• 1889 Formerly Enslaved Woman Began 50 Year Career at University

    An early African American woman employee of the university was Ellen McGuire, who began working at NC State in 1889. McGuire worked at State for 50 years, retiring in 1939. According to a 1939 Technician article, McGuire was born into slavery on a North Carolina plantation. Although McGuire maintained many responsibilities during the time she was employed by the college, she spent her last 31 years working in the infirmary.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 20 No. 3 Section 6, September 29, 1939


  • 1890 Susan Colwell Carroll

    Sue Carroll began employment at the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. She filled the position of matron, supervising the Cadet Hospital (an early version of the student health center) and the dormitories until her death in 1901.

  • DefaultThe Agromeck, Volume One, 1903
  • 6/5/1899 A&M opens to women

    The Board of Trustees votes to open A&M College to women.

  • 8/2/1899 Women designated as "Special Students"

    The Board of Trustees amend their decision from earlier in the year to admit women to A&M, deciding women will be classified as special students, except in textiles courses, where they can be enrolled as regular students.


  • 1901 First female student

    Margaret Burke becomes the first female student to take a course at A&M (she enrolled in a physics course).

  • 1901 Second female student

    Eula Louisa Dixon takes a course in dairying, becoming the second female student at A&M.

  • 1902 First female faculty member

    Adeline Stevens, the wife of Frank Lincoln Stevens, becomes the first female faculty member, as an instructor in biology during the 1902-1903 academic year.

  • 1903 Caroline Sherman, First Female Librarian

    During Sherman’s tenure as librarian (1903-1906), library holdings moved from the third floor of Main Building (later Holladay Hall) to the first floor of old Pullen Hall. With input from D. H. Hill, she tried to make the library comfortable for extra-curricular reading and subscribed to popular periodicals and newspapers from all North Carolina counties in order to encourage greater library patronage.

  • 1903 Women's enrollment grows

    Women's enrollment continued to increase during the 1903-1904 academic year. Evelyn Byrd Lawrence of Raleigh took a course in architecture, Ivey Roberts of Raleigh took a course in drawing, and Frances Claire Stainback took courses in chemistry and English. This was also the first year that women were listed as summer school students, and more than 200 women attended.


  • 11/1/1911 Jane McKimmon, first female extension agent

    Jane S. McKimmon became the first woman to serve as a state home demonstration agent through the Agricultural Extension program at A&M College.

  • DefaultDr. Jane S. McKimmon


  • August 26, 1920 Federation of North Carolina Home Bureaus

    North Carolina Home Demonstration clubs joined to create the North Carolina Federation of Home Bureaus. It was decided and announced at the Farm Men and Farm Women's Convention in Raleigh

  • 1921 First full-time female student

    Lucille Thomson of Wilmington becomes the first woman to enroll as a full-time student, majoring in electrical engineering.

  • DefaultLucille Thomson
  • 2/26/1927 First female Phi Kappa Phi member

    Jane S. McKimmon becomes the first female inducted into NC State's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi.

  • 6/7/1927 First degrees conferred to women

    The first degrees are conferred to women at NC State. Recipients are Jane McKimmon, B.S. in business administration; Charlotte Nelson, B.S. in education; and Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, M.S. in chemistry. Yarbrough was the first female graduate to have completed all coursework while at NC State, and she went on to become the first woman to earn a master's degree at NC State.

  • DefaultCharlotte Ruth Nelson portrait
  • 1928 First female masters degree recipients

    Lillian P. Wallace becomes the first woman to earn a masters degree in Education. She went on to publish several historical works on politics in Europe. Virginia F. Harris becomes the first woman to earn a masters degree in Rural Sociology.

  • 9/29/1928 Increased female enrollment

    Twenty-one female students enroll at State College for the 1928-29 academic year, twice as many as the previous year.


  • 1930 Phi Epsilon established

    Phi Epsilon becomes the first local sorority established at State College.

  • 1930 First female to enroll as a freshman

    Ada Curtis Spencer becomes the first female to enroll as a freshman and complete a four-year degree from NC State. She majored in social science.

  • 1932 First female M.S. recipient in Textiles

    Lillian Tyler Jones was the first female to earn a graduate degree from the School of Textiles. Her thesis was a study of "the effect of some wet and dry cleaning and stripping and spotting reagents on the relative tensile strength of some acetate and viscose yarns."

  • 1932 First female to receive a degree in Landscape Architecture

    Elizabeth Lee Lawrence becomes the first woman to earn a B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture.

  • 1933 First female M.S. recipient in Economics

    Katherine W. Sams becomes the first woman to earn an M.S. degree in Economics.

  • 1933 First female M.S. recipient in Biology

    Maud K. Schaub becomes the first woman to earn an M.S. degree in Biology.

  • 1936 First woman undergraduates

    The first women undergraduates in textiles were Eleanor Mae Greene and Virginia Lee Reinheimer, who received Bachelor of Science degrees in Weaving and Designing.

  • 10/29/1937 First female Mechanical Engineering student

    Katharine Stinson, personal friend of Amelia Earhart, is the first woman to enroll in Mechanical Engineering.

  • DefaultKatharine Stinson outside of Broughton Hall
  • 9/30/1938 Chemistry research

    Female chemist J.C. Richmond of State College is awarded a grant to study the Vitamin C content in goat's milk and the presence of nicotinic acid in cow's milk.


  • 1940 First female M.S. recipient in Occupational Information and Guidance

    Ethel C. Sheridan becomes the first woman to earn an M.S. in Occupational Information and Guidance.

  • 1940 First female M.S. recipients in Agricultural Chemistry

    Margaret Kramer and Martha S. Richmond become the first women to receive M.S. degrees in agricultural chemistry.

  • 1940 First female M.S. recipient in Animal Ecology

    Myrtha M. Wilson becomes the first woman to earn an M.S. degree in animal ecology.

  • 11/1940 First female full professor and department head

    Gertrude Cox is hired as Professor of Statistics and head of the Department of Experimental Statistics, becoming the first woman at State College to occupy either rank.

  • DefaultProfessor Gertrude M. Cox portrait
  • 1941 First branch library

    The Architecture Library opened as the first branch library, with Grace Sims Dalton as the first librarian. This was part of Library Director Harlan Brown’s goal to eliminate autonomous departmental libraries in favor of centrally controlled branch libraries (The Architecture Library was renamed the Harrye B. Lyons Design Library in 1968).

  • 1941 Declining women's enrollment

    In 1941, only twenty women were enrolled at State College alongside 2,406 men.

  • 1941 First female Engineering graduate

    Katharine Stinson becomes the first woman to graduate from NC State's School of Engineering. Stinson received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree, Aeronautical Option. Stinson was taking flying lessons at the old Raleigh Airport on US-401 when Amelia Earhart flew in for a visit in the early 1930s. When Stinson told Earhart that she wanted to become a pilot, Earhart advised her to become an engineer, a career Stinson pursued in spite of obstacles that ... More

  • 1942 First Architectural Engineering female graudate

    Margery Belle Garriss becomes the first woman to graduate in Architectural Engineering.

  • 1942 Reba Clevenger and World War II

    Reference Librarian Reba Clevenger became the acting college librarian during World War II, when all male library staff members left for military service. Library Director Harlan Brown took a leave of absence until 1946.

  • DefaultReba Clevenger portrait
  • 1942 Women faculty increases

    Three women join the faculty at NC State. Ruth Couch Allen and Louise K. Cell become instructors in English, and Ruth Badger Hall becomes an instructor in Modern Languages.

  • DefaultMrs. Ruth B. Hall portrait
  • 2/6/1942 Katharine Stinson hired

    Katharine Stinson, a 1941 graduate of State College, is hired by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (forerunner of the Federal Aviation Administration) as a junior engineer, making her the first woman to hold this position.

  • DefaultKatharine Stinson with three students
  • 4/24/1942 Higher women enrollment sought

    Increased enrollment by women needed in engineering courses; urgent appeals are made as the male students leave to fight in the war.

  • DefaultWomen in defense training studying engineering drawing
  • 10/1/1943 Engineering fellowships for women

    Eighteen young women win a fellowship of $1,425 from Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, which will employ them as engineering aides after they complete a 48-week course offered by State College.

  • DefaultPratt and Whitney fellowship winners
  • 1944 Textile Library

    The Textiles Library is established, with Rachel Penn Lane as the first librarian. The Textiles Library was originally located in the main library, but relocated to Nelson Hall the following year (1945). The library was renamed the Burlington Textiles Library in 1954, when Burlington Industries funded its expansion.

  • DefaultTextile research library
  • 1945 Women's enrollment increases

    Fifty-eight women are enrolled at NC State, many taking advantage of special scholarships to provide engineering training to women so they can work in industry during World War II.

  • 1946 First Experimental Statistics M.S. degree conferred

    Jeanne Freeman becomes the first person to earn an M.S. degree in Experimental Statistics.

  • 11/1/1946 Early female band member

    Lois Madden (on drums) becomes one of the first women to ever join the NC State marching band.

  • DefaultDrum majors and marching band leaving the field
  • 1948 First female Chemical Engineering graduate

    Lois Madden became the first woman to graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

  • 1949 Female faculty increases

    Twenty-two women are listed on the faculty, most at the instructor or laboratory technician level. Departments with more than one female member include English (six), Statistics (three), Textiles (three), and Modern Languages (two). Women are also on the faculty in Architecture, Agricultural Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Chemistry, Engineering, Research, and Agronomy.


  • 1952 First woman editor of Agromeck

    Betty Ann Cline became the first woman editor of the Agromeck.

  • 1953 Emily Catherine Brown Blount becomes first woman student to receive a B.S. in Civil Engineering

    Emily Catherine Brown Blount of Fayetteville, NC, became the first woman student to receive a B.S. in civil engineering from NC State in 1953, and received a profession degree in civil engineering in 1954. Blount went on to become the first woman licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina in 1960, and in 2007 she was inducted into the North Carolina Transportation Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultCivil engineering student Emily Brown with surveying equipment
  • 1954 Hedwig Hirschmann becomes fourth woman professor at NC State

    Hedwig Hirschmann, born in Fuerth, Germany, was recognized for her research in nematode taxonomy. She was the first woman professor of plant pathology and the fourth woman hired as a professor at NC State. Hirschmann married fellow Plant Pathology faculty member Anastasios Triantaphyllou in 1960, and taught at NC State until 1992.

  • 1956 First female Ph.D. recipient

    Patricia Ann Sarvella become the first woman to receive a Ph.D. degree at State College (from the Department of Genetics).

  • 1958 First African American Academic Staff Member

    The first African American woman academic staff member, Mrs. Justina Williams, is hired to work in the Department of Genetics' Drosophila research lab. Many African Americans had worked at State prior to Williams's appointment, however they primarily worked in custodial or food service positions.

  • 10/1959 First sorority

    Gamma Phi chapter of the Sigma Kappa sorority was established. This was the first active chapter of a national sorority at NC State. They held their first pledge dance at the Carolina Hotel on 14 March 1960.

  • DefaultN.C. State sorority pledges, Sigma Kappa (Gamma Phi Chapter)


  • 5/1960 First African American Woman Masters' Degree Recipient

    Hazel Virginia Clark receives a master's degree in Occupational Information and Guidance, becoming the first African American woman to receive a master's degree from NC State.

  • 1961 Coed Lounge

    Women's enrollment reaches 308, and the Erdahl-Cloyd student center featured a special "coed" lounge.

  • 1961 Anna Clyde Fraker becomes first woman to earn engineering master's degree at NCSU

    Anna Clyde Fraker, a native of Greenville, TN, with a B.S. in Chemistry from Furman University ('57), became the first woman to receive an advanced degree in engineering at NC State when she received her master's degree in metallurgical engineering in the Department of Mineral Industries.

  • DefaultNC State University, College of Engineering, extension services, industrial extension services
  • 1961 First Woman President of College Union

    Clyda Weeks becames the first woman elected as president of the College Union and first female student body leader.

  • DefaultRepresentatives for Consolidated University Day at Chapel Hill
  • 1963 Eloise Cofer becomes the second female full professor

    Twenty-three years after Gertrude Cox's appointment, Eloise Cofer, Extension Professor of Food Science and Assistant Director of the Agricultural Extension Service becomes the second woman to be appointed as a full professor. In 1980, Cofer was named Home Economist of the Year by the N.C. Home Economics Association.

  • DefaultEloise Cofer
  • 1963 Cora Kemp beomes the first female Technician editor
  • 1963 First Woman Instructor in Textiles

    Francess Massey became an instructor in Textile Technology. She was the first female faculty member in the School of Textiles.

  • 1964 First female representative on the Honor Code Board

    Mary Ann Weathers became first female student elected to the Honor Code Board.

  • 3/3/1964 Status of Women Students report

    The university produces, for the first time, a "Report on the Status of Women Students."

  • DefaultFreshman women students at an orientation meeting
  • 9/16/1964 First female dorm opens

    Watauga Hall opens as NC State's first female dorm, marking the first time women are able to live on campus at NC State. All undergraduate single women are required to live there.

  • DefaultWatauga Hall, recently remodeled and redecorated, established as the first women's dorm at State, circa 1965
  • 11/2/1964 Women in science and engineering

    Two female engineering students from NC State attend a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that discusses the opportunities and difficulties facing women in the fields of science and engineering.

  • DefaultNC State University, College of Engineering, academics and students, woman in engineering
  • 1965 First African American Instructor with Faculty Ranking

    Dorothy Williams becomes the first African American instructor with faculty ranking, teaching in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

  • DefaultDorothy S. Williams, NC State University Faculty
  • 1966 Third female full professor

    Doris King becomes the third woman to serve as a full professor, teaching courses in history and education.

  • 1966 First African American Woman Undergraduate Degree Recipient

    Norma Wright Garcia becomes the first African American woman to receive an undergraduate degree, earning a BA in history.

  • 1967 Additional female full professors

    The fourth and fifth female full professors are appointed. Hedwig Hirschmann Triantaphyllou became a full professor of Plant Pathology and Emily Quinn Pugh became a full professor of Adult Education.

  • DefaultDr. Emily Quinn portrait
  • 01/1967 First Japanese Woman Doctorate Student Graduates

    Tomoko Ohta of Japan graduated in 1967 with a Ph.D. in Genetics. Her dissertation chair was Prof. Ken-ichi Kojima. Ohta previously obtained her Master of Science degree in Genetics in 1965.

  • July 1967 Anna Clyde Fraker becomes first woman to receive a doctorate in ceramic engineering (and in the College of Engineering) at NCSU

    Dr. Fraker began her career at NC State's Department of Engineering Research, where she contributed to biomaterials engineering research. Her research focused on surgical implant materials, seeking to find a material that was compatible with the chemistry of the human body but would not corrode. In her later work at the National Bureau of Standards and Technology (NIST), Dr. Fraker's research led to the development of standards for implant materials.

  • 1968 Ann B. Goodnight

    Ann B. Goodnight graduates with a bachelors degree in political science. She later became a businesswoman, philanthropist, and member of the UNC system Board of Governors.

  • 2/1969 First Woman to Edit Agri-Life

    Sarah Sheffield became the first woman to edit Agri-Life, the student publication of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Sheffield majored in wildlife biology and received a BS in 1970 and an MS in 1977.


  • 1970 First female Ph.D. recipient in Nuclear Engineering

    Samiha Mourad becomes the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering.

  • 1970-1971 Cathy Sterling

    First female Student Body President

  • DefaultCathy Sterling, first woman student body president at North Carolina State University
  • 5/5/1970 First female Student Body President

    Cathy Sterling is elected Student Body President, becoming the first woman to hold a major campus student elective post. During her presidency, Sterling led the student body in a retreat to protest the invasion of Cambodia. Her report, "Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control," resulted in a greater student role in the spending of student fees. Sterling says of her decision to run for student body president, "A few weeks before the election, a few ... More

  • 8/1970 Lee Hall becomes NC State's first co-ed dorm
  • DefaultLee Residence Hall, front view
  • 5/15/1971 Graduating woman with highest grade point

    Every year at commencement NC State has honored the student graduating with the highest grade point average. Jane Carol Pickard was the first woman so honored, in 1971.

  • 1973 First African American Woman Ph.D. Recipient

    Nannette Smith Henderson becomes the first African American woman to be awarded a Ph.D. at NC State, with a degree in Plant Pathology.

  • 1973 Basketball club organized for women

    Kathy Bounds, Deb Webb, and Genie Jordan organize a basketball club for women.

  • DefaultWomens Intramural Basketball
  • 1973 Aziza Ragal El-Lozy becomes first woman to receive Ph.D. degree in materials engineering
  • 8/29/1973 First female teaching award recipient

    Dr. Mary Wheeler becomes the first female recipient of the NC State Outstanding Teacher Award.

  • 1974 First Women's Basketball team

    A Women's Basketball team is established for the first time. The team included two African American women, Gwen Jenkins and Cynthia Steele.

  • Default1974-1975 N.C. State University women's basketball team
  • 1974 First African American Woman to Receive Ph.D.

    Nanette Smith Henderson became the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. from NC State University. She received her degree in Plant Pathology.

  • 1975 First woman to receive Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

    Alice Cline becomes the first woman at NC State to receive a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

  • 1975 New varsity sports

    Men's Gymnastics and Women's Softball and Volleyball begin varsity play.

  • DefaultWomen's softball game
  • 1975 Gertrude Cox elected to National Academy of Sciences

    Statistics professor Gertrude Cox is elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

  • DefaultGertrude Cox at desk
  • 1/1975 Second female department head

    Barbara Parramore becomes the second female department head, leading the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at its founding.

  • DefaultBarbara Parramore portrait
  • 1975 First African American Sorority

    A chapter of Delta Sigma Theta is established, becoming the first African American sorority chapter on campus.

  • DefaultSisters of Delta Sigma Theta during a step show
  • 5/1975 First woman to receive Ph.D. in Physics

    Meena Ajmera became the first woman at NC State to receive a doctorate in Physics.

  • 1976 First female All-American

    Susan Yow becomes the first NC State female to be named an All-American athlete.

  • DefaultN.C. State's #14 Susan Yow with a jump pass during women's basketball game
  • 1/24/1976 Women's Basketball game televised

    The Wolfpack won the first women's basketball game televised in North Carolina. The team beat UNC-Chapel Hill 68-58.

  • 1977 Third female department head

    Mary E. (Betty) Wheeler becomes head of the Department of History, and only the third female to hold a position of department head at NC State.

  • 1977 Joan Benoit Samuelson Cross Country All-American

    Joan Benoit Samuelson was a two-time Cross Country All-American (1977, '78) with the Wolfpack. She was an Olympic gold medalist in women's marathon (1984), two-time winner of Boston Marathon, and 2005 NCAA Silver Anniversary award winner. In 2019 she ran the Boston Marathon again, finishing within 30 minutes of her first finish time in 1979.

  • 1978 Genia Beasley Named All American

    Women's basketball player Genia Beasley was named Kodak All American. She helped the Wolfpack win ACC season and tournament championships in 1978 and 1980, and she was named ACC Tournament MVP in 1980. She played for the USA Select National Team in 1977 and 1978, and she won gold medals at Pan American Games, Senior Pan American Games and World University Games. In 2012 she was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • Default#50 Genia Beasley, N.C. State University women's basketball
  • 1978 Trudi Lacey First African American Woman To Receive Scholarship in Women's Basketball

    She helped the Wolfpack win the school's first ever ACC women's basketball title in 1979. She became the first player in ACC history to earn four consecutive all-tournament honors. After college, she has been a coach for a number of teams including the Charlotte Sting, the Washington Mystics, Queens College, and Johnson and Wales University.

  • DefaultTrudi Lacey and Ginger Rouse, N.C. State women's basketball team, 1978-1979
  • 2/11/1978 First ACC Women's Basketball tournament

    The NC State Women's Basketball team participates in the first-ever Atlantic Coast Conference Women's Basketball tournament as the top seed. NC State lost in the championship game to Maryland.

  • Default1977-1978 N.C. State University women's basketball portraits
  • 1979 Women's Cross Country championships

    The Women's Cross Country team wins the first of back-to-back national championships (1979 and 1980).


  • 1980 First Women's Week

    Evelyn Reiman, assistant director of student development, sponsors the first NC State Women's Week-- a series of afternoon and evening programs for campus women.

  • 1980 ACC Athlete of the Year

    Julie Shea wins the first of two consecutive ACC Athlete of the Year awards, and becomes the first woman to receive the Alumni Athletics trophy at NC State.

  • 1980 Broderick Cup recipient

    Women's Cross Country runner Julie Shea is awarded the Broderick Cup by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW), as the most outstanding athlete of the year.

  • DefaultNorth Carolina State University's All-American cross country runners Julie Shea (left) and Mary Shea (right).
  • 1980 First female Athlete of the Year in the ACC

    Julie Shea Sutton of the Wolfpack's track and cross-country teams became the first female athlete to be named ACC Athlete of the Year. In 2012 she was inducted into the NC State Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultN. C. State Cross Country runner Julie Shea
  • 1981 First female president of the Faculty Club

    Ada B. Dalla Pozza becomes the first woman to serve as president of the Faculty Club (now the University Club).

  • DefaultAda Dalla Pozza portrait
  • 1981 Women's Gymnastics becomes a varsity sport
  • DefaultN. C. State gymnastics team at a meet
  • 1983 Women's Golf becomes a varsity sport
  • 1983 Increasing female enrollment

    Approximately 8,000 women students are enrolled in a student body of 22,632. More than one third of the undergraduates are women, the highest percentage of women to be enrolled at NC State to that date.

  • 1983 First female Alumni Distinguished Professor

    Katherine W. Klein, Associate Professor of Psychology, becomes the first female faculty member to be named an Alumni Distinguished Professor.

  • 1983 Linda Page ACC Tournament MVP

    Linda Page is one of only seven women at NCSU to have an honored jersey for the Women's Basketball Team. She is one of four players to score over 2000 points during her career. She was inducted into the NC State Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.

  • DefaultN.C. State's #43 Linda Page under heavy guard from Appalachian State
  • 1984 First female faculty recipient of North Carolina Award

    Lee Smith, Assistant Professor of English, becomes the first female faculty member to receive a North Carolina Award, receiving an award in literature.

  • 1985 First female Faculty Senate chair

    Sondra L. Kirsch, Associate Professor of Recreation Resources Administration becomes the first woman to chair the NC State Faculty Senate.

  • 1986 First female Dean of the Graduate School

    Debra W. Stewart was appointed interim dean of the Graduate School, the first female dean and the first woman to serve as dean of the Graduate School. Her appointment became permanent in 1988. She served as dean until 2000.

  • 1986 First Ph.D. degrees awarded by the School of Veterinary Medicine

    The degrees are earned by Melinda Hollingshead in August and Cathy Carlson in December.

  • 1986 First female recipient of the Alumni Research Award

    Elizabeth C. Theil becomes the first woman to receive the Alumni Research Award.

  • DefaultElizabeth Theil, Professor of Biochemistry
  • 1986 Women's enrollment increases

    In the fall of 1986, women make up thirty-eight percent of the student body, the highest percentage of women enrolled to that time.

  • March 1986 Minority Affairs Bill

    Student Senate charged the Minority Affairs Committee to represent the concerns of African-Americans, Native Americans, women, the disabled, and the gay and lesbian community on campus.

  • DefaultTechnician, Vol. 67 No. 64, March 12, 1986
  • 1987 Alice Miller is named Assistant Vice Chancellor
  • 1987 Kay Yow is inducted into the Women's Sports Hall of Fame
  • DefaultHead coach Kay Yow on the sidelines during a basketball game
  • 1987 Yarbrough Court dedicated

    Yarbrough Court, the court surrounded by Holladay, Peele, Leazar, and Watauga Halls, is named after Mary E. Yarbrough, the first women to earn a graduate degree from NC State and one of the first three women to graduate from the university.

  • DefaultMary Elizabeth Yarbrough
  • 8/1987 Susan K. Nutter, first female Director of Libraries

    During Nutter’s tenure, the Libraries grew from less than 2,000,000 volumes to more than 5,000,000, plus 90,000 print and electronic serial subscriptions, more than 500 bibliographic databases, and numerous electronic full-text and image collections. The Libraries advanced significantly in important library rankings, and innovative new facilities opened on campus. Susan Nutter retired on 9/30/2017.

  • DefaultProvost Nash Winstead and Director of Libraries Susan Nutter at dedication of Yoshino cherry trees, December 1989
  • 9/25/1987 Women's Soccer Win

    The NCSU women's soccer team defeated Erskine College 5-0.

  • DefaultLaura Kerrigan (center), State's top scoring threat, battles for control of the ball.
  • 1988 Kaye Gibbons becomes the first author-in-residence

    Kaye Gibbons, former NC State student, becomes the NCSU Libraries' first author-in-residence.

  • 1988 First female to hold a named professorship

    Elizabeth C. Theil becomes the first woman at NC State to hold a named professorship, and is honored with the University of North Carolina's O. Max Gardner Award.

  • 1988 Kay Yow coaches in the Olympics

    Kay Yow, Women's Basketball coach, coaches the winning Women's Basketball team in the 1988 Olympics.

  • DefaultCoach Kay Yow and the United States Olympic team show pride during the playing of the National Anthem before an exhibition game in Raleigh
  • 1988 First Woman Field Conductor for Marching Band

    Jennifer Gilmore was the first woman field conductor for the NC State Marching Band.

  • 10/27/1988 First Take Back the Night March

    NC State's first Take Back the Night march and rally was held to protest violence against women. This has been an annual event since.

  • DefaultWomen students at Take Back the Night march
  • 1989 First College of Engineering African American woman faculty member

    Christine Grant (Chemical Engineering) becomes the first African American woman faculty member appointed in the College of Engineering.

  • 1/1989 Women's Resource Coalition established

    The Women's Resource Coalition is formed as an outgrowth of the Women Students Advisory Board, organized in the fall of 1988.

  • 1989 Nora Lynn Finch inducted into the Women's Sports Hall of Fame

    Nora Lynn Finch, associate athletics director, is inducted into the Women's Sports Hall of Fame.

  • DefaultNora Lynn Finch and Kay Yow carrying United States Olympic Festival Torch through North Carolina State University campus, fall 1987
  • 1989 Women's Studies Program established

    The Women's Studies Program is established, with Barbara Risman as its first director.


  • 1990 The Newsstand is first published

    The first campus-wide newsletter on women's issues, The Newsstand, is published.

  • 1990 Collection Management Department

    The Collection Management Department is established, with Margaret Hunt as its first head. Hunt had been one of the first African-American librarians hired during the 1970s.

  • September 1991 Women's Center Opened

    The Women's Center opened with Jan Rogers as its coordinator. Rogers began the Women's Leadership Education and Action Program (LEAP), which aimed to enhance the experience of women in nontraditional fields such as math, science, and engineering.

  • DefaultNC State University, College of Engineering, publicity and promotional material, publicity photos
  • 1992 Sista 2 Sistuh Network established

    The Sista 2 Sistuh Network is established to support African-American women at NC State.

  • 1994 First female to receive Holladay Medal

    Barbara Parramore became the first female faculty member to receive the Holladay Medal for Excellence.

  • 3/3/1994 Anti-Hate Rally

    Several student groups organized an anti-hate rally in Harris Field in response to recent rapes on campus, sexual harassment in classrooms, racist remarks from professors, and anti-gay messages in the Free Expression Tunnel.

  • DefaultStudents attending anti-hate rally
  • 8/7/1995 Margaret A. Zahn becomes Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Margaret A. Zahn, nationally known for her studies on violence in the United States, becomes Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She serves in the position until 2001.

  • 1996 June St. Clair Atkinson awarded doctorate

    June Atkinson was awarded an Doctor of Education degree. She later became the first woman to serve as North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction.

  • 1997 A campus street is named after Katharine Stinson

    Katharine Stinson, the first woman to graduate from NC State's School of Engineering, has a street named after her. Katharine Stinson Drive, formerly North Yarbrough Drive, is one of the longest streets on campus.

  • 1998 Chavonda Jacobs-Young awarded a Ph.D.

    Chavonda Jacobs-Young was awarded a Ph.D. She had previously earned a Bachelors of Science degree (1989) and Masters of Science degree (1992). She was the first African American woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in paper science. She later became associate administrator for national programs for the USDA's Agricultural Research Service.

  • 1998 Marye Anne Fox became the first female chancellor at NC State

    She served in the position until 2004, when she left to become chancellor of the University of California, San Diego. (Biography of Marye Anne Fox)

  • DefaultChancellor Marye Anne Fox
  • 3/1998 Women's Basketball in Final Four

    The Women's Basketball team reaches the Final Four in the NCAA tournament.

  • Default1998-1999 N.C. State University women's basketball -- Wolfpack's poster for Final Four games


  • 2000 Women's Golf is reinstated as a varsity sport

    Women's Golf is reinstated as a varsity sport. A team was previously fielded from 1980 to 1986.

  • 2000 First female Board of Trustees chair

    Peaches Simpkins is named the first female chair of the university's Board of Trustees.

  • 2002 Atlantic Coast Conference's 50th Anniversary

    134 NC State athletes are named to the ACC's 50th Anniversary Teams in twenty-one sports.

  • 6/2/2002 Track and Field national championship

    NC State Track and Field athlete Kristin Price won the individual NCAA championship in the 10,000-meter event. She was a twelve-time All-American in track and cross country.

  • 9/27/2002 Kay Yow honored

    NC State Women's Basketball coach Kay Yow was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Springfield, MA.

  • DefaultKay Yow
  • 2003 Women in Science and Engineering program established

    The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program is established with 56 freshman women with majors in PAMS and the College of Engineering. As of 2009, this "living and learning village" has a full complement of 256 women majoring in five colleges across campus, and a high school chapter has been established at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.

  • 2005 Librarian of the Year

    Susan Nutter is named the Librarian of the Year by Library Journal.

  • 2007 Kay Yow celebrates 700th Win

    NC State Women's Basketball coach Kay Yow celebrated her 700th win. The Wolfpack beat Florida State, 68-51. Yow eventually racked up 737 wins (at NC State and Elon), making her the fifth winningest NCAA Division I basketball coach.

  • DefaultKay Yow making wolf symbol with her hands at women's basketball game
  • 2009 Lisa Johnson

    Lisa Johnson becomes the first woman to be appointed University Architect.


  • 2010-2011 Kelly Hook

    Student Body President

  • DefaultKelly Hook
  • 5/2010 First woman appointed full professor in College of Textiles

    Cynthia Istook became the first woman appointed full professor in the College of Textiles.

  • June 2010 Debbie Yow

    Debbie Yow was the first female Athletics Director. She retired in 2019.

  • 2011-2012 Chandler Thompson

    Student Body President

  • DefaultChandler Thompson
  • 8/17/2011 First Respect the Pack event

    Originally held at the Free Expression Tunnel, this has become an annual event to promote diversity and inclusion on campus.

  • January 2012 Christine Grant

    Breaking gender and race barriers in the sciences, Professor Christine Grant wins 2012 Stanley C. Israel Regional Award

  • Summer 2012 Slut Walk

    The first Slut Walk on campus was held in the summer of 2012. The walk, a movement first started in Canada, promotes an end to blaming victims of sexual abuse.

  • 2017 Frances Ligler

    Dr. Frances Ligler was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for her development of portable optical biosensors. The biosensors quickly identify biological warfare agents and pathogens in the food supply, among other applications.

  • January 21, 2017 Women's March on Raleigh

    Many NC State students participate in the Women's March on Raleigh, in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington, D.C. The march addressed issues such as reproductive rights, immigrant rights, and sexual assault.

  • 2017-2018 Jackie Gonzalez (President), Mia Connell (Vice President)

    Jackie Gonzalez was the first Latinx person to be voted Student Body President. She and Vice President Mia Connell formed the first woman-of-color team to be elected into the highest Student Government offices.

  • DefaultJackie Gonzalez
  • 2018-2019 Jess Errico (President), Meredith Spence-Beaulieu (Vice President)
  • DefaultJess Errico
  • March 14, 2019 Christina Hammock Koch

    Alumnus and Astronaut Christina Koch launches to the International Space Station. She is a part of the Expedition 59 and 60 crew. At State, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (2001) and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (2002).

  • 2019-2020 Emma Carter (President), Nicole Teague (Vice President)
  • DefaultEmma Carter