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Reynolds Coliseum opens

Reynolds Coliseum opens, with the NC State Men's Basketball team beating Washington and Lee, 67-47. Not all of the seats had been installed yet, so some fans had to sit on the cement tiers.

Ground broken on Reynolds Coliseum

Construction was interrupted for many years because of World War II. The building was named for businessman William Neal Reynolds. Funding to begin the building came from the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Football game broadcast in Reynolds Coliseum

For the first time ever, an NC State football game is shown in Reynolds Coliseum via closed-circuit television.

Alcohol ban

Alcohol is banned from Reynolds Coliseum.

Elton John performance

Singer Elton John performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

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Bob Hope performs

Comedian Bob Hope performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

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Kingston Trio performs

The Kingston Trio performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

5th Dimension performance

The 5th Dimension perform at Reynolds Coliseum.

Vienna Symphony performance

The Vienna Symphony perform in Reynolds Coliseum.

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Louis Armstrong visits

Jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

Stan Getz performs

Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz performs at Reynolds Coliseum.

Rolling Stones perform

The Rolling Stones perform at Reynolds Coliseum. The Stones are joined by Patti LaBelle for the show.

Adlai Stevenson visits

Adlai Stevenson, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, delivers the first annual Harrelson Lecture at Reynolds Coliseum.

President Obama at rally

President Barack Obama spoke before an audience in Reynolds Coliseum. During the speech he promoted the American Jobs Act.

First Dairy Barn built

NC State's first dairy barn stood behind Holladay Hall. Several more were added in 1909, where Reynolds Coliseum now stands.

Candidate Barack Obama visit

Presidential candidate Barack Obama appeared before a crowd at Reynolds Coliseum shortly after defeating rivals in the Democratic presidential primaries.

World Series of Basketball

A game in the 4th annual World Series of Basketball, featuring the 1953 All-Americans versus the Harlem Globetrotters, is played in Reynolds Coliseum.

Raleigh-Durham TV Fair

The first Raleigh-Durham TV Fair concludes at Reynolds Coliseum. Stars appearing at the fair included Homer and Jethro of the Breakfast Club and Mrs. Hank Williams.

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John F. Kennedy visits

Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy appears in Reynolds Coliseum before a crowd estimated at 8,000 persons. Kennedy sharply criticizes Vice President Nixon in his dealings with Khrushchev.

President Lyndon Johnson campaign speech

President Lyndon Johnson made a campaign speech before an audience of 13,000 people in Reynolds Coliseum. The president warned that a victory for opponent Barry Goldwater would mean cuts in farm programs.