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Russian course

The Extension Division of NC State College begins offering a night class in Elementary Russian.


Ira Obed Schaub becomes dean

He serves in the position until 1945 while he is simultaneously director of Agricultural Extension.


Boll weevil eradication

Elimination of this pest with the state's cotton crop became a major focus of the Agricultural Extension Service


J.H. Jensen becomes head of the Plant Pathology section

Jensen established the Pesticide School in 1949, bringing together representatives of agricultural chemicals industry and research and extension workers.


Weaver Laboratories built

Weaver Laboratories was built for Agricultural Engineering and named for David Stathem Weaver, a former director of the Agricultural Extension Service.


Swine demonstration, Pullen Hall

Swine Extension agents set up a demonstration in front of the old Pullen Hall during the Farmers’ Convention, August 27-29, 1919.


School of Agriculture reorganization

The School of Agriculture was reorganized, bringing three fields of work - teaching, research, and extension - into the direct orbit of the School.


Farm and Home Week

Governor W. Kerr Scott and others receiving guests at the governor’s mansion during North Carolina Cooperative Extension’s Farm and Home Week.


Technical Information Center

The Technical Information Center opens in the D. H. Hill Jr. Library, as a joint project between the library and the Industrial Extension Service.

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Eloise Cofer becomes the second female full professor

Twenty-three years after Gertrude Cox's appointment, Eloise Cofer, Extension Professor of Food Science and Assistant Director of the Agricultural Extension Service becomes the second woman to be appointed as a full professor. In 1980, Cofer was named Home Economist of the Year by the N.C. Home Economics Association.

July 1, 2016

Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences

The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education merged with the Department of Youth, Family and Community Sciences to become the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences


Epsilon Sigma Phi founded

The Xi Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi was founded at NC State College. It has been an honorary fraternity for professional members of the Cooperative Extension programs.


Rural development program

The Agricultural Extension Service was given the major role in North Carolina is using federal funds to assist low-income rural families through improved agriculture and nonfarm employment.


Kilgore Hall built

Kilgore Hall was named for Benjamin Wesley Kilgore, formerly the director of the Agricultural Experiment Station (1901-1907), the Extension Service (1914-1925), and dean of agriculture (1923-1925).


Victory Garden Week

The Agricultural Extension Service sponsored "Victory Garden Week." Women across the state started Victory Gardens the following season, and by 1944 the value of home gardens was estimated at $68,000,000.


Schaub Food Science Building dedicated

The Schaub Food Science Building was named for Ira Obed Schaub, who served as Dean of the School of Agriculture, Director of the Agricultural Extension Service, and Director of the Experiment Station.


Farm housing project

The Agricultural Extension Service began to assist farm families through planning of new or remodels homes, kitchen and workroom improvements, and added storage. After a few years thousands of families had been helped.


Ricks Hall opens

Ricks Hall, built by Thomas Wright Cooper and G. Murray Nelson, opens to house the Agricultural Extension Service, Agricultural Economics and Business, Agricultural Information, and Horticulture departments. It was named for Robert Henry Ricks.


Holladay Medal established

The Board of Trustees established the Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence to honor NC State faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to the university through achievements in research, teaching, or extension and engagement.


Peru Project established

The Peru Project is established, a cooperative effort between NC State, the Foreign Operations Administration (U.S. Agency for International Development), and the government of Peru to develop programs in agricultural and textile research, extension, and education.