killed during World War I.

  • DefaultMemorial Bell Tower, closeup of cornerstone
  • 1922-1923 David Brainerd Vansant

    Student Body President

  • DefaultDavid Vansant, 1923
  • 1922 Freshman Caps required

    The Student Council requires all first-year students to wear the caps on campus, citing a need to boost school spirit and reduce hazing. The Court of Customs, a branch of Student Council, can punish students who don’'t comply. Freshmen start a tradition by burning their caps just before their spring final exams.

  • 9/15/1922 Technician becomes a weekly publication
  • 1923-1924 Percy Clevland Beatty

    Student Body President

  • DefaultPercy Beatty, 1924
  • 10/5/1923 Gymnacrobatic Club founded

    The Gymnacrobatic Club is founded, hoping to put on "startling exhibitions" such as walking on telephone lines.

  • 1924-1925 Clyde Roark Hoey, Jr.

    Student Body President

  • DefaultClyde Hoey, Jr., 1925
  • 1/25/1924 Beauty contest

    The Technician begins a beauty contest to find the prettiest girl in Raleigh and the handsomest boy at State College.

  • 9/19/1924 Music Department established
  • 10/24/1924 First telephone installed

    Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company installs the first telephone exchange at State College.

  • 11/13/1924 Apple Judging Team

    The State College Apple Judging Team wins third place at the Intercollegiate Apple Judging Contest in Atlantic City, NJ.

  • 1925-1926 Henry Eli Kendall

    Student Body President

  • DefaultHenry Kendall, 1926
  • 1925 Alma Mater Composed

    Class of 1923 alumni Alvin M. Fountain and Bonnie Frank Norris composed the Alma Mater song.

  • 1925 Textile Exposition and Style Show

    The School of Textiles hosted the inaugural Textile Exposition and Style Show. Students organized style shows to display their fabric designs. Students from local women's colleges participated in the event by creating fashions from fabrics made by NC State students and by modeling for the shows. These popular style shows were held in Pullen Hall. After the show, the audience and contestants visited Tompkins Hall to attend the NC State College Textile ... More

  • DefaultTextile Exposition and Style Show held at the Textile School, North Carolina State College, Raleigh, April 10-11, 1929.
  • 6/5/1925 Tuition increase

    Tuition increases to $60 for in-state students and $80 for out-of-state students.

  • 10/1/1925 New cafeteria opens

    The new cafeteria opens (in the old Pullen Hall), allowing students to receive a month of meals for $25.

  • DefaultPullen Hall, dining hall
  • 10/15/1925 D. H. Hill Jr. Library in Brooks Hall

    The original D.H. Hill Jr. Library (in what later became Brooks Hall) was designed by Hobart Brown Upjohn and named for Daniel Harvey Hill, Jr., the first faculty member to oversee the library.

  • DefaultBrooks Hall, North Carolina State College, 1926
  • 11/21/1925 Agriculture Club social event

    The Agriculture Club of State College hosts a "Barn-warming" for visiting farmers at Thompson Gym.

  • DefaultAgricultural club's Barn Warming
  • 1926-1927 John F. Matheson

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJohn Matheson, 1927
  • 1/10/1926 Poultry Judging Team competition

    The State College Poultry Judging Team competes for the tenth consecutive year at the National Inter-Collegiate Poultry Judging Contest at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  • 5/8/1926 Class field trip

    A professor and six students from the Economic Geology class took a field trip to Carolina Coal Mine, and became trapped in the mine for four hours.

  • 1927-1928 Cornelius Stickley Tucker

    Student Body President

  • DefaultCornelius Tucker, 1928
  • 2/5/1927 Academic regulations for athletes

    The Athletics Committee decides students must maintain a passing grade in 60% of their classes to play in collegiate athletic events.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State College football team posing behind Thompson Gymnasium.
  • 2/26/1927 First female Phi Kappa Phi member

    Jane S. McKimmon becomes the first female inducted into NC State's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi.

  • DefaultDr. Jane S. McKimmon
  • 3/12/1927 Fire destroys part of the Sigma Phi Epsilon house
  • 3/27/1927 First pay phone installed

    Southern Bell Telephone Company removes the free telephone from the campus YMCA and replaces it with a pay phone, due to abuse of the free phone by students using the phone for "social visits."

  • 5/20/1927 Agronomy lab work

    Students in the Agronomy 135 course (Farm Terracing) spend the day outside doing lab work, including surveying the land in preparation for planning tile drains.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State College agricultural students locating terrace on campus, Raleigh, May 20, 1927
  • 6/7/1927 First degrees conferred to women

    The first degrees are conferred to women at NC State. Recipients are Jane McKimmon, B.S. in business administration; Charlotte Nelson, B.S. in education; and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, M.S. in chemistry. Yarbrough was the first female graduate to have completed all coursework while at NC State, and she went on to become the first woman to earn a master's degree at NC State.

  • DefaultCharlotte Ruth Nelson portrait
  • 10/28/1927 Marching band wears red and white

    The marching band begins wearing red and white uniforms when performing at athletic events.

  • Default"State's best"
  • 11/19/1927 Emergency airplane landing

    An aviator was forced to make an emergency landing in the field just west of Thompson Gymnasium, after being unable to locate the airport. State college offered him the use of the woodshop to make repairs to his airplane.

  • 1/1928 Mailboxes are installed in each dormitory building
  • 1928-1929 William Purvis Albright

    Student Body President

  • DefaultWilliam Albright, 1929
  • 9/29/1928 Increased female enrollment

    Twenty-one female students enroll at State College for the 1928-29 academic year, twice as many as the previous year.

  • 1929 Senior blazers

    During the 1929-1930 academic year, "senior blazers" are worn for the first time, requiring a $2 deposit prior to purchase

  • 1929-1930 J. P. Choplin

    Student Body President

  • 10/1929 Freshman Cap controversy

    The Court of Customs sentenced a freshman football player to wear a dress for every day he didn't wear his freshman cap. The incident sets off a wave of protests from the freshman class and a campus-wide debate over continuance of the freshman cap custom.

  • 12/11/1929 Freshman Cap vote

    Nearly 1,000 students, or —about half the student body—, voted on the retaining the freshman cap custom. By 15 votes they elected to keep the caps. Freshmen accepted the decision and continued to wear the caps throughout the spring 1930 semester.


  • 1930 First female to enroll as a freshman

    Ada Curtis Spencer becomes the first female to enroll as a freshman and complete a four-year degree from NC State. She majored in social science.

  • 1930 Phi Epsilon established

    Phi Epsilon becomes the first local sorority established at State College.

  • 1930-1931 Daniel Murray Paul

    Student Body President

  • DefaultDaniel Murray Paul portrait
  • 1930 First telephones in dormitories

    The first telephones are installed in the dormitories. Previously, telephones were only available for student use in the YMCA building.

  • 2/7/1930 Quiet Hour in dormitories

    Quiet Hour goes into effect in all dormitories, beginning at 8pm.

  • Fall 1930 Freshman Cap abolished

    Students returned to campus to learn that the freshman cap custom was abolished by the Board of Trustees at their June 1930 meeting. Though they no longer wore the caps, freshmen were required still to carry matches to light upperclassmen's cigarettes.

  • 1931-1932 Charles Romeo Lefort

    Student Body President

  • DefaultCharles R. Lefort portrait
  • 1931 Consolidation Act

    The Consolidation Act is passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, with the following provisions: 1. State College becomes one of three campuses of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. The other campuses are UNC-Chapel Hill and the Women's College in Greensboro (which later became UNC-Greensboro). 2. State College's name is changed to the North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering of the University of North Carolina 3. The ... More

  • 5/21/1931 The Order of Thirty and Three

    The Order of Thirty and Three is founded by members of the sophomore class; there are eleven charter members.

  • 1932-1933 Mark K. Wilson, Jr.

    Student Body President

  • DefaultMark Wilson, Jr., 1933
  • 10/25/1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits

    Presidential candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt makes a campaign stop in Raleigh; State College suspends classes for the day so that students may attend the speech, with the band performing at the event.

  • 1933 Early student jobs

    A system of allowing students to work as janitors in the dorms to cover some of their expenses is tried.

  • 1933-1934 William J. Barker

    Student Body President

  • DefaultWilliam Barker, 1934
  • 10/14/1933 Riddick Field Concrete Stands

    State College ties the University of Florida, 0-0, in the first football game held at Riddick Field with its new concrete stands. The field was named for college president Wallace Carl Riddick.

  • DefaultRiddick Stadium, aerial view
  • 12/8/1933 Civil Works Administration projects

    An announcement is made inviting students to be employed on Civil Works Administration projects to improve the campus.

  • 1934-1935 Marshall Jennings Gardner

    Student Body President

  • DefaultMarshall Gardner, 1935
  • 2/21/1934 Academic dress required during commencement

    The senior class passes a resolution requesting that faculty who participate in commencement exercises wear caps and gowns.

  • DefaultCommencement ceremony
  • 10/26/1934 Honor system abolished

    A faculty vote officially abolishes the honor system at State College; teachers will now have to remain in the classroom during all quizzes and exams.

  • DefaultStudents taking a Chemistry exam
  • 11/27/1934 Power outage

    After a power outage causes lights in the 1911 Dormitory to go off, students build a fire in front of the building to provide light inside. The Raleigh Fire Department sends two trucks to extinguish the blaze, with organized student cheering sections encouraging the firemen while they work.

  • Default1911 dormitory
  • 12/3/1934 Exemption proposal denied

    The faculty deny a proposal to exempt senior class from all examinations.

  • 1935-1936 William Brantley Aycock

    Student Body President

  • DefaultWilliam Aycock, 1936
  • 1936-1937 Lloyd N. Brown

    Student Body President

  • DefaultLloyd Brown, 1937
  • 1/30/1936 Snowball fight

    A combined army of the Fifth and Sixth Dorms battle South Dormitory to a draw in a snowball fight. The Fifth-Sixth army was particularly efficient at throwing snowballs through open windows in South Dormitory.

  • 1937-1938 James Clinton Frink

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJames Frink, 1938
  • 6/1937 Textiles graduating class

    Depicted here is part of the 1937 graduating class at the Textile School of NC State College. Dean Thomas Nelson is in the front row, seventh from the left. The 1937 class was the largest the Textile School had up to that time.

  • DefaultGraduating class at the Textile School of North Carolina State College in front of Tompkins Hall
  • 1938-1939 William McCook Bailey

    Student Body President

  • DefaultWilliam Bailey, 1939
  • 1/28/1938 Seniors donate $1,000 toward a clock for the Memorial Bell Tower
  • DefaultMemorial Bell Tower, close-up of clock
  • 4/29/1938 Traffic congestion on campus

    In response to traffic congestion on campus, Chancellor Harrelson appoints a committee of faculty members to study the traffic conditions at NC State.

  • 5/16/1938 Jimmy Dorsey visits

    Jimmy Dorsey's orchestra performs at a dance sponsored by the Interfraternity Council.

  • 9/30/1938 Chemistry research

    Female chemist J.C. Richmond of State College is awarded a grant to study the Vitamin C content in goat's milk and the presence of nicotinic acid in cow's milk.

  • 10/20/1938 Free Homecoming tickets

    The Raleigh Junior Chamber of Commerce distributes free tickets to State's Homecoming football game against Furman by releasing balloons with instructions for the finders on how to claim their free tickets.

  • 11/11/1938 Chinese delegates visit

    Chinese delegates address State College students and Raleigh citizens in an event sponsored by the YMCA and YWCA.

  • 1939-1940 Ernest Earl Durham

    Student Body President

  • DefaultErnest E. Durham portrait
  • 1/13/1939 Protest over tuition increases

    Student body gathers in Thompson Gymnasium to protest to proposed tuition fee increases (from $85 to $125 for North Carolina residents, and from $180 to $225 for out-of-state students).

  • 2/17/1939 Attendance policy set

    The Student Welfare Committee approves a plan that allows juniors and seniors with a B cumulative grade point average to have ten unexcused absences per term and twenty per year, but no more than sixty during their four-year academic careers.

  • 5/13/1939 Annual Pushball contest

    Freshman and sophomores battle in the annual Pushball contest, consisting of pushing a ball 6 feet in diameter and weighing 75 pounds into the opponent's goal.

  • DefaultPushball Game
  • 9/12/1939 "College Days" film premier

    "College Days," a film starring Art Rooney and Carolyn Tucker, premiers, portraying typical events in an NC State student's life.

  • 9/29/1939 Commemorative Technician issue

    The Technician produces a special 58-page edition to commemorate NC State's 50th anniversary.

  • 11/17/1939 First annual High School Day

    The first annual High School Day brings approximately 6,000 seniors to visit NC State's campus; many stay to attend the State-Duquesne football game, as well.


  • 1940-1941 Paul Lehman

    Student Body President

  • DefaultPaul H. Lehman Jr. portrait
  • 1/5/1940 College doctor retires

    Dr. Campbell completes 20 years of service to NC State as the college doctor.

  • DefaultDr. A. C. Campbell portrait
  • 2/9/1940 New fight song

    Fred Waring, prominent national band leader, agrees to write a new fight song for NC State, and to air it during his March 8, 1940 radio program.

  • 9/13/1940 First work study program

    State College's first work study program begins for Engineering students, with approximately twenty students employed.

  • 1941 Declining women's enrollment

    In 1941, only twenty women were enrolled at State College alongside 2,406 men.

  • 1941-1942 William D. Robbins

    Student Body President

  • DefaultWilliam Robbins, 1942
  • 3/7/1941 Bell Tower bell rung

    Students learn that State College acquired the bell and bronze tablet in the Memorial Bell Tower from the U.S. cruiser Charlotte (a ship that fought for the U.S. Navy in WWI and was retired after 17 years of service on Nov. 11, 1935). The bell was rung once - when a group of students celebrating a basketball defeat over UNC broke into the tower and rang the bell.

  • DefaultMemorial Bell Tower, snow
  • 5/9/1941 Technician presents a special Spring Fashion issue
  • 1942-1943 Robert Davis Boyce

    Student Body President

  • DefaultRobert Boyce, 1943
  • 1/30/1942 Early graduation approved

    The faculty approves a plan to allow seniors who are taking jobs in essential industries or joining the military to graduate early.

  • 2/6/1942 Katharine Stinson hired

    Katharine Stinson, a 1941 graduate of State College, is hired by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (forerunner of the Federal Aviation Administration) as a junior engineer, making her the first woman to hold this position.

  • DefaultKatharine Stinson with three students
  • 4/17/1942 Special summer courses

    The faculty approve a plan to hold fall engineering classes in the summer as part of a nationwide war effort to accelerate graduation at technical schools for the benefit of the war effort.

  • 4/24/1942 Blood drive

    Students hold a blood drive to support the war effort.

  • 4/24/1942 Famous hypnotist Dr. Polgar visits
  • 4/24/1942 Higher women enrollment sought

    Increased enrollment by women needed in engineering courses; urgent appeals are made as the male students leave to fight in the war.

  • DefaultWomen in defense training studying engineering drawing
  • 10/7/1942 Scrap metal drive

    Students gather over 150,000 pounds of scrap metal in 3 hours for the war effort; a banner over the collection pile reads "To Hitler & Co. from NC State College."

  • DefaultScrap drive round-up
  • 1943-1944 Hugh Crocker Murrill

    Student Body President

  • DefaultHugh Murrill, 1944
  • 2/12/1943 Defense classes

    Plans are announced for up to 2,000 military trainees to enroll at State College to take specialized defense classes through the United States War Department; the college will operate as two separate units: one for the military and one civilians.

  • DefaultROTC cadets at inspection
  • 4/9/1943 Enrollment decline

    Enrollment hits the lowest mark in 20 years, due to the number of students leaving to join the military.

  • DefaultOfficers standing at attention at military ceremony
  • 10/1/1943 Engineering fellowships for women

    Eighteen young women win a fellowship of $1,425 from Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, which will employ them as engineering aides after they complete a 48-week course offered by State College.

  • DefaultPratt and Whitney fellowship winners
  • 12/29/1943 Student-run book store opens on campus
  • 1944-1945 Albert Neal Perry

    Student Body President

  • DefaultAlbert Perry, 1945
  • 2/18/1944 Infirmary moves to Clark Hall

    The college infirmary moves from Carroll Infirmary to Clark Hall, becoming the largest and most modern such facility among all Southeastern non-medical colleges.

  • DefaultInfirmary, Clark Hospital
  • 2/25/1944 Alumni in the Armed Services

    Over 5,000 NC State alumni reported to be serving in the Armed Services, six of whom have obtained the rank of General.

  • DefaultMilitary cadets marching in formation
  • 1945-1946 Lucien William Gatlin

    Student Body President

  • DefaultLucien Gatlin, 1946
  • 1945 WNCS broadcast schedule

    WNCS, the campus radio station, begins broadcasting three nights a week.

  • 1945 Women's enrollment increases

    Fifty-eight women are enrolled at NC State, many taking advantage of special scholarships to provide engineering training to women so they can work in industry during World War II.

  • 2/25/1945 Comic Strip Banquet

    A Comic Strip Banquet, addressing the creation and impact of comic strips, is held in the private dining room of the cafeteria.

  • 6/10/1945 Late release of Agromeck

    The 1945 Agromeck is printed and released late, due to wartime restrictions.

  • 1946-1947 Fred Homewood Wagoner

    Student Body President

  • DefaultFred Wagoner, 1947
  • 5/1946 Old Faithful whistle replaced

    The whistle had indicated class changes and mealtimes, and it was also used to warn students of campus fires.

  • 8/1946 Trailwood founded

    More than 75 trailers (forming what was known as the "City of Trailers" or "Trailwood") were constructed so that married WWII veterans and their families could attend NC State on the GI Bill. In 1949, Trailwood was relocated, and Williams Hall was built in its place.

  • DefaultAn over-all view of North Carolina State College's new "City of Trailers"
  • 9/28/1946 Marching band returns

    A football game against Duke marks the first appearance of the marching band following the conclusion of World War II.

  • 9/28/1946 Football victory over Duke

    NC State beats Duke in football for the first time since 1932, with a final score of 13-6; the wife of right end and co-captain Al Phillips gives birth to a baby boy only hours after the contest.

  • DefaultAerial view of Riddick Stadium during North Carolina State College football game against Duke, September 28, 1946
  • 10/4/1946 WNCS broadcast schedule increases

    Campus radio station WNCS begins broadcasting campus-wide Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM.

  • 10/18/1946 Trip to Wake Forest football game

    State College secures a "victory train" to take 6,000 students to go to the football game against Wake Forest (in Winston-Salem); train tickets are $0.65 and tickets to the game are $1.00.

  • 11/1/1946 Early female band member

    Lois Madden (on drums) becomes one of the first women to ever join the NC State marching band.

  • DefaultDrum majors and marching band leaving the field
  • 1947-1948 Jennings Brooks Teal

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJennings Teal, 1948
  • 1947 Enrollment surpasses 5,000 for the first time

    The influx of World War II veterans, who attended NC State on the GI Bill, caused student enrollment to more than double from pre-war levels.

  • 2/25/1947 Forced basketball forfeiture

    NC State is forced by the Raleigh fire chief to forfeit a basketball game against UNC because Thompson Gymnasium is too crowded and students refuse to leave the building.

  • DefaultThompson Gymnasium, with Reynolds Coliseum under construction in the background
  • 8/7/1947 Vetville

    Vetville opened as another location to house married veterans attending NC State after World War II. Later, Korean War veterans lived there. At the end of the 1950s Bragaw dormitory was built on the site.

  • DefaultVetville Housing, birds-eye view
  • 10/13/1947 New intramurals announced

    Four new intramural sports to begin NC State: football, volleyball, boxing, and tennis.

  • DefaultBoxing match, 1937
  • 10/17/1947 Beauty Section added to Agromeck

    The Agromeck announces it is adding a Beauty Section to "offer the average Joe College a chance to show his beauty-getting ability." Men are asked to send in snapshots of their girlfriends to be judged, and the top 10 will appear in the yearbook.

  • 11/14/1947 Pep rally plans

    A pyrotechnic display consisting of sparklers spelling out "Beat Wake Forest" is planned for the day's pep rally.

  • 1948-1949 Fred Algie Kendall, Jr.

    Student Body President

  • 1/17/1948 Thompson Gymnasium condemned

    The Raleigh city building inspector condemns Thompson Gymnasium just hours before a Men’s Basketball game against Duke. Only a few reporters and college officials are allowed to attend the next home game, against High Point College. From then until the completion of Reynolds Coliseum in 1949, home games are played in Raleigh’s Memorial Auditorium.

  • DefaultMen outside closed Thompson Gymnasium for a game cancelled due to overcrowding concerns
  • 10/19/1948 President Truman visit

    President Truman reviewed techniques of State College ROTC cadets during a parade. Crowds gathered on Hillsborough Street to see the president pass by.

  • DefaultStudents wait for President Truman to pass on Hillsborough Street
  • 1949-1950 Hoyle Brannock Adams

    Student Body President

  • DefaultHoyle Adams, 1950
  • 1949 Record graduating class

    More than 1,000 students graduate from State College for the first time.

  • 2/23/1949 Outing Club established
  • 4/15/1949 First annual Greek Week

    A banquet ends the First Annual Greek Week, sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Council.

  • 5/13/1949 Coke bottle problem

    The Coca-Cola Company threatens to remove their machines from campus if students don't start returning empty bottles to the racks instead of discarding them around campus.

  • DefaultCouple getting Coca-Colas from refrigerator


  • 1950-1951 Jack Graham McCracken

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJack McCracken, 1952
  • 10/21/1950 First televised football game

    A State College football game is televised for the first time; the team takes on the University of Maryland in the contest.

  • 1951-1952 George Baxton Pruden

    Student Body President

  • DefaultGeorge Pruden, 1952
  • 1951 Graduate Admission for African Americans

    The Consolidated University of North Carolina decides that African American students are eligible for admission into graduate programs.

  • 2/23/1951 Debate Team championship

    State College Debate Team members all win votes for national individual ranking during a competition at Columbia University.

  • 1951 College Union Founded

    In Spring 1951, the College Union as an organization was assembled to begin planning for the following academic year. This group was comprised of the Board of Directors (later called Student Centers Board of Directors) and a Board of Chairman (later called the Union Activities Board).

  • 1952-1953 Vincent C. Outland

    Student Body President

  • DefaultVincent Outland, 1953
  • 1952 Honors for swimmer Bob Mattson

    Swimmer Bob Mattson wins the first of four consecutive All-American honors; in 1955 he also becomes State's first NCAA champion, winning the 200-yard breaststroke.

  • DefaultBob Mattson
  • 1952 First woman editor of Agromeck

    Betty Ann Cline became the first woman editor of the Agromeck.

  • 12/5/1952 Cross Country championship

    State College celebrates a second consecutive Cross Country Southern Conference championship (the first in 1951), as well as a Dual Meet championship. Runner Buz Sawyer takes first place in the meet, after finishing ninth overall in the nation during a meet the previous week.

  • 1953 First African American Graduate Students Admitted

    State College admits two African American graduate students into the School of Engineering: Robert Clemons and Hardy Liston. Clemons became the college's first black graduate; Liston later withdrew and didn't complete his degree.

  • 1953-1954 Billy Barnes Oliver

    Student Body President

  • DefaultBilly Oliver, 1954
  • 2/27/1953 Semester system implemented

    The Board of Trustees agrees to transition the academic calendar from a quarter system to a semester system, by a vote of 46-28. NC State will switch over in the fall semester of 1953.

  • 4/1/1953 World Series of Basketball

    A game in the 4th annual World Series of Basketball, featuring the 1953 All-Americans versus the Harlem Globetrotters, is played in Reynolds Coliseum.

  • 5/29/1953 Student success in the School of Design

    A popular myth that there is a "high academic mortality rate" for School of Design students is debunked. Of the 629 students enrolled in the School of Design, only 12 received flunking grades, a 2% mortality rate - much less than the rumored rate of 10%.

  • 1954-1955 Lloyd McForrest Cheek

    Student Body President

  • DefaultLloyd Cheek, 1955
  • 9/17/1954 College Union Building Dedicated

    The North Carolina State College Union building was officially opened and dedicated. The building later became the Erdahl-Cloyd Wing of the D.H. Hill Jr. Library in the 1970s. It was built by T.A. Loving and Co.

  • DefaultErdahl-Cloyd Wing, D. H. Hill Jr. Library, at night
  • 9/17/1954 Hobby Shop

    When the College Union opened, it had a Hobby Shop on the second floor that offered workshops and demonstrations on ceramics, woodworking, metalworking, poster-making, and other crafts. The Hobby Shop later became the Craft Shop.

  • DefaultHobby Committee meeting in the College Union's Hobby Shop
  • 10/15/1954 Hurricane damage

    Hurricane Hazel destroys the cupola on Becton Hall and the roof of the press box at Riddick Stadium.

  • 1955-1956 James Martin Nolan

    First non-senior Student Body President

  • DefaultJames Nolan, 1956
  • 1955 Frazier v. the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina

    In Frazier v. the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina, the court determines that undergraduate colleges and universities should be open to African Americans.

  • 1956-1957 James Martin Nolan

    Student Body President

  • 5/24/1956 Agronomy Club Banquet

    Dr. Arthur Kelman, professor of Plant Pathology, receives an award for being voted the most outstanding professor in the School of Agriculture at the first annual Agronomy Club Banquet.

  • 8/1956 Electronic analog computer

    Students working on spinner rocket project with a Goodyear Electronic Differential analyzer, a type of electronic analog computer, August 1956.

  • DefaultStudents on spinner rocket project
  • 9/7/1956 First marriage in Danforth Chapel

    Jim Stewart, former president of the YMCA, becomes the first person to get married in State College's Danforth Chapel.

  • DefaultDanforth Chapel
  • September 1956 First African American Undergraduates

    The first four African American undergraduates enrolled at North Carolina State College: Ed Carson, Manuel Crockett, Irwin Holmes, and Walter Holmes.

  • DefaultIrwin Holmes playing tennis [!!DUPLICATE!!]
  • 1957 Technician publication schedule increases

    The Technician begins printing multiple issues each week for the first time.

  • 1957-1958 James Baxter Hunt, Jr.

    Student Body President

  • DefaultGovernor James B. Hunt portrait
  • 1957 First African American Graduate

    Robert Clemons received a professional degree in Electrical Engineering (PREE), becoming the first African American to graduate from NC State.

  • 2/13/1957 Louis Armstrong visits

    Jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

  • 1957 First Integrated Athletic Team

    African American student Irwin Holmes joins the tennis team, making it the first integrated athletic team at State College.

  • DefaultIrwin Holmes on tennis court
  • 9/23/1957 Jim Hunt becomes Student Body President

    The 1957 president-elect for Student Government failed to meet academic requirements to return to campus and take office, thus vice-president elect, Jim Hunt, became Student Body President for the year. Hunt would serve as president again the following year. He later became governor of North Carolina.

  • 10/7/1957 Matthews Medal established

    A newly-established scholarship and student award will honor the first student enrolled at State, W.J. Matthews, and be henceforth known as the Matthews Medal.

  • DefaultPortrait of Walter Jerome Mathews, class of 1893, the first student at NC State in 1889
  • 1958-1959 James Baxter Hunt, Jr.

    Student Body President

  • 1958 WVWP becomes WKNC

    The campus radio station changes its call letters from WVWP to WKNC.

  • 2/20/1958 Bragaw Hall construction

    Construction of Bragaw Hall begins to draw attention. The "new modernistic dormitory" is a "familiar landmark on the campus." It was named for Henry C. Bragaw, an alumnus who was killed in World War II and awarded the Silver and Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.

  • DefaultBragaw Hall, construction
  • 3/20/1958 Campus traffic congestion

    According to data collected by the College Traffic Committee, there are approximately 5600 cars on campus and only 4070 parking spaces. The committee conducted a study of the parking problem and suggested that new parking areas be constructed and special zones be created for personnel.

  • 4/1/1958 Technician pranks

    The April Fool's Day edition of the Technician proclaims that the College Union building has been destroyed by fire. The front page also includes headlines about dropping the ROTC program and introducing Home Economics courses into the curriculum.

  • 4/22/1958 Jim Hunt's re-election

    In an unprecedented landslide, Jim Hunt is elected to a second term as Student Body President. Hunt would go on to be a four-term governor of North Carolina.

  • 1958 Craft Shop

    The Hobby Shop in the College Union became known as the Craft Shop. Because of space constraints, it offered some programs at other facilities on campus.

  • DefaultHobby Shop in Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union
  • 1959-1960 Haden Edward Knox

    Student Body President

  • DefaultHaden Knox, 1960
  • 2/26/1959 Bragaw Hall dedication

    Bragaw Hall is dedicated to the late Henry Churchill Bragaw, a well-known NC State alumnus who died during WWII. Bragaw was awarded two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star for his heroic actions during the war.

  • DefaultChurchill Bragaw painted portrait
  • 3/5/1959 Hillsborough Street fire

    Fire damages a half-block of buildings across from the NC State campus along Hillsborough and Horne Streets.

  • 10/1959 First sorority

    Gamma Phi chapter of the Sigma Kappa sorority was established. This was the first active chapter of a national sorority at NC State. They held their first pledge dance at the Carolina Hotel on 14 March 1960.

  • DefaultN.C. State sorority pledges, Sigma Kappa (Gamma Phi Chapter)


  • 1960-1961 James Robert Cooke

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJames Cooke, 1961
  • 1960 First African American Athletics Team Captain

    Irwin Holmes became co-captain of the tennis team, making him the first African American athletics team captain at NC State.

  • 4/1960 Students and Faculty Call for Raleigh Integration

    Student Government passes a resolution calling for racial integration of public facilities in Raleigh. This is followed by a similar resolution from the Faculty Senate. Student Government forms the Human Relations Committee to write letters to area merchants.

  • 10/21/1960 Kingston Trio performs

    The Kingston Trio performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

  • 1961-1962 Edward Norris Tolson

    Student Body President

  • DefaultEdward Norris Tolson, 1962
  • 11/4/1961 Harrelson Hall opens

    Named for former chancellor John William Harrelson, Harrelson Hall opened to the public for the first time as part of the School of Agriculture's Open House. At the time the building seated 3,429 people.

  • DefaultHarrelson Hall
  • 1962 Computing Center established
  • DefaultNCSU Computing Center
  • 1962-1963 Floyd Enlow McCall

    Student Body President

  • 4/7/1962 Mercury space capsule displayed

    A Mercury space capsule, on loan from NASA, is one of the exhibits displayed at the annual Engineers' Fair.

  • DefaultEngineers Fair
  • 4/16/1962 Popularity of Bragaw Hall

    171 students wait in line in front of the Student Housing Office to get rooms in Bragaw Hall for the following year.

  • DefaultTwo of North Carolina State University's most modern residence halls, Bragaw Dormitory (foreground) and Lee Dormitory.
  • 5/16/1962 Syme Dormitory pronunciation survey

    Students discover that the correct pronunciation of "Syme" Dormitory, is "sim," and that is named after George Frederick Syme, a civil engineer who served as the first president of the Raleigh Engineers Club. Over half of the students surveyed thought the pronunciation was "sime."

  • DefaultSyme Residence Hall, North Carolina State College
  • 12/10/1962 Unpopularity of potential name change

    Governor Sanford gets booed after an NC State-Wake Forest basketball game in Reynolds Coliseum by students protesting the possible name change of the University from North Carolina State College to the University of North Carolina at Raleigh.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina Governor Terry Sanford holding a jar on stage at Club Week held at North Carolina State College
  • 1963-1964 John Bynum

    Student Body President

  • 1963 Cora Kemp beomes the first female Technician editor
  • 2/14/1963 Challenge issued to UNC students

    Two NC State students challenge UNC students to a 55-mile walk-a-thon. If accepted, the students plan to leave at 2 pm on March 2nd, and hike throughout the night to the agreed location, where the winning team will be determined by the most walkers present throughout the race and completing it in under 20 hours. State students believe they will win.

  • 4/30/1963 Protest Over Racial Segregation

    A group of NC State students join with students from Shaw University to protest racial segregation policies in effect at the State Theater on Salisbury Street.

  • 9/1963 Craft Shop Opens in Thompson Theatre

    The Craft Shop outgrew its facilities in the College Union and moved all of its operation to the Frank Thompson Gym (which shortly thereafter became Frank Thompson Theatre).

  • 9/16/1963 Discontinuation of cigarette ads

    A Technician article cites the recent discontinuation of cigarette ads placed in university publications, a result of efforts to reduce exposure of young persons to cigarettes.

  • 9/18/1963 Protective eyewear required in Chemistry labs

    All Chemistry lab students must now wear protective eyewear, as voted on by the Chemistry Department, regardless of whether that student otherwise wears glasses.

  • 9/25/1963 Warning to students in Physics courses

    The new head of the Physics Department, Dr. Dudley Williams, is glad to have joined NC State. He warns his students that sleeping in class merits a piece of chalk thrown directly at them.

  • 10/10/1963 Stan Getz performs

    Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

  • 10/12/1963 Football game broadcast in Reynolds Coliseum

    For the first time ever, an NC State football game is shown in Reynolds Coliseum via closed-circuit television.

  • DefaultReynolds Coliseum
  • 10/16/1963 Campus Pride Week

    Campus Pride Week is created in an effort to urge students to walk on the sidewalks through campus and not on the grass. Some students, however, are caught ignoring these efforts put forth by the Student Government.

  • 1964 Fraternity Court opens

    Fraternity court opens with new buildings to house Greek organizations on campus.

  • 1964-1965 John Leslie Atkins, III

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJohn Leslie Atkins, 1964
  • 1964 First female representative on the Honor Code Board

    Mary Ann Weathers became first female student elected to the Honor Code Board.

  • 5/1/1964 Inaugural Windhover released

    The inaugural issue of The Windhover, NC State's annual literary and art magazine, is released.

  • 6/8/1964 Dorm '62 opens

    "Dorm '62" is dedicated and opened to residents for the first time. The building would be renamed Lee Dormitory the following year.

  • DefaultLee Dormitory, North Carolina State College, June 1964
  • 11/2/1964 Women in science and engineering

    Two female engineering students from NC State attend a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that discusses the opportunities and difficulties facing women in the fields of science and engineering.

  • DefaultNC State University, College of Engineering, academics and students, woman in engineering
  • 11/10/1964 Compulsory ROTC service abolished

    The Faculty Senate votes to abolish compulsory ROTC. Prior to this date, all male students were required to take military training.

  • DefaultNC State ROTC unit
  • 1965 First Summer Institute for International Students offered
  • 1965-1966 John A. "Jackie" Mitchell

    Student Body President

  • 2/22/1965 Pullen Hall destroyed by fire

    The original Pullen Hall is destroyed by a fire, which a former student later admitted to setting. Pullen Hall was built in 1902, and was the center of campus activities in the early twentieth century. It was located on the site of the present-day Peele Hall parking lot. A few years later, another building on campus was built and named Pullen Hall.

  • DefaultPullen Hall, fire
  • 11/10/1965 Rolling Stones perform

    The Rolling Stones perform at Reynolds Coliseum. The Stones are joined by Patti LaBelle for the show.

  • 11/13/1965 Final game at Riddick Stadium

    The final football game is played in Riddick Stadium. Members of the football team mob Harold Deters after he kicks the winning field goal against Florida State, resulting in a final score of 3-0.

  • DefaultHarold Deters is mobbed after kicking winning field goal verses Florida State in final game at Riddick Stadium.
  • 1966 First African American Woman Undergraduate Degree Recipient

    Norma Wright Garcia becomes the first African American woman to receive an undergraduate degree, earning a BA in history.

  • 1966 Enrollment reaches 10,000 for the first time
  • 1966-1967 Mike Cauble

    Student Body President

  • 4/30/1966 Everett Case, A Legendary Career

    Men's basketball coach Everett Case passed away on this date. His record at NC State was 378-133, and he led the team in numerous Southern Conference and ACC championships. At his funeral, his last recruiting class of players served as pallbearers. In 2012 he was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultCoach Everett Case and his players
  • 1967-1968 Wes McClure

    Student Body President

  • DefaultStudent government president Wes McClure
  • 7/1/1967 Outstanding Cadet

    NC State student Wayne Mayfield is chosen as the most outstanding cadet of the AFROTC Field Training Unit at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

  • DefaultVice commandant's award
  • 10/30/1967 Perfect season

    The 1967 Freshman Football team finishes the season with a perfect 5-0 record.

  • Default1967 undefeated North Carolina State freshman football team
  • 10/31/1967 Halloween activities

    70 NC State students take 70 children from the Governor Morehead School and Garner Road School (both schools for the blind) trick-or-treating, and then to the YMCA for hot chocolate afterward. For many of these children, this is their first-ever chance to participate in Halloween traditions.

  • 1967 Al Heartley

    Heartley was one of the first African Americans on the basketball team. In 1969 he became the first African-American to be awarded a basketball scholarship at NC State. He later became the first African-American captain of the team (1970-1971), and the first African-American to win the Alumni Athletics trophy (1971).

  • DefaultGuard Al Heartley, N.C. State University basketball
  • 12/4/1967 Free Expression Tunnel conduct established

    Rules are established by the Campus Welfare Committee concerning the painting of the Free Expression Tunnel. Any use of obscenity or vulgarity "will be considered a Campus Code offense" and untasteful remarks will be removed.

  • DefaultFree Expression Tunnel
  • 12/8/1967 Longer library hours

    D.H. Hill Jr. Library extends the closing hour from 11PM to 1AM.

  • DefaultStudy and Reference area, D. H. Hill Jr. Library
  • 1968 Changes in library operations

    After thefts of valuable volumes, a security system is installed in the D. H. Hill Jr. Library, and all doors are locked after service hours.

  • 1968-1969 Wes McClure

    Student Body President

  • 4/6/1968 Student Reaction to Martin Luther King, Jr. Assasination

    On the weekend of King's death approximately 200 white students and faculty (from UNC and Duke as well as NC State) gathered in the Brickyard intending to march on the State Capitol Building in an attempt to speak with Governor Dan Moore. The ultimate goal of the march was to present a petition to the governor that showed (as stated in the Technician student newspaper) "the Negro community that concern exists among whites by presenting written grievances ... More

  • 4/14/1968 Academic College Bowl appearance

    Students from NC State compete in the General Electric Academic College Bowl.

  • 1968 Ed Leftwich

    Leftwich was recruited to the basketball team. He was the first African American freshman to receive a basketball scholarship.

  • DefaultEd Leftwich, N. C. State
  • 11/9/1968 Folksinger Bob Godfrey performs
  • 12/21/1968 Apollo VIII participation

    The Apollo VIII spacecraft launches, becoming the first human spaceflight mission to escape Earth's gravitational field; many NC State alumni and faculty play a role in both the development and launch of the spacecraft.

  • 1969 First African American Student Senate President

    Eric Moore became the first African American Student Senate President.

  • DefaultChancellor John T. Caldwell posing with North Carolina State University student government officials, including Eric N. Moore, at Memorial Bell Tower
  • 1969 Making aeronautical history

    Twenty-six NC State alumni, all employees of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), play a key role in the voyage of the Apollo 11 space mission, which is successful in placing the first men on the moon.

  • 1969-1970 Jack Barger

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJack Barger, 1970
  • 1969 First African American Football Scholarship Recipient

    Clyde Chesney becomes the first African American to receive a football scholarship.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State University defensive linemen Clyde Chesney (88) and George Smith (66)
  • 2/28/1969 Student Rally

    A group of students hold a rally to support better wages and working conditions for non-academic Physical Plant workers on campus. The protest is organized by the Society of Afro-American Culture and an offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society calling themselves "The Group."

  • 10/14/1969 Vietnam Symposium

    NC State responds to a call for campus protests nationwide, as a "moratorium" against the Vietnam War. A faculty-student committee organizes a Vietnam Symposium, with Chancellor John Caldwell as keynote speaker and several faculty members talking on the impact of the war.

  • DefaultJohn T. Caldwell portrait
  • 11/7/1969 5th Dimension performance

    The 5th Dimension perform at Reynolds Coliseum.

  • 11/10/1969 Homecoming Queen candidates

    David Mark Brown becomes one of 22 semi-finalists competing for the position of Homecoming Queen. Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Brown ran to promote higher campus interest in Homecoming.

  • 11/12/1969 Referendum policy

    Student Government passes a bill stating that students may place referendums on Student Senate election ballots by collecting signatures of at least 5% of the student body in favor of the referendum.


  • 1970 First African American Miss NCSU

    Mary Evelyn Porterfield elected first African American Miss NCSU. In an interview with the Technician following her selection as homecoming queen, Porterfield stated, "If I had been the first black homecoming queen ever at a university of this size, I think it would have weighed much more heavily on my emotions, but to me, by this time, it seems as ordinary as would have been any selection. I think State is three years behind in the trend . . . I realize that ... More

  • DefaultHomecoming Queen Mary Evelyn Porterfield with escort Michael Brown and Alumni Affairs director Bryce Younts
  • 1970-1971 Cathy Sterling

    First female Student Body President

  • DefaultCathy Sterling, first woman student body president at North Carolina State University
  • 1970 First African American Recipients of Full Football Scholarships

    Willie Burden and Charley Young become the first African Americans to receive football scholarships as incoming freshmen.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State University fullback Stan Fritts, fullback Charley Young, running back Roland Hooks, and running back Willie Burden
  • 1970 First African American Cultural Center Formed

    Students form NC State's first African American Cultural Center, which was given space in the YMCA building.

  • 4/11/1970 Tommy Burleson comes to State

    7'3" high school All-American basketball player Tommy Burleson announced his decision to accept a scholarship offer to play for NC State. Burleson would go on to be a key member of NC State's 1974 National Championship team. He was also a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic basketball team. In 2013 he was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultSilver medal Olympian and NC State basketball player Tommy Burleson
  • 5/5/1970 First female Student Body President

    Cathy Sterling is elected Student Body President, becoming the first woman to hold a major campus student elective post. During her presidency, Sterling led the student body in a retreat to protest the invasion of Cambodia. Her report, "Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control," resulted in a greater student role in the spending of student fees. Sterling says of her decision to run for student body president, "A few weeks before the election, a few ... More

  • 5/7/1970 Vietnam and Kent State protest

    NC State students hold a convocation on the Brickyard in the aftermath of U.S. expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia, and the death of four Kent State University students in Ohio. The following day, nearly 6,000 students from NC State and other colleges protest by marching on the State Capitol.

  • DefaultCambodian convocation on the Brickyard
  • 8/1970 Lee Hall becomes NC State's first co-ed dorm
  • DefaultLee Residence Hall, front view
  • 1971-1972 Richard Gusler

    Student Body President

  • DefaultPortrait of Student body president Richard Gusler
  • 1971 Second African American Earns Ph.D.

    Augustus M. Witherspoon becomes the second African American to earn a Ph.D. (in Botany) from NC State, and the first African American to receive a doctoral degree and go on to join the faculty.

  • DefaultAugustus Witherspoon
  • 1971 First African American Fraternity

    Seven students found a local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, making it NC State's first African American fraternity.

  • DefaultAlpha Phi Alpha fraternity group portrait
  • 1971 Increased Resources

    The Division of Student Affairs hires an African American counselor, makes financial aid available to African American students, and encourages African American cultural programs.

  • DefaultAfrican American Students (1 of 6) :: People
  • 2/12/1971 Book drive

    A group of students donate over 3000 books to Raleigh Central Prison, completing a drive to collect books to provide prisoners with study materials for high school equivalency tests.

  • 2/22/1971 New dining options

    Harris Cafeteria offers new $.99 dinners and $.89 breakfasts, each of which includes 1 entree, 2 vegetables, 2 rolls, 2 pieces of oleo, and a beverage.

  • DefaultHarris Cafeteria
  • 2/24/1971 Possible cap on enrollment

    Consolidated University of North Carolina President William C. Friday announces that the NC State may need to put a ceiling on enrollment, unless more funding can be appropriated.

  • DefaultWilliam C. Friday
  • 3/17/1971 Accolades for the Technician

    The Technician receives its third consecutive "All-American" rating from the Associated Collegiate Press.

  • 3/22/1971 Pan-Afrikan Festival

    The first Pan-Afrikan Festival began and continued until April 2 that year. The festival featured lectures by C. T. Vivian and other speakers, as well as musical performances. This has been an annual event since then.

  • DefaultDancers at Pan-African festival
  • 3/26/1971 Late-winter snowstorm

    A snowstorm hits NC State, burying the campus in snow drifts.

  • 3/27/1971 Mile run record

    Jim Wilkins of NC State sets a new time record of 4:01 in the individual mile run in Gainesville, Florida.

  • DefaultJim Wilkins, N.C. State miler
  • 4/7/1971 Technician joke explained

    Technician editors finally explain what nematodes are, ending a 2-month series of nematode jokes which had run in the paper.

  • 4/14/1971 Cooking spaces approved for dorms

    The Inter-Residence Council approves the construction of cooking spaces in all dorms, hoping to alleviate problems with students cooking illegally in their dorm rooms.

  • DefaultInternational students cooking together
  • 5/15/1971 Graduating woman with highest grade point

    Every year at commencement NC State has honored the student graduating with the highest grade point average. Jane Carol Pickard was the first woman so honored, in 1971.

  • 9/3/1971 Student Government party

    Free beer is offered during the first annual Student Government Coffee House Party, with no reported incidents.

  • 1972 "In a Black Perspective" published

    NC State publishes "In a Black Perspective." This pamphlet tallies the university's black community at nine professors and 222 students (out of a total 13,809), and lists courses focusing on black history and culture: two in Political Science and one on race relations in Sociology.

  • 1972 UNC System created

    The UNC System is created, with NC State as one of the constituent campuses. A Board of Governors is established at the system level, but a new Board of Trustees is instituted at NC State to oversee matters specific to the university.

  • 1972-1973 Donald Abernathy

    Student Body President

  • DefaultDonald Abernathy
  • 1/21/1972 Student Affairs watchdog

    Dean of Student Affairs Banks Talley has been issued parking sticker A0007. When asked if he had any connection to James Bond, who is Agent 007, Talley replied that he is not a spy - though many students believe his office has spies everywhere.

  • DefaultBanks C. Talley portrait
  • 4/10/1972 Technician wins award

    The Technician is named the best newspaper in the Southeast during the 8th annual Southeastern College Newspaper Competition.

  • 4/14/1972 New mile run record

    NC State student Jim Wilkins sets another record in the individual mile run in a meet against Wake Forest, breaking his own previous record from the year before.

  • 4/15/1972 Forestry Team championship

    The NC State Forestry Team take home the championship at the annual Conclave, an event based around forestry skills such as logging, timer estimation, sawing, log rolling, etc.

  • 4/16/1972 Student protest

    NC State students join an anti-war protest on the steps of the State Capitol in response to the U.S. bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong in North Vietnam.

  • DefaultStudents protesting in Washington, DC
  • 4/17/1972 WKNC temporarily off the air

    The college radio station WKNC announces it will go off the air for the remainder of the school year, due to an air conditioner failure in the studio.

  • DefaultWKNC FM
  • 4/21/1972 Vietnam War protest

    Over 1000 students march down Hillsborough Street from campus to the State Capitol to protest the Vietnam War, staging a rally on the capitol steps.

  • DefaultStudent marching down street with peace signs
  • 6/1972 Talley Student Center opens

    The Talley Student Center opened in June 1972 (shown here before the installation of the fountain and courtyard). It replaced the Erdahl-Cloyd building (now the west wing of D.H. Hill Jr. Library) as the campus student center.

  • DefaultTalley Student Center front view
  • 7/1972-7/1972 Card catalog

    Interior of D. H. Hill Jr. Library, showing the documents card catalog. A few years after this photo was taken, in 1975, the NC State University Libraries commenced “computerized” cataloging of the book collection, which led to the development of the online catalog.

  • DefaultD. H. Hill Jr. Library interior, documents catalog, North Carolina State University, July 1972.
  • 8/23/1972 Fire in Bowen Hall

    A fire originating form a fan causes $2500 in damage to Suite 602 in Bowen Residence Hall, making the room unusable for the rest of the semester.

  • DefaultBowen Residence Hall
  • 8/30/1972 David Frye visits

    Comedian David Frye puts on a show at the Student Center Theatre.

  • 9/1/1972 Student housing shortage

    A massive student housing shortage leaves 260 students without housing as classes begin.

  • DefaultStudent moving in on campus
  • 9/16/1972 Record enrollment

    NC State enrollment for the fall term hits a new record of 13,800.

  • 10/17/1972 Fundraiser

    An auction is held on campus selling off men to the service of women for one day, and raising $175 for the Morehead School of the Blind.

  • 1973-1974 T. C. Carroll

    Student Body President

  • DefaultT. C. Carroll
  • 1973 First African American Woman Ph.D. Recipient

    Nannette Smith Henderson becomes the first African American woman to be awarded a Ph.D. at NC State, with a degree in Plant Pathology.

  • 1973 Basketball club organized for women

    Kathy Bounds, Deb Webb, and Genie Jordan organize a basketball club for women.

  • DefaultWomens Intramural Basketball
  • 1973 First African American All-American winner

    David Thompson was named NC State's first African American All-American winner in basketball. In 2012 he was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultDavid Thompson
  • 4/15/1973 Stewart Theatre and Price Music Center dedicated

    The two buildings were dedicated during a ceremony at which the North Carolina State University Symphony Orchestra and Choir presented a concert. The 816-seat theater had opened during the Fall 1972 semester. It was named for James Jackson Stewart, Jr., Dean of Student Affairs from 1954 to 1969.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State University Symphonic Band
  • 10/12/1973 Film showing

    The controversial film "Birth of a Nation" is shown in Stewart Theatre.

  • 10/27/1973 International Fair

    An International Fair was held in the Student Center, exposing students to cultures and customs from around the world.

  • DefaultStudents pinning up cultural cloths for the International Festival
  • 11/2/1973 Joint statement

    Student body presidents from NC State, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-Greensboro publish a joint statement urging the impeachment of President Nixon, complete with 12 reasons why the proceedings should begin.

  • 12/1973 International student dorm

    An announcement is made that Alexander Hall will become a dorm for international students.

  • DefaultBanner On Alexander Hall
  • 1974-1975 Ron Jessup

    Student Body President

  • DefaultRon Jessup, 1975
  • 1974 First Women's Basketball team

    A Women's Basketball team is established for the first time. The team included two African American women, Gwen Jenkins and Cynthia Steele.

  • Default1974-1975 N.C. State University women's basketball team
  • 1974 New African American Cultural Center proposed

    In 1974, African American students called for a new cultural center. Student Body President Terry Carroll presented a “four point” request to Chancellor Caldwell, which included a request for the first floor of the Print Shop to be turned over to the Society of Afro-American Culture for an African American Cultural Center. Banks C. Talley, dean of student affairs, complied with this request.

  • 1/22/1974 Campus power failure

    NC State's campus is plunged into a complete power failure for an hour and forty minutes, starting at 11:10pm. The failure was caused by faulty equipment.

  • 2/6/1974 Campus rally

    An anti-death penalty rally is held on campus, lasting two days.

  • 3/21/1974 Streaking ban

    University administration reverse their stance on streaking, banning the "sport" on campus due to the very high number of streakers running around campus causing havoc.

  • 3/23/1974 On the way to the NCAA championship

    En route to topping Marquette for NC State's first NCAA Men's Basketball championship, State beats UCLA 80-77, sparking a huge riot on Hillsborough Street.

  • DefaultMoe Rivers (10) and Tim Stoddard (42) guarding Bill Walton during North Carolina State University's 80-77 win over UCLA in a 1974 NCAA basketball tournament semi-final game at Greensboro, N.C., March 23.
  • 3/25/1974 NCAA Men's Basketball championship

    NC State defeats Marquette, 76-64, in the finals of the NCAA Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, NC, to win the 1974 National Championship. Junior forward David Thompson is named the Tournament MVP. The Wolfpack also receive key contributions from Tom Burleson, Monte Towe, Tim Stoddard, and Mo Rivers during the championship run.

  • DefaultDavid Thompson
  • 1975-1976 Mary Beth Spina

    Student Body President

  • DefaultStudent body president Mary Beth Spina on phone
  • 1975 New varsity sports

    Men's Gymnastics and Women's Softball and Volleyball begin varsity play.

  • DefaultWomen's softball game
  • 1975 Total number of degrees awarded reaches 50,000
  • 1975 First African American Sorority

    A chapter of Delta Sigma Theta is established, becoming the first African American sorority chapter on campus.

  • DefaultSisters of Delta Sigma Theta during a step show
  • 1975 Craft Center

    The Craft Shop in the basement of the Frank Thompson Theatre began to be listed as the Craft Center in university directories.

  • DefaultHands working on pottery at Craft Center
  • 1976-1977 Lu Anne Rogers

    Student Body President

  • DefaultStudent Government President LuAnne Rogers
  • 1976 First female All-American

    Susan Yow becomes the first NC State female to be named an All-American athlete.

  • DefaultN.C. State's #14 Susan Yow with a jump pass during women's basketball game
  • 1976 New Horizons Choir

    A group of students formed the New Horizons Choir to sing gospel music. Eleania B. Ward was the group's original director. For a number of years New Horizons sang services for the Black Student Fellowship.

  • DefaultPerformance by NC State's New Horizons Choir
  • 1977-1978 Blas Arroyo

    Student Body President

  • DefaultBlas Arroyo
  • 1978 First African American Football All-American

    Ted Brown becomes the first African American named an All-American in football. In 2012 he was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultN. C. State football player Ted Brown running with football
  • 1978-1979 Tom Hendrickson

    Student Body President

  • DefaultTom Hendrickson portrait
  • 1/23/1978 Fountain prank

    Laundry detergent is dumped into the Student Center fountain, causing a mass of bubbles and a great deal of work for the maintenance crew.

  • 4/22/1978 Zoo Day

    Student Government's "The Day" and the Inter-Residence Council's "Zoo Day" are combined (retaining the latter name), as a day for students to relax and take a break from the pressures of the end of the academic year. Zoo Day was held along Cates Avenue, offering a day of free beer, field games, and concerts.

  • DefaultZoo Day
  • 1979-1980 J. D. Hayworth

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJ.D. Hayworth, 1980
  • 1/12/1979 Security Chief retires

    Worth T. Blackwood retires after twenty years as Security Chief at NC State. During Blackwood's tenure, the security force grew from seven to twenty-two officers.


  • 1980-1981 Joe Gordon

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJoseph Gordon, 1982
  • 1980 ACC Athlete of the Year

    Julie Shea wins the first of two consecutive ACC Athlete of the Year awards, and becomes the first woman to receive the Alumni Athletics trophy at NC State.

  • 1980 Enrollment climbs above 20,000
  • 8/20/1980 Wolfline buses go into service

    A ceremony marks the beginning of the new Wolfline bus service on campus. The service initially has only one route, intended to serve students who live off-campus.

  • 9/5/1980 Pep rally arrival by helicopter

    First-year head football coach Monte Kiffin arrives at the first pep rally of the season in a helicopter.

  • DefaultN. C. State football coach Monte Kiffin
  • 9/17/1980 Meal Mobile

    A van called the "Meal Mobile" begins dispensing food around campus. The mobile snackbar is run by Food Services.

  • 12/14/1980 Tribute to John Lennon

    WKNC broadcasts silence for ten minutes as a tribute to John Lennon, who was murdered the previous week.

  • 1981-1982 Ron Spivey

    Student Body President

  • DefaultRon Spivey, 1982
  • 2/28/1981 Wolf mascots get married

    Mr. Wuf and Ms. Wuf were married in a mock wedding ceremony by the Wake Forest Demon Deacon mascot during halftime of a Men's Basketball game at Reynolds Coliseum. The two were joined in "canis matrimonium," and Chancellor Joab Thomas gave the bride away.

  • DefaultWolf wedding
  • 8/27/1981 First Veterinary Medicine classes

    NC State's new School of Veterinary Medicine holds classes for the first time; initial enrollment is 40 students, selected from 126 applicants.

  • DefaultCollege of Veterinary Medicine
  • 1982-1983 Jim Yocum

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJim Yocum in Student Government Office, 1983
  • 2/4/1982 Iranian student protest

    Iranian students protest the execution of 50 people by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The students ask to remain anonymous for fear of losing their rights in Iran.

  • 12/8/1982 First Annual Brotherhood Dinner

    Chancellor Bruce Poulton instituted the annual Brotherhood Dinner to honor African Americans who have made important contributions to the nation and the world. The annual dinner continued for more than 25 years, and honorees included John Hope Franklin, Gwendolyn Brooks, C. T. Vivian, Julian Bond, and John Lewis. In 1978, there may have been an earlier brotherhood dinner honoring Samual Nesbritt.

  • DefaultChancellor Joab Thomas
  • 1983 Increasing female enrollment

    Approximately 8,000 women students are enrolled in a student body of 22,632. More than one third of the undergraduates are women, the highest percentage of women to be enrolled at NC State to that date.

  • 1983-1984 Jim Yocum

    Student Body President

  • 6/8/1983 Uncomfortable classrooms

    The air conditioning system in Harrelson Hall breaks down, sending temperatures in some classrooms into the 90s.

  • DefaultHarrelson Hall, classroom view
  • 6/28/1983 NBA draft selections

    All three seniors from NC State's 1983 national championship Men's Basketball team are selected in the NBA draft. Thurl Bailey is chosen 7th overall by the Utah Jazz, Sidney Lowe is chosen by the Chicago Bulls with the first pick of the second round, and Dereck Whittenburg is picked in the third round by the Phoenix Suns.

  • DefaultN.C. State basketball's Derek Whittenburg, Thurl Bailey, and Sidney Lowe celebrate their ACC Championship, 1983 [!DUPLICATE!]
  • 1984-1985 Shannon Carson

    Student Body President

  • DefaultShannon Carson, 1985
  • 1985-1986 Jay Everette

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJay Everette, NC State University Student Body President, and President Reagan in Reynolds Coliseum during the President's 1985 visit to campus
  • 5/29/1985 Windsurfing class offered

    The Union Activities Board begins offering a class on windsurfing.

  • 6/25/1985 Missed interview

    Technician entertainment writer Lee Johnson is unable to interview rock band Hüsker Dü following their show at The Brewery because his tape recorder was damaged during the show.

  • 1986 Women's enrollment increases

    In the fall of 1986, women make up thirty-eight percent of the student body, the highest percentage of women enrolled to that time.

  • 1986-1987 Gary Mauney

    Student Body President

  • 1987-1988 Kevin Howell

    Howell was the first African-American to serve as Student Body President. He was a political science major. After graduation, he eventually became the university's primary liaison with state and local governments. In 2016 he became the senior vice president for external affairs of the UNC System.

  • DefaultKevin Howell, 1988
  • 1987 NC State University celebrated its centennial
  • 1988 African American Student Leaders Hold Meeting

    Black student leaders gathered at the Student Center to discuss campus issues. The low graduation rate for black students, the lack of African American faculty members and athletic administrators, and the discriminatory discipline practices within the athletics department were problems cited by black leaders during this meeting.

  • 1988-1989 Pam Powell

    Student Body President

  • 1988 The Friends of the Library booksale

    The first FOL booksale was held in 1988.

  • 1988 Championship for the Mind

    The NCSU College Bowl Team competes in the "Varsity Sport of the Mind," and wins the national championship.

  • 10/27/1988 First Take Back the Night March

    NC State's first Take Back the Night march and rally was held to protest violence against women. This has been an annual event since.

  • DefaultWomen students at Take Back the Night march
  • 1989 Women's Studies Program established

    The Women's Studies Program is established, with Barbara Risman as its first director.

  • 1/1989 Women's Resource Coalition established

    The Women's Resource Coalition is formed as an outgrowth of the Women Students Advisory Board, organized in the fall of 1988.

  • 1989-1990 Brian Nixon

    Nixon was the second African American to become student body president at NC State.

  • 1989 Dwuan June, Editor of Technician

    June became the first African American to serve as editor of the student newspaper.


  • 1990 Information Technologies Teaching Center (ITTC)

    The Information Technologies Teaching Center (ITTC) is established in the D. H. Hill Jr. Library, initially funded through a gift from the Class of 1990.

  • 1990 South Tower

    A new addition to the D. H. Hill Jr. Library (South Tower) opened. Besides bookstack space, this addition featured a special facilities room and the Class of 1989 Reading Room.

  • DefaultD. H. Hill Jr. Library's new bookstack, North Carolina State University.
  • 1990-1990 Brooks T. Raiford

    Student Body President

  • 1990 The Newsstand is first published

    The first campus-wide newsletter on women's issues, The Newsstand, is published.

  • 1990-1991 Ed Stack

    Student Body President

  • DefaultEdwin J. Stack, Jr. portrait
  • 1991 African American Cultural Center opens

    African American Cultural Center opened in the new Student Center Annex (later renamed Witherspoon Student Center). In 1992, following months of student and faculty protests, NCSU administrators granted the African American Cultural Center an operating budget.

  • DefaultAfrican-American center opens
  • September 1991 Women's Center Opened

    The Women's Center opened with Jan Rogers as its coordinator. Rogers began the Women's Leadership Education and Action Program (LEAP), which aimed to enhance the experience of women in nontraditional fields such as math, science, and engineering.

  • DefaultNC State University, College of Engineering, publicity and promotional material, publicity photos
  • 1991-1992 Ed Stack

    Student Body President

  • January 1991 Student Center Annex Opened

    The new Student Center Annex included meeting space, a library, and a multipurpose room. It was later renamed the Witherspoon Student Center.

  • DefaultWitherspoon Student Center
  • 7/22/1991 Bicycle patrol debuts

    The Public Safety office unveils a new bicycle patrol. Officers feel that the bicycles have advantages over patrol cars, including "mobility, stealth, and speed."

  • 1992 Sista 2 Sistuh Network established

    The Sista 2 Sistuh Network is established to support African-American women at NC State.

  • 1992-1993 Chris Jones

    Student Body President

  • 6/24/1992 NBA draft selection

    NC State basketball player Tom Gugliotta is selected by the Washington Bullets as the sixth overall pick in the NBA draft.

  • Default1992 alumni athletics trophy winner Tom Gugliotta
  • 9/2/1992 New dining options

    Students welcome the addition of Taco Bell and Li'l Dino Subs to the University Student Commons.

  • 11/30/1992 The Nubian Message began publication

    The Nubian Message began publication in response to student protests alleging racial bias by the Technician. Tony Williamson served as the paper’s first editor-in-chief. The paper was first released in Talley Student Center. In the inaugural issue, Williamson stated his intention to "totally, truthfully, and faithfully cover every aspect of African American life at NCSU" and his hope that the Nubian Message would become "the media voice for African ... More

  • DefaultNubian Message, November 30, 1992
  • 1993-1994 Chris Jones

    Student Body President

  • 1994 NC State is awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
  • 1994-1995 Bobby Johnson, Jr.

    Johnson was the third African American to become student body president at NC State.

  • DefaultRobert Johnson Jr.
  • 3/3/1994 Anti-Hate Rally

    Several student groups organized an anti-hate rally in Harris Field in response to recent rapes on campus, sexual harassment in classrooms, racist remarks from professors, and anti-gay messages in the Free Expression Tunnel.

  • DefaultStudents attending anti-hate rally
  • 4/12/1994 Unprecedented Number of African American Student Leaders

    African American students were elected to six top leadership positions. They were Bobby Johnson, Student Body President; Tasha Youngblood, Student Body Treasurer; Kanton Reynolds, Student Body Chief Justice; Tracy Avery, Student Center/UAB President; Christine Verleger, Senior Class President; and Tiffany Price, Senior Class Vice-President;

  • DefaultNubian Message, April 14, 1994
  • 1995-1996 John O'Quinn

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJohn O'Quinn, 1995
  • 1995 Self-service circulation

    Self-service circulation began in the D. H. Hill Jr. Library.

  • 4/1/1995 Witherspoon Student Center dedicated

    The building formerly known as the Student Center Annex was dedicated on this date to honor Dr. Augustus McIver Witherspoon. It thus became the first building on campus named after an African American. Dr. Witherspoon earned his Ph.D. in Botany from NCSU in 1971, making him the second African American student to receive a Ph.D. from NC State. He joined the faculty as Instructor of Botany and eventually held the following posts at NCSU: Full Professor, Assistant ... More

  • DefaultWitherspoon Student Center
  • 1996 Twenty-four hour library

    The NCSU Libraries begins twenty-four hour service (Sunday through Thursday), funded by university tuition-increase revenue that faculty advocated be allocated to the Libraries.

  • DefaultOverhead shot of students in library
  • 1996-1997 Robert Zimmer

    Student Body President

  • DefaultRobert T. Zimmer
  • 1996 Park Scholars Program founded
  • 1997-1998 Chad Myers

    Student Body President

  • DefaultChad Myers, 1998
  • 7/22/1997 Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena groundbreaking

    A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena, located next to Carter-Finley Stadium, which was being built as the new home of NC State Men's Basketball and the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes. This became the RBC Center and, later, the PNC Arena.

  • 1998-1999 Jenny Chang

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJenny Chang with Student Government members, 1999
  • 1998 First Asian American Woman Student Body President

    Jenny Chang was elected as Student Body President from 1998-1999.

  • 10/19/1998 Diversity Statement

    Chancellor Marye Anne Fox issued a statement on "Supporting Diversity and Building the Campus Community through Tolerance of Difference." The statement included sexual orientation as one of several factors in making NC State a diverse student body.

  • 1999 Greek Village

    Fraternity Court was renamed Greek Village.

  • 1999-2000 Raj Mirchandani

    Student Body President

  • DefaultRaj Mirchandani, 2000
  • 1999 First South Asian American Student Body President

    Raj Mirchandani was elected as Student Body President from 1999-2000.

  • 11/19/1999 First game at the PNC Arena

    The NC State Men's Basketball team beats Georgia, 67-63, in their first game at the PNC Arena (formerly the RBC Center).

  • DefaultFirst score in the new "ESA" against Georgia, 1999


  • 2000-2001 Harold Pettigrew

    Student Body President

  • DefaultHarold Benjamin Pettigrew
  • 8/2000 Expanded Technician publication

    The Technician becomes a daily publication during the academic semesters for the first time.

  • 9/21/2000 Victory celebration

    After an overtime football victory over Georgia Tech at Carter-Finley Stadium, NC State students tear down a goalpost and carry it down Hillsborough Street towards campus, making it as far the Waffle House; the goalpost costs $5,000 to replace.

  • 2001-2002 Darryl Willie

    Student Body President

  • DefaultDarryl Willie
  • 2002 Atlantic Coast Conference's 50th Anniversary

    134 NC State athletes are named to the ACC's 50th Anniversary Teams in twenty-one sports.

  • 2002 African American Student Advisory Council Report Cards

    The African American Student Advisory Council begins issuing report cards grading the university on enrollment, retention, and graduation of African American students. The report card gave NCSU an F for recruiting black students.

  • 2002 Hill of Beans coffee bar

    The Hill of Beans coffee bar opened in the D. H. Hill Jr. Library.

  • 2002-2003 Michael D. Anthony

    Student Body President

  • DefaultMichael David Anthony
  • 2003-2004 Tony Caravano

    Student Body President

  • DefaultTony Caravano
  • 2003 Women in Science and Engineering program established

    The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program is established with 56 freshman women with majors in PAMS and the College of Engineering. As of 2009, this "living and learning village" has a full complement of 256 women majoring in five colleges across campus, and a high school chapter has been established at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

  • 2004-2005 Tony Caravano

    Student Body President

  • 10/2004 Students Protest Appropriations for African American Clubs

    African American students participated in a sit-in at a Student Senate meeting to express concern for the lack of funding for African American organizations. Out of $40,000 of appropriations, African American organizations received a mere $755. The Student Senate agreed to send the bill back to committee for re-evaluation.

  • 2005-2006 Whil Piavis

    "The Pirate Captain"

    Student Body President

  • DefaultWhil Piavis
  • 2005 Enrollment above 30,000

    Enrollment was more that 30,000 students in the fall semester this year.

  • 2006-2007 Will Quick

    Student Body President

  • DefaultSteven Quick
  • 2007-2008 Bobby Mills

    Student Body President

  • DefaultBobby Mills
  • 2008-2009 Jay Dawkins

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJohnny Lee Dawkins
  • 2009-2010 Jim Ceresnak

    Student Body President

  • DefaultJames Ceresnak


  • 2010-2011 Kelly Hook

    Student Body President

  • DefaultKelly Hook
  • 2011-2012 Chandler Thompson

    Student Body President

  • DefaultChandler Thompson
  • 2012-2013 Andy Walsh

    Student Body President

  • 2012 Greek Village reopens

    Greek Village reopened with the newly constructed Kappa Delta house. Redevelopment of Greek Village had begun in 2008 when the aging buildings began to be demolished.

  • 2013 Matthew Williams

    Student Body President

  • DefaultMatthew Williams
  • 2013-2014 Alex Parker (President)

    During Parker's term, Student Government changed the Constitution to create a Vice President to be elected with the President and with direct succession to the later position.

  • DefaultAlex Parker
  • 9/2013 Park Foundation gift of $50 million

    The donation provided additional funding for the Park Scholars program.

  • 10/23/2013 New Talley Student Union, Phase I opened

    With the new construction and remodeling, Phase I of the new Talley Student Union opened with four new dining options and the Talley Market.

  • DefaultTalley Student Center
  • 2014-2015 Rusty Mau (President), Devan Riley (Vice President)
  • DefaultRusty Mau, NC State University Student Body President, 2014-2015
  • 8/2014 Technician began publishing 4 days per week
  • 2015-2016 Khari Cyrus (President), Nate Bridgers (Vice President)
  • DefaultKhari Cyrus
  • 2/20/2015 Our Three Winners fund

    Chancellor Randy Woodson announced this scholarship endowment in memory of NC State alumni Deah Barakat and Yusor Abu-Salha and NC State student Razan Abu-Salha, who had been killed on February 10.

  • 8/2015 Technician began publishing 2 days per week

    The student newspaper also began publishing in a tabloid format.

  • 2018 Asian Enrollment at NC State

    According to data from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, in 2018 NC State had a total of 2,282 enrolled students who were identified as Asian, out of a student body of 35,479. The data does not distinguish U.S. nationals or international students within the Asian enrollment data.