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Extension Farm-News begins publication

This was the first periodical published by the Agricultural Extension Service. Later titles for it were Extension Farm News, Extension News & Advisor, and North Carolina Agricultural Extension Advisor.


North Carolina Extension Homemakers Association

North Carolina Organization of Home Demonstration Clubs and State Council of Negro Home Demonstration Clubs of North Carolina merged to become North Carolina Extension Homemakers Association.


Farm forestry extension program established


David S. Weaver, extension director

David S. Weaver is director of the Agricultural Extension Service until 1961.


Robert W. Shoffner, Extension Director

Robert W. Shoffner is director of the Extension Service until 1963.


T. Carlton Blalock, Extension Director

T. Carlton Blalock served as Director of the Extension Service until 1981.


Chester D. Black, Extension Director

Chester "Chet" Black served as Director of Extension until 1990.


Robert C. Wells, Extension Director

Robert Wells was Director of the Extension Service until 1994.

November 1, 1910

First African American Agricultural Extension Agent

The North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station (located at A&M College) hired Neil Alexander Bailey as its first African American agricultural extension agent.


North Carolina Extension and Community Association

North Carolina Extension Homemakers Association became North Carolina Extension and Community Association (NCECA).


R.A. Jehle becomes extension plant pathologist


Brig. Gen. Richard Jewett leads extension

With the support of the Carolinas Associate General Contractors and the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, retired Brig. Gen. Richard Jewett was hired to organize initial extension programs in construction focusing on company management.


Jane McKimmon, first female extension agent

Jane S. McKimmon became the first woman to serve as a state home demonstration agent through the Agricultural Extension program at A&M College.


A. Rich Bonanno, Director of Extension

A. Rich Bonanno became Director of Extension in 2016.


North Carolina Cooperative Extension Secretaries Association founded


Forestry Extension moved to School of Forestry

Forestry extension specialists were transferred from the School of Agriculture to the School of Forestry.


Industrial Experiment Program becomes Industrial Extension Service

Financial support for engineering extension doubled under North Carolina’s State Technical Services Act and the Public Works and Economic Development Act, and the Industrial Experiment Program changed its name to the Industrial Extension Service to give it a title more indicative of its function. The School of Engineering continued its extension classes in industrial centers in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, and frequently offered upper level and graduate course work at the centers.


North Carolina Federation of Cooperative Extension Associations founded

This organization has existed as a coalition of the NC Association of County Agricultural Agents; the NC Association of Extension 4-H Agents; the NC Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences; the NC Association of Extension Specialist; the NC Cooperative Extension Secretaries Association; and the NC Association of Extension Program Assistants, Associates and Technicians.


North Carolina Cooperative Association of Extension 4-H Agents founded.

October 18, 1976

Jane S. McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education dedicated

The McKimmon Center was named for Jane McKimmon, an alumnus and founding member of the National Home Economics Association. She was also North Carolina’s first home demonstration agent, in 1911.